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I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.
This is a topic mainly meant for rants. Post rants that you have about anything. May they be about how people act, games, music, movies and so on and so forth.

I've got a list of them, right now.



I hate people who are so up in themselves that they think that whatever they do, say and think, is the pinnacle of awesome. That their opinions are above all others, and how if we question them and their opinions, they get mad and argue with us, yet they do the very same thing to other people's opinion. Most of the world is like this; most of the world is hypocritical. Say one thing and do the other.


I hate people over the net who act big and bad, and talk bad to you and others when in reality, they most likely would be considered the outcasts in their community; since nothing can be done to them over the net, they feel that they can attack whomever they want, whenever they want, for whatever reason they want.


I hate when you talk and get to know people online, and a little while later they message you, through PMs, IM, whatever, and tell you that they are leaving whatever game they are on, whatever site, and decided to delete all their contacts that have anything to do with the game/site because 'they feel it is messing with their life'. Nothing is wrong with leaving, but using the game as a reason, as if it is what caused you to up and do whatever it is that you did, is idiotic and moronic.

You caused yourself to mess up. You caused yourself to play a game, to go on the net, to do whatever it is that you did. Don't come to me and use a game as an excuse and a reason, just so you can delete people. As if your life was so good before you played it; when it didn't force you to play and/ or stay. Don't come to me, and expect me to 'care' if you used the net as a reason why your life is becoming so shit.

Nothing is wrong with leaving, but don't use it as why you're leaving. No one cares about that as it is a bullshit excuse only to draw in some-sort of attention for yourself. I'm normally nice, and caring and understanding, only when they are smart about things. But to stand there and use a game or a site as an excuse is just lame. It isn't your true reason, and if it was, you're stupid as it didn't really cause anything bad. You did. Your life around you did. Others outside of the net you know did. Not something that YOU decided to come on.


Also I hate a lot of these interviews that the News Companies do, after Natural Disasters. Where they normally interview these redneck, toothless idiots who are like 'It dun teared up my roof!"

Of course it did. As that is what normally happens in a poorly constructed Trailer Park, where the damn roof is held together with 10 year old Duck Tape, during a Tornado, while you're running around in old cover-alls, drinking your beer, while your Daughter and her Cousin are kissing in the back of the Trailer. (Not saying 'rednecks' are like that, but this is who they interview. Those who act like their stereotypes portray them out to be!)

Hell, it is like the News wants to always focus interviewing one select group of people as if that is what we all are like.


I am sick and tired of seeing all these damn ads when I click on anything that is on the internet. What!? I'm not allowed to watch Youtube anymore without having to look at sucky pop-up adds of equally or higher sucky, low quality items?

Oh, I'm wanting to watch Foamy the Squirrel...but nooo; An add about Frogger and other games on this oh so seemingly interesting 'game site' is so much more interesting and deserves my attention? Screw that. I want to be able to watch anything without having to be bothered to cut off an ad that takes up part of the damn video player screen. Not like they can bother to pop-up the ad a few seconds or a minute after the video ends. No, they need your time now. Nothing is more important than having to watch an ad on buying cleaning supplies. If I wanted to buy cleaning supplies, I'll get up and go-to the closest Dollar-fucking-General. They expect that let's say, oh, 75 percent of today's population has nothing better to do than to sit around, watching freaking ads all day. It's like a video isn't a video anymore. It's a damn infomercial. You only get a few minutes to truly enjoy what it is that you originally, INTENTIONALLY came on there to see. The rest is just some corporations bullshit advertising that is meant to advert your eyes and thought process away from anything else unrelated to the ad. It's meant to control your mind and allow them into that sweet mind of yours to slowly mold it into anything other than what you want it to be. They want you to buy things and not question why a drug commercial is placed in a video meant for Children. They don't want you to "WONDER" why a commercial meant for people who cannot piss is placed into a video that is about cooking. No, and it's so unbecoming of us to wonder why a commercial about 'cough medicine' is placed in a video about how to clean a house and save half the time. All of these so called 'informing' ads just want you to keep your mind off of anything else other than what they want you to buy.

