Wondering how I should keep the ratio of 'free' characters in my game (not yet set to a particular mission where they could be recruited) and ones I've already set in stone how they're recruited. Right now, other than the characters that don't count (starting, not in main party) I have 15 characters, and only 4 are recruit-able through 3 missions so far. Just pondering how many I should leave floating so I can go back and assign them to missions later to keep a balance, and not force myself into any design choices that are going to be awkward later.

Also wondering if that 'thinking about' made sense to anyone else >.>
Thinking about what pool of graphics I should take my boss battler images from - I would have enough to work with in standard RTP, but I don't know if there's good ones for boss minions. Furthermore, I need to look how to spawn minions into a battle elegantly.
I'm thinking about making a micro game. Like one tile game. Do you know what's the reso of Nitrome's piece? I want to go with 32 x 32 (Pocketstation's resolution) with custom color palette and resources made on my celly while being abroad.
I already have a name and a concept, which is probly too complex. The name is Dice Hard Dungeon.
Screenshot of Nitrome's lovely Turnament:

Edit: Oh, I found out that there was this Low Rez Jam, where you were supposed to make a game with 32x32 reso.
For the first time in a long time, I have ideas for about 3 different games in my head... but I'll never finish Riot Grrrl if I keep focusing on other shit. I'm glad that I've learned to start writing these things down more (and in more detail than I used to, when I thought I was doing it well). I can let them stew, come back to them later. Riot Grrrl is more important.

If you think those 3 concepts are too much of a timesink, try building one game that uses all 3 of them.
Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
I made some default script edits to limit the battle members and to only display the save command during playtesting. I also wrote a simple script that utilizes notetags to display skills in a new window. It doesn't bind skills to the weapons, just displays them.

I am one with the machine.

This week, my game idea can be summed up in two words. TUCKERS. KOBOLDS.
In glorious ASCII. Oh yeah~
Resident Nonexistence
Resource site I used for nifty facesets n stuff closed down apparently..

Christ, now I have to learn2draw and redesign a lot of crap.. but at least some of the DLC from the humblebundle is pretty freakin good

EDIT: so, anybody got any good tutorials to go take a look at?
I'm going to link this anytime anyone ever asks for something related to it:
The Pixel Art Tutorial
Guardian of the Description Thread
Golden age entry is coming along. It's been a while since I've made anything in TusK, but, I'm slowly remembering how things work, and realize how used to VX Ace I've become.

Side-note: They probably won't be included in the game, but, as part of the game's development process, I'm listening to a bunch of tunes I picked up from VG Music forever-and-a-half ago. Or, tunes that I picked up from other games forever-and-a-half ago that were obviously picked up from there, but, the game's author changed the names (and didn't quote original source material in any way, shape, or form) because... I dunno, that's how things were done back then?

Anyway, it's like, a super-charge of nostalgia over here.
"How do I create a character that walks around with 3 followers but when you enter battle only the 3 followers fight?"
Debating on what to work on for my next release. It is currently a tossup between more characters, or finally working on my accessory-crafting system so I can finally introduce 'items' to the game. Sort of.
Uoh, thanks Sated, although I don't have random encounters in my game so that won't work. I'll probably just try to figure out how to add and remove that member without screwing up the formation.

Staring at the sheer amount of common events and variables and scripts and wondering whether I can pull off this game within 2 weeks
Thinking about writing that MUD codebase I never got around to doing. Also about finishing Legend of Gladius (which would include not only the single chapter test game but also writing at least two more chapters.)
I really want to make another multiplayer game soon! But I need to come up with a design that won't take too much work or intense netcode like client-side prediction, because I am lazy.
Guardian of the Description Thread
With Golden Age of Gammak done, my thoughts have, once again, turned to Myriad Cypher. Though, I did have a few brief thoughts of Oracle of Askigaga, and what direction I want to take it in, only to "nope" it out of my head.

What? Konae's Investigations? Oh. Uh, yeeeeaaaaah, I remember that game! Where the heck did I leave off with that?