(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Well, how about : Heartache 101, as visual dating board game (!), it's not my thing but, wether you like it or not, people love it : more than 4300 downloads...?
U.S.G. and hello panda of hima as shooter/bullet hell could probably be considered candidates as well
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I'll support Heartache 101 - Sour Into Sweet for a game spot, or even as a featured game. I would argue that what makes it good isn't so much the "given campaign" (though it has it's moments), but it's expandable/customizable content allows for some interesting scenarios.

Of course, my opinion on this matter is skewed at best. Indeed, if one looks at the page dedicated to custom content, one will find a certain author of said content appear more oft than any other.
Poor kentona. Everybody overlooks this thread so he's forced to do everything by himself.

I'll nominate Tale of Exile Act 1 for either CLASSIC or GEM. Need a reason? Because it's a classic gem.

An idea : Have Dragon Fantasy as CLASSIC, and Dragon Fantasy REMADE as DEVELOPMENT for some awesome juxtapositioning action which I'm sure Ephiam will enjoy.
Oh no, Asteroids is a hidden gem...? I thought lots of people knew about it.
Woot! Thanks for giving DF the Classic Category. =D
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Pengui, just completed not too long ago. Plus it's not your typical Rpg Maker game.
Poor kentona. Everybody overlooks this thread so he's forced to do everything by himself.
Paradise Blue- Classic
Finding Eden- Artsy game?
Just an idea or two--probably already done or bad ideas.
Classic: Master of the Wind
Classic: Speak No Evil
Puzzle: Pengui!
Horror: Backstage
Classic: Dragon Fantasy
Hidden: Oh No, Asteroids!
Classic: Tale of Exile
Hima's U.S.G. ~A New Begin.
Gem: Man's Best Friend
Hidden Gem: Sagawind
Romance: Heartache 101
Sci-Fi: Iron Gaia: Virus
Hidden Gem: Linus
Shmup: Hello Panda
Fab: Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis
Classic: Hero's Realm
Gem: Tina of the Stars
Event: Mario's Mansion
Gem: Astonishing Capt Skull
Classic: The Burning Grail
Hidden Gem: Your Star
Spooky: Grave Spirit
Sadistic: BE: Dungeoneer
Gory: Rework the Dead
Scary: MANOS Hands of Fate
Eerie: One Night Full Circle
Wavemaker: Starless Umbra
Overlooked: Under World 4
Event Winner: Rubi
Gem: Shensetta - Air RPG
Trippy: particle of infinite free will
Eyerazor: Molasses Meow
Fantasy Gear and Fantasy gear 2
It's too bad that MISTER BIG T took down his "Dooms 4: End Game" game off of the site, because I would SERIOUSLY consider you guys hosting that up as a "Classic" or "Horror" spot.

I guess I'm one of the only ones who liked any of his games... But, yeah, it's too bad he took it down because that man needs some love (er...).


If not that, "Ara Fell" anyone? :D
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For this, I would need to actually play games from RMN. I've been busy with my own stuff of late but how much of an excuse is that.
Tales from Zilmurik for Classic.
Phantasia Remake for... it's not really Classic if it's a remake... I'll leave it up to The Man.
And yeah, Ara Fell for Classic.

Me and my classics.
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
Phantasia Remake is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too buggy for a Gamespot.

Ara Fell isn't a bad choice though.
Based on the list you posted:

Dungeon Crawl, Dungeon Crawl? -
Backstage, Horror -
Phantom Legacy, JRPG -
Forever's End, JRPG -
Mystery Man Zero, RPG -
Inside, Platformer/Puzzler -
Geondun, RPG -
Legionwood, JRPG -
Iron Gaia: Virus, Science-Fiction -
Speak No Evil, RPG -
One Night 2, Horror -
Linus, Medieval Visual Novel (?) -
BE: Dungeoneer, Horror -
Cast Aside, TRPG -
Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis, Best Game Ever -
Rework The Dead, Shoot 'Em Up/Platformer -

Not all of these may be suitable for highlighting since not all of them are finished...