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(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
haha good comic
Lockez, does anyone ever really grow up when you think about it? We're all just sad fucking children wearing adult's clothing, and wandering around lost, lonely, and scared until the day we die.
I suddenly remember this comic:

That's the truth!
I'm one of those dudes whose first game was an epic 40 hour long traditional fantasy JRPG (also a buggy juvenile rtp piece of shit) that took a year and a half to make and was probably subsequently played by about 50 people. The catch is that I actually finished it. Did not abandon my first idea or start over at any point; spent a year and a half and made it a reality.

Mind you, the game was awful. But all things considered, it came out way better than one would probably expect. And I think that the fact that I actually finished it is, almost certainly, what caused my interest to move from "making an rpg maker game for my friends and myself to be able to say we made it" to "making amateur rpgs for people out there to download and enjoy". Being able to hold up a finished product of that scale, however flawed, was an extremely powerful motivating factor in future works. It suddenly felt very worthwhile and meaningful; I realized I had done so much more than just make an interactive story for my friends, I had made an entire goddamned epic video game, and it felt really really good and I could totally do it again and do way better next time.

This. I'm still shocked that I actually finished my "super epic 25 hour long rpg" since 95% of people seem to never finish their first game. I also agree with the "I can do my next game way better", the problem now being I dont have as much free time to make another game :(. Life is sadly ironic.
Well that just double posted for no reason
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