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Renaissance - The Destiny Anew
Renaissance - The Destiny Anew is my current game in production. The other ones are cancelled for the time being.

The project main-page is here.

Gameplay consists of minigames and battles, and exploration. Rarely the player will be introduced to mass amounts of gameplay, but this may happen sometime inside the game. The game is basically using a God Of War type battle system although it may not fully function as the opposing battle systems, battles can always be won or lost. Death is permanent, meaning you lose all of your progress if you lose a battle. Use the 'Patches' to configure the game so it plays different chapters.

The elven race are currently on the brink of war, which is caused by the Phantoms, annoying little creatures that have no innocence at all. Their powers are remarkable, but devistating as well. The city of Cela has been destroyed by the Phantoms. Training must begin for a hero that must stop this entire war before it breaks the two races into shreds.

Human - The most general race of the game. They occupy most of the world.

Elven - A very intellegent race. While some elves do not have as much strength as they do in wisdom, their powers are stronger than those of humans.

Dwarf - Short, hairy, angry little men who specialize in mining and other such things. They do not possess magical powers, but can cast magical healing, fire, and poison attacks up to the basic level.

Aura - A race made completely out of magic. They must take form of either an elven or a human, but their power limits are the same, nevertheless. The Aura are magical beings, capable of unleashing crushing magical blows of any of the two races.

Phantom - A dispised race by the elvens. They are dark, shadowy beings created by the dire darkness that keeps them alive. They cannot survive in light for so long, as it's their weakness. However, at night, their power is strengthened greatly.

Mana "Pandora" Venture
Age: 13
Weapon: Mana Sword
Hair Color: Red-Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Race: Elf
Description: Mana is the main hero of the game and you play along as him. He is nicknamed Pandora for his fascination in nature and is called "Pan" for the most of his life by his friends. He is not to be underestimated because he is a trained swordsman and can wound humans just as easily as he can cut off a branch.

Apollo (A??????)
Age: Unknown
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Race: God
Description: Apollo is the Greek god of the Sun and speaks in Mana's mind sometimes. He is also the Greek god of Truth, in which he leads Mana into his path of Destiny, where Mana himself is to destroy the Phantoms.

Ares (????)
Age: Unknown
Weapon: Bloodshed Spear
Race: God
Description: The Greek god of bloodshed and war. He is believed to be the one that's controling the war between the Elvens and the Phantoms.

Cronus (??????)
Age: Unknown
Weapon: Unknown
Race: Titan
Description: The titan that seems to overwhelm everybody. Known as the one who overthrew Uranus, he is not to be underestimated. It seems like he was the creator of the Phantoms, but he simply denies it.


Swords - They are fast, and strong, but some may not be as durable. There are 12 kind of sword weapons to equip.

Axes - Big and heavy, they deal crushing blows while maintaining high durability. They are slow, however. There are 8 different axes to equip.

Hammers and Maces - These vary in size, strength, and speed. Hammers are the strongest but slowest, and Maces are a bit medium. There are 10 different hammers and maces to equip in the game.

Other weapons - Other weapons include spears, daggers, etc. There is still an un-countered number of these weapons.

A bit more story, and a less bit more of gameplay
So to speak, there is a small amount of gameplay, but more than enough to make it a playable RPG. There is a lot of story based things in the game, and it's played similar to God of War. It retains some features of the battle system while having three different magics.

Battle System
The battle system is a fully custom designed ABS that was programmed to be like God of War. The player can utilize three kinds of powerful magic each learnt from a beginning boss, except the first one is learnt by the hero himself. The battle system is compactable with the menu which opens by pressing the Shift key. However, it does not require the player to be very close to the enemy to draw and strike with the weapon. It's also realistic, meaning that the player must 'Draw' his weapon by pressing the "*" key on the Numpad. This is also the same way to put away your weapon.

A quick re-cap of the controls.

Z, Enter, Space - Confirm key, and strike key. (Strike when weapon is drawn)

X, C, B, V, Esc - Cancel key, use magic.

Shift Key - Open menu.

* Numpad key - Draw weapon. (not avaliable in demo)

+ Custom Battle System (ABS)
+ Regular Menu (No change in menu!)
+ No Random Encounters (Don't get killed as easily)
+ Battle Maps (player teleports there to fight the enemys)
+ Possible Swimming Feature (Swim away!)
+ Crafting Feature (Craft your own items!)
+ Combo Feature (Attack with combinations achieved by pressing the attack or magic key at different speeds or intervals)


The current title-screen. This is just a preview- changes have been made.

The screenshot page for the game is here.
You have my thoughts on this already. I will be interested in seeing this battle system that you've made.
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