But these brain dead, clinically obsessed morons cannot see the truth if it's there, right in-front of their smug little faces. You know why? Because there are fucking advertisements right there, too, blocking it from ever reaching you.

They state it's to PAY for production and broadcasting, but they were doing it before the Ads were placed, so they can do it some more. If not, get some other damn job to pay for the rest of the time you have in your life sitting at a computer, watching what video is uploaded next and by setting up those RIDICULOUS server maintenance time-schedules that could easily be held off on until you are SURE no one will be on. That, and also by informing us that maintenance will be happening, say, a week or 2 before it actually fucking happens!


Here is a REAL rant instead of some bullshit post about liking some movie and what-not.

There are a few things that IRK me to no END.

Rudeness in posts on MESSAGE BOARDS. Yeah, I've had my fair share of throwing down rudeness, as have everyone, but it's getting to the point where Message Boards lose their meaning; intellectual beings having a decent conversation in the specific topic that they're chatting in. What the Hell has happened to fucking message boards? I mean come-on!? They weren't thought up and created by people like you (Trollers, Spammers and rude, lame assholes) to just have the mere job of messing around, being an idiot. They are meant to be helpful, and even if it's less than that, having a little bit of freaking politeness in them.

All message boards are slowly degrading into the message board/ community-internet filth known simply as 2Chan/ 4Chan.

What happened to being able to ask a question and JUST getting the damn answer needed? What happened to being able to post a topic in the CORRECT forum and actually having it keep on the directed path that it was freaking meant to have taken? Huh!?

Why does the internet have to go the ways of 4Chan? Why is the internet population mutating and twisting to form into Trollers, spammers, and just plain out filth?

I admit, it's fun to troll and spam EVERY NOW AND AGAIN, but to have people like Trollers that we have nowadays, and OTHER internet persona's floating around is getting out of damn control. Message Boards are only meant to be giving out information about the mass of topics (FORUMS) that is on it.


Like I told my dad once before, well, actually time and time again, to

be honest, people are morons; complete and utter
fucking disgraces to what we all call the human race. They disgrace(d)

our entire existence with their moronic display, that they
even feel is correct, upon being told time and time again, that they are

wrong, or should at-least rethink their situation. This will
be a series of blogs, complaining to the masses in which I'm ranting

towards (hopefully a few will be more intelligent, and if so
this doesn't concern you), about how people are idiots, and each blog

will be about a different group in which should just curl up
and let time kill them off.

The first group are people who take credit for other people's works, and act like they are so special because they got others
others do to the work. But they don't treat those people with the respect that they so fucking do deserve. For an example,

take game makers who take and edit private servers but use other people do to the Art, Music, Story and over-all
Programming to try to make it something else, that it will never be. They act like they are the best, that if it were not for them

coming up with the idea, nothing would have happened and even take credit for the Programs, Music, Art and the like even
though they, themselves didn't do shit but tell people what to do. You need to come back down to reality. If it were not even

for the Programmers that found a way to make private servers, you'd not have shit. If it were not
for people taking time out of
their day to learn and compose music, you'd have a game that is soundless. If it were not for
people learning to create works

of literature, you'd have no interesting game; no story to keep people pulled in. If it were not for people learning to draw/ do
digital works of Art, you'd have a black screen. You only got up, off of your fucking ass and told people an idea and they

decided to help YOU. You didn't HELP them. They could still do what they learned to do, with or fucking without your ideas.


Listen up, and listen up good. Opinions are not and never will be a fact. If they were facts, they'd not be called opinions; they would be called facts. The fact about an opinion is that it is just personal, bias (more or less) feelings about a certain subject or thing. There is nothing wrong with people having opinions. Their own opinions or otherwise. But when it starts to boil down to those around you trying to spew their opinions on you as some-sort of fact, now, that is when having an opinion is a bad thing. I'm talking about those morons who are so up in their own asses, that they think they can force you to believe whatever the fuck that they want you to believe. Those same people, who argue endlessly, back-and-forth with others, about things that they know is wrong, but they try to make you think it is right.
For example, say I tell you it is raining, and it is, and then you turn around and say no it isn't, it is sunny and not wet, and then I say "look, it is pouring right fucking on us". Then you're arguing over how it isn't raining. You could say 'in my opinion, it isn't raining, but it is 'sprinkling'. But it isn't a fact it isn't raining because you fucking say it isn't, when it is. Rain is rain is rain. Opinions are opinions are opinions as Facts are fact are facts. Fucking deal with it or GTFO of life.


