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Wario's-a number one!
Not to much to go on it, but from what I could read it's being made by the same group who made Guilty Gear. Anyways here's the link to it if anyone else can get more out of it.
I'd buy it. If the dudes who made Guilty Gear are gonna be makin' that, then that in itself is good enough to buy.

Interesting characters to try, especially Chie. <3 Boot to the face indeed!
You missed the part where Persona 4 is getting directly ported to the PSP Vita.
You also missed the part where Persona 5 is apparently going to be really different the same way Persona 3 was different to Persona 2. Or something... Probably going to be on PS3.
Persona fighting game- I'm having a more positive initial reaction to this than I did with Catherine... and I ended up *loving* Catherine! But, it seems like the Persona team isn't too involved making this game... But, BlazBlue is a great series. I'll probably seriously consider buying this one. It's neat that there are some P3 characters like Aegis roped in, and I'm hoping my favorites like Junpei and maybe Koromaru make the cut.

P4 port- Yeah, I'll definitely buy this, though I'm not sure about buying a Vita at its launch.

P5 vastly different from 3 & 4- Seems appropriate to me. 3 and 4 were some of my favorite games, but playing 200+ hours with many of the same enemy and Persona graphics can wear on a person. I would prefer the changes to involve introducing 1-2 adult Persona users like in the P2 games--seems unlikely given the sort of bildungsroman thing going on in 3 and 4, but (i) Catherine shows character development with an adult and (ii) at least one of the P2 games is getting a rerelease. So it's possible! I'd also enjoy significant changes to the battle system since I got my fill of the 3/4 system. As for changes I *wouldn't* like: there's a good reason why folks still enjoy 3 & 4 over 1 and even the 2s, and that's the increased *sim* element and less-video gamey stories that the player can explore when not climbing a mega-gigantic ultra-doomsday tower. I'd dislike it if the games were "streamlined" or anything similar.

EDIT: The hell's up with Yosuke's face in that graphic? He looks like a serial knife murderer. He must've really never gotten over Saki Konishi's death I guess, haha.
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