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just when i was sure you couldn't get more retarded

you prove me wrong with every post
Sorry if this sounds pretty retarded... It doesn't really matter but it would be awesome if I could find out.

I could ask her directly, but that sounds too creepy, Either way it doesn't really matter that much, just curious to know.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Well, how marvelous. Are you saying this game is going to blow away every single game here on RMN? Hmm? Sorry, I'd like to see that. Anyway, I am not sure what YDS's real name is... Though I do think it is cool that you have people from RMN in your game.
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Hmm... well I'm pretty sure she doesn't want her private name to be known so if you really (really) need to know (although I'm not sure why), I think you can contact her at Meridian Dance.
Stalk Ticker?

Edit: At the request of the stalkee in question - http://bitbonton.com/about
Is this the hentai game you've been talking about?
If you want to know YDS' name, ask her

And if you want to talk about your game make a gameprofile for it
GRS nailed it. This is an advertisement topic, which you already know is against the rules.
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I would find this topic creepy even if it wasn't an advertisement topic for a game.
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