This is directed at Sony. They have the money to keep people from hacking them. But they refuse, it seems, to use their money and power and over-all knowledge to stop anyone or any-fucking-thing.

People who have networks or GAMES without any money going into it, can be expected to not handle themselves against those people, BUT people like Sony, multimillion dollar companies, with cash coming in for the actual network, as well, is expected to keep things running and not have to worry about little basement dwelling nerds hacking into their systems when they get butt-hurt over not getting what they want. If they cannot even do that much, they might as well pack it up and call it quits now. They should have never even made the PSN, if they didn't expect to get attacked. May it be by idiots over with the Xbox side whom hate the Playstation, or people who get hurt when banned on the PSN.


This blog post is about people who use the Text Speak as their, normally, only form of communication. Inside and outside of the Internet world.

For an example, say someone uses the words GTFO, LOL, OMG and the like on the Net and on the Phone, texting a lot, and chatting it up (Like you actually have a life), then they pull that shit out into the "REAL WORLD" and start "TALKING" like that. Those types of people should be run over with a Steam Roller, and if anyone is alive afterwards, are made to listen to people talk like they do, while they burn them with a fucking cigarette, to the fucking brain. Because that is what happens to us "NORMAL FOLK" who are forced to put up with it.

Forced to listen to you ramble on, using incoherent communicative skills (a baby could do better, and we would/ and or could actually enjoy listening to one), that makes you sound like someone dropped you on your head, right on a rail-spike. You could do the whole world a favor, and take your basement dwelling, 35 year old VIRGIN ass back to some sort of school, and learn what we call "ENGLISH". You know it to be true, because that's what the 'cool' people do. You know. Like your parents. Who want you out of their basement.


I hate people that use the sentence "Gingers are a race!" when it's only a genetic issue. It's a hair color and skin pigmentation, that rarely happens. Like being an Albino. There are groups of people, varying from small to big, that either thinks that being Ginger automatically makes you some new race, or those who want it to be. Given that it could possibly happen if there becomes millions and millions of Gingers, but fact is, it is -SO- rare, that it is impossible for there to be that many of them.

People could live many generations coming and going before there would even be a small enough fraction needed for them to even be considered a possible race. That alone is near impossible, as well. If you're that dumb in thinking that because your skin is a different color (and hair is of a different color), and are very few of those type of people out there, that you're a race, and deserve some form of special treatment, when it takes much more of those type of people to become a race, you deserve to be slapped in the face with a Salmon, and then laughed at repeatedly, and then repeated Salmon slaps to the face, until the slappers start to grow tired and their arms become sore.

By the way, I don't hate 'Gingers'. I hate people wanting special treatment like they're being discriminated against left and right. You don't hear stories of 'Gingers' being lynched. You don't hear of them being forced to go to Concentration camps. You don't hear of them being blamed for the bombing over at Pear Harbor. You don't see them being checked at airports just because they look like past terrorists. You see a few small time 'offensive' jokes tossed at them by trolls who watch South Park. Which those jokes happen very rarely.

whoa You guys are hi-chaining without me? That's just not right. :<
You know what really grinds my gears?....
I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.
Grinding upon your gears, perhaps? That could mess something up. :p
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
What a great idea of a thread : I'm am so sick of seeing rare games get 2 comments in 2 month, while idiocies that it is beyond my capacities to play after 5 mn, are commented upon page after page, like it was some miracle dropped right from the heavens! I am sick and tired of seeing people running away from anything interesting going on here and cluttering around a few banalities that do not deserve a second of attention (not every one but ooooh so many!) I'll dare say it i am so fed up with having ON THE FRONT PAGE : 1 remake of FF (though some of them are excellent!),1 of Mario, 1 of Zelda and 1 of DBZ! and I am sick and tired of seeing the uncreative mass ripp apart the few really creative games to the point of bringing their authors to cancelling their games out of disgust and dispair! I am sick and tired of always seeing things stagnate or regress and never, ever see the masses here AS ELSEWHERE evolve and grab on to what will make them progress and finally make them happier!
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
You know what really grinds my gears?....

whoa You guys are hi-chaining without me? That's just not right. :<
You know what really grinds my gears?....

