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I used to make games. I still do, but I used to too.
Knights of the Old Republic III

This times 1,000. Beyond that, I don't care.
Although, I wouldn't mind seeing a remake of Earthbound for DS or something.
Zone of the enders 3! Even though the second game wrapped up the story quite nicely, I always have hope that a third game would appear. The only way that I can see it happening is maybe doing a total reboot of the series so they can introduce it to a new audience, as no one practically brought the last two games =/
Megaman Universe and Megaman Legends III D:

Agreed! I was terribly disappointed with Legends III cancellation. Makes no sense for them not to release Prototype to at least try and gauge success.
solos collectors on purpose
Shadow Hearts 4, possibly set around the Great Depression or WW2.

...Oh, who am I kidding? Nautilus isn't even around anymore. ;_;
Xenogears remake, this time with the full 2nd CD gameplay.
Metroid 4 - Gimme the story following Metroid Fusion. I'm getting tired of everything they slice in between.
Mega Man ZX3 - This very much please, with Prometheus and Pandora taking the lead.
Castlevania 1999 - Gimme the events of sealing Dracula that Aria of Sorrow was all based of.
Legend of Dragoon II or remake.
More Xenogears or Xenosaga.
Tales of Phantasia 2.
amusing tassadar, your taste in companionship grows ever more inexplicable
Another installment in the Ogre Battle Saga! Preferably a Tactics one.^^

Also Baldur's Gate III! :)
Where do I begin? Let's see...
Kingdom Hearts 3
Sonic Adventure 2
Streets of Rage 4
Power Stone 3
Toy Commander 2 or Remake
Frame Gride 2
Dark Cloud 3
Project Justice 2
Star Wars Battlefront 3
A new installment in the Oasis series
A non dissapointing Nextgen final fantasy game
Ultimate Spiderman 2
I think a 3d Earthbound might be cool
A battle realms 2 would also be nice
and most of all Planet Chaser Starlight Excellent: The Video Game

ok maybe not that last one
Sonic Adventure 2

This exists, you know. Aside from the Sonic-awful story and voice acting, it's pretty fun.
Sonic Adventure 2
This exists, you know. Aside from the Sonic-awful story and voice acting, it's pretty fun.

LMAO I meant Sonic Adventure 3, and I thought the story was pretty good, and I didn't have a huge prob with voices I actually haveboth sonic adventure 2's and sonic adventure and DX
Guardian of the Description Thread
A new game in, or a re-boot of, the Might and Magic series. The probability of this happening is quite low, though, seeing as the last numbered entry (Might and Magic IX) was, in my personal opinion, an absolute flop.

However, I fear what this might mean for a modern RPG. I mean, when was the last time players were allowed to create more than just the "protagonist" character? Say what you will of Elder Scrolls or Mass Effect, but I want to be able to customize my party of four characters rather than just the one guy/gal who's fated to save the world (or whatever).
GTA San Andreas Stories. This one should had been made. Please, Rockstar, give my PS2 a last breath of life!
A sequel/remake of Legend of Dragoon. An IP with lots of potential. I'm surprised they never expanded on it.
Another Legacy of Kain game. A series with one of the best plots ever, but very underrated too for some reason.
A sequel to Xenosaga. That open ending left me wanting more... Screw Xenogears, bring me back my KOS-MOS!
A good sequel to Chrono Trigger, one that makes me forget Chrono Cross' strange plot and awful characters.
Suikoden VI. I really shouldn't be asking the heavens for this one... Damn you, Konami! Damn you to hell! >=(

Every once in a while I buy a lottery ticket hoping to win so I can help finance the developers of these games... ;_;
Me personally.. Chrono Break, or a released and finished(though not necessary) copy of Chrono Resurrection.

I'd love to see another Chrono game, but actually I'd prefer a 'reimagining' of Chrono Cross with more money pumped in and better design choices. The game had an amazing soundtrack, innovative combat system, and interesting, unexpected plot, but I just couldn't finish it given the flaws that did exist with it- and by that, I mean the overextended cast with tons and tons of annoying dialects. I'd like the game rereleased with new graphics (and faster load times- urgh) and a much-reduced cast. My picks:

- Serge & Lynx
- Kid & Harle
- Guile as Magil / Magus, with a much expanded role based on the story of Magical Dreamers, as originally planned before he was cut.
- Sprigg (who is just interesting as a gameplay element)

Then, maybe some other characters could be pulled up and *enhanced* like with the new Magil character, e.g. Fargo, Luccia, Radius or Glenn, and maybe Karsh or Pierre. I think a lot of these characters would be a lot more interesting if their dialogue bubbles were less annoying. Seriously, there was no way I could stomach Chrono Cross after learning the stupid blonde Australian girl was one of the *main characters*.

And of course! Dual Techs between all the characters, and Triple Techs for a bunch of the other characters.


EDIT: My 2nd place? *Maybe* Xenogears... Man, I don't know. There was a while in my teens where I believed Xenogears was clearly the most brilliantly-conceived RPG plot evar, except it had been tragically cut down by time & money budgeting. But in retrospect, I'm not sure I could replay that game, knowing all that while that it ends up involving destroying a high-tech Catholic Church and their evil evil god...
Ace Attorney Investigations 2 needs to be localised, and Pokemon Snap 2 totally needs to be a thing.
Tau, I've known about a Chrono Trigger Resurrection for a while but I've never seen that video before. That is amazing.

A third No More Heroes would be cool, I guess.
Suikoden VI. I really shouldn't be asking the heavens for this one... Damn you, Konami! Damn you to hell! >=(
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