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Program: RPG Maker 2003

So you know how you love defeat handlers when you want the character to get defeated purposely in battle right? Well, I don't know why every time my character gets defeated in battle with a "Defeat Handler" on, I get this game over screen BEFORE the event that recovers his health, removes KO status, etc even happens. Any reason why it does that?
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Is there anything right before the hero is healed? It seems that unless that's your first bit of coding for the following scene, it typically reads it as a game over.
Not at all. This is why I'm kinda frustrated cuz it's supposed to remove the character's KO status first and then heal him completely before letting the other events run.
u have to make ur DEATH condition a tempory one insted of perma. just go do "extent of condition" and put "ends aftr battle".
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