You can have a trailing question, you know. :j
Devil's in the details
Oh great a rant thread, that's it for even the least bits of irc activity.
I hate people who misspell words.

I hate people who rant.


It's official, Thiamor really hates stupid people. You sir have a follower. ;)
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I used to have an entire website filled with my rants. I posted a new one every week. Then I realized Maddox did it way better. This was before blogs existed so any website full of ranting was automatically just a Maddox ripoff. So I quit that, and started writing game/movie reviews and fake tabloid-style news stores. But this thread is for rants, so I'll leave those out and post one of the less awful rants, I guess. This one is about marathon runners!

Some stupid jocks in my town are participating in a "mini-marathon" where they run something like 17 miles for no good reason. And - wait for it - they're paying $35 to be able to do this. And there's no prize. Proceeds don't even go to a Cancer Rights charity or anything, they just go to the people running the event.

This is terrible. There's absolutely no incentive to do this. MAYBE it might improve their chances of making mad love. But all evidence indicates they really don't even care about that. I believe they're honestly doing this for fun. FOR FUN. Fun like cancer.

They're going to have to work out for over two and a half months just to be in good enough shape to do this. That's like practicing for a quarter of a year to become flexible enough in your legs that you can actually kick yourself in the nads, and then paying another hundred bucks to Foot Locker for a nice pair of football cleats so you can do it right. It's about the stupidest thing you can do.

Non-marathon running is not much better. I'm one hundred percent totally against any form of exercise. Just listen to the facts, and maybe I can convince you too. According to exercise machine infomercials on TV, you are supposed to exercise 30 minutes three, times a week, every week to stay physically fit. Let's say this adds five years onto your life. I'm being generous; it's probably less. And only half of that time is spent awake, so it's really only 2.5 extra years. But 30 minutes a day, three days a week, every week of your life? That's a lot of exercise. In fact, if you do until you're seventy, it's over one year and ten months of solid exercise. Not to mention that you'll feel worn out a lot of the time when you're not exercising. So you've effectively added seven months to your life, and drastically lowered the overall quality of it by making yourself exhausted all the time. And you've made yourself look like a moron and spent a bunch of money on equipment in the process.

Have you ever watched people who run? The super-enthusiastic morons who apparently think they'll die if their heart rate goes under 120, so they are constantly stretching and running place and doing pull-ups on random objects? What's the point? I don't even think they look attractive at all. The chicks have tiny breasts and are never in the kitchen as often as they should be. And as a dude, if I wanted to look good, I wouldn't want to be skinny, I'd want to be buff. I'd want to have massive biceps and gigantic legs and be able to rip a phone book in half with my pelvic muscles. Fortunately I don't have to work to aspire to be like that, because I'm that way naturally. But I think I speak for all straight guys when I say that I'd rather be ripped than thin. And I think I speak for everyone who matters when I say I don't really care whether I'm in shape at all.

So, next time you want to go running, just remember what it will cost you. Take the smart route: go home and chew on some styrofoam instead. In the long run, it's better for you.
I'm one hundred percent totally against any form of exercise.

I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.
It's true. I hate morons. More or less, my rants focus around one major focal point. 1 major center piece. Morons. Because there will always be morons in the world, and that gives me enough subjects to focus on and work with.


I hate people who try to sell ideas that you know are stupid and you don't wish to be apart of.
By sell I mean that they constantly try to tell you these ideas anyway, as if it's the next best thing since sliced bread. That it would further help you as a person and any other person that they deem is necessary enough to repeat the same, crappy idea. If I say I don't care, that is enough 'WORDS' for your mind to comprehend that I don't want to know about the stupid idea. If I cared, I'd tell you, otherwise fuck off and tell your ideas to someone who cares. Like your mother. Because she HAS to care.

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