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Yep...we've all been there. From the many glorious triumphs in our lives, there always comes a day that we go from a stage of 'grace' to falling flat on our face. Sometimes, it's just something that you shrug off and go like, "Hey, no big deal." But sometimes, you have a moment that you wish you could back in time and stop your former self from being so STUPID!!!

That's what this thread is for! Share your most 'Doh!' like moments, and be blamed for your stupidity, here, on RMN in front of your peers! :D


A few years ago, on my 21st birthday, I decided to go down to the 'River Rock Casino' with a few of my friends to do, what else -- gambling!!! I always wanted to go down to a casino and experience the feeling of playing in a real live casino! Well, I started off doing, rather...okay, but I didn't win a whole lot of anything. My friend, on the other hand, won a shitload of money, mostly by playing the slots and blackjack. I remember watching him play by a slot machine, and I thought I would play the one beside him and just watch and talk to him to see if I could get any pointers on how to score big…but I just ended up watching him, instead.

Then, this Chinese lady sat at the same slot -- I originally -- was going to use, and she seemed rather nice and friendly towards us. She told us that this was her first time too, at a casino, and she never has tried one of these things before in her life. We just, of course, smiled and said, 'Good luck,' and all. Well...yeah... Turns out after a single -- quarter -- the woman hit the jackpot and won over $2500!!! We were all stunned on how amazing her luck was! First time, first time winner! I was happy for her, but at the sametime couldn't stop saying DOH!!! because that was THE SLOT I WAS GOING TO USE!!! DAMN IT -- I COULD HAVE WON $2500 IF I JUST SAT DOWN AND PLAYED A SINGLE GAME *groan*!!!

I haven't been to a casino ever since. :P
Just because it was a slot machine you were going to use, the luck isn't in the machine but in your draw. So, anything could have happened. You're not stupid for that!

An embarrassing moment I had was when I was working at a haunted house. I was to scare people, but then on the last person I decided to not scare the person but do something else instead (I just hid when I was suppose to come out, to make it seem less expecting). Well I hid for too long making the timing awkward which made the whole experience awkward and nobody ended up getting scared and made me look like a jackass. I'd love to go back and give myself a slap in the face.
I almost kicked a baby once.
It was Halloween and I went to my usual small town diner to get a coffee and donut. Lots of people were there all dressed up. Somebody's little 2 year old was walking around dressed as a brown bear. Being so tall, and not one to look down at my feet, I thought "What's this box doing in the middle of the floor?" and almost kicked it aside.
Thankfully and double thankfully, I thought to myself "better not kick someone else's box" THEN looked down. I don't think I ever would have lived it down.
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I accidentally tried to pay off my student loan twice. It wouldn't have been a big deal if I weren't paying it all at once. My account ran -$20,000 while I sorted out the discrepancy, and I had to pay two fees before the mess was over.

Once my fly was open during a public speech... (first post in weeks here, lol)
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
One time, years and years ago, I banged your mom for a nickel, but forgot to use a condom.
Well back in 08' when i was still running for president i forgot to do the one thing all politicians do when they run for office. I forgot to staple my dam birth certificate to my fucking forehead. Who would have thought that such a miner error in judgment almost cost me the election? Thank Allah socialist media saved my ass.
I was in charge of a smash tourney on the shool, When we were setting the Wiis, i had a problem with a console, it didnt want to read dvds. After countless tryes, i asked for help, then i noticed i was putting the dvd upside down XPPPPPPP
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