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So in rm2k3 I renamed the project folder outside of maker, and this deleted every event and graphic file. What?
That...never happened to me o_o
Specially since I rename my folders all the time!
The information has to be somewhere....
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Are the files still in the actual folders in the game?

RM follows specific folder routes to locate the files it displays while you're using the program. If you change the name of a folder along the route, it can't find the path anymore and therefore displays no graphics.
Here is the strange thing, in the actual folder, it reverted to an earlier version of the game. Why would this happen?
Similar to this problem:
My explanation at this thread was:

Look at the blue-green bar in windows explorer, above the files list. There must be a button "compatibility files" (when you are in your project folder). Click on it :)

This thing happens because RPG Maker probably doesn't run with administrator privileges, thus it has no write access to "c:\Program Files" (I assume your project is located in c:\Program Files\rpg2003\Project\something, isn't it? That's the reason^^). Windows will reroute the write attempts to a compatibility folder.

Copy the "old" state of the project to some other place (preferrably inside of your personal folder, e.g. inside "Documents"), then copy the latest state (from the compatibility folder) to the same place and overwrite existing files.
Interesting, I think that must've been what happened. I fixed it completely by accident. This was achieved by moving the project directory to the desktop, changing the name back to the orig name in the project folder under program files, and then changing the directory back. When I opened up RM, it was the "updated" version, however, looking in the project folder, it did not reflect the same version. So instead, I had to create a game disk to access the "updated" folder.

Thanks for posting, very relieved I got everything back, and I'll leave this for anyone who has the same problem.
Resurrecting this topic because something similar happened again, and I'm wondering if it can be related.

For a while my laptop pc had a virus. All my games in the project folder were fine. However, because of this, I was using my computer under safe mode with networking. Now in this version of my desktop (which was identical except for one thing) one of my projects reverted to an older version of itself.

When I backed up my hdd and restarted windows, and then transferred all the backed up files, that old previous version of the game had overwritten the newest version.

Does anyone have any idea as to why this might happen and if there is a chance of getting the newest version of the project back?
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