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An screen of a small project I hope to return to one day. I'll give a little info since it's not as well known as my main project. On a side note I'm the 10th top poster at RMNetwork! ;D

You are #203567 of Blank city, you have your usual day of work, sleep, friends, and work some more. Everyone around you or anywhere in the city has the exact same thing, everyday in and out, the whole world is being controlled by a type of computer program, which decides everything for everyone..
But one day you are involved in an accident, presumed dead, the CPU decides to dump you in the "Hole." The hole is the place where all people who cease to move are tossed. Once you awake, you are horrified at what you see, not just by the thousands of dead bodies around you, but because you have discovered... COLOR, and your actually thinking for yourself for once!!!
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That reminds me of The Giver and Pleasantville. Well, graphically it looks like a good start. G'luck.
I remember seeing a screen of this in the old screenshot thread. Anyway, it looks good.

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On a side note I'm the 10th top poster at RMNetwork! ;D

Congrats, i'm the 1st. 8)
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That reminds me of The Giver and Pleasantville. Well, graphically it looks like a good start. G'luck.

I hated The Giver. But this screenshot does look very nice. You don't see too many black and white games these days. I agree, definitely keep this in production.
For the sake of posting :X

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Thanks guys. I'm still deciding on how everything will look in terms of that game, seriously it's like a pain to figure out a style to match the story of what I'm trying to pull off. Pfft first DD.. I'm coming for you!

To be honest Ness that second screen looks.. Bad. The background picture doesn't match at all with the character and it is just like too :o Y'know, BIG. Love the message border though.. Wish I had one like that.
I would fix the size if it weren't for the AA horror :(
Does this look better?
Agh screw it x.x
RMN sex symbol
It does look better, the whole face and message border, but putting that sprite with the background is pretty weird. I mean the window is 3x the size of the sprite.
don't mind the sprite :P
I forgot to make it invinsible XD
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Karsu wanted screenshots of my VX project, so. It's a tutorial "dungeon" based off of the first adventure in the D&D 3.Xe Adventure Game. Based on your party setup, you can pick locks, break open chests, hit your friends, sing a unicorn awake to heal you, kill goblins (or avoid them), and experiment with discovering the use of a magic item. XP is granted by whether or not you dare play with the magic item (you can auto-analyze) and at the end of the adventure; you don't have to fight to gain XP.

Also, writing in second-person rocks.

"Your attempt to softly coo the unicorn
awake turned into a terrible cacophony.\!
In the end, however, the effect is similar:
Alabern wakes up and quietly examines the
goblin's den. He stares at the party for
an instant--was that a smile?--then returns
to the forest."

YOU FAILED YOUR DC12 WILD EMPATHY CHECK??? WHAT THE HELL (also, wild empathy works different in my game because I am the DM and can do whatever the hell I want)

(the random sprites on the left side are temporary shopkeeps so that I can test without having to build the base city first)

A half-elf monk, human cleric, halfling rogue and half-orc sorceress walk into a goblin den....

Just a recent map I made, no biggie.

Nice map, but I do think it's kind of weird that there's windows that connect to the wall. Do you see what I mean? Also, the auto tile is screwed up towards the top right of the map, and REFMAP doesn't go well at all with Theo tiles IMO.
Lol, the windows do connect to the walls. Also, where is the autotiling messed up?
@Sion: Did someone piss on the floor :D...ok that was rude,sorry :'(. But why is the carpet discolored. I could understand if there was a light source that would light up part of the area, but it is darker in specific areas for not logical reason. Anyways good job on the design of the area. A fairly big space, that is not cluttered with nonsense.
I think the carpet looks cool that way. But the autotile at the top right is kinda funky. Should be a quick fix though.
No, it doesn't look right. That tile is used for creating shadows in the interiors, you can't apply outdoor mapping with indoor ones.
The shading just needs to be applied on the edge of the walls to show off that there is a shadow/light source in the room. Right now it looks like the room has different levels of elevation. The Refmap doors need to be replaced as well.
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I think the carpet looks cool that way. But the autotile at the top right is kinda funky. Should be a quick fix though.

That's what I meant, sorry. And by the windows, I mean they are right on the edges of those two walls in the middle. Sorry if I'm unclear.
I also personally felt that the way I shaded my floor was nice, which is why I'm choosing to keep it. Just because of the simple fact that I like it that way. However as far as the top right autotile goes, I'll definitely fix that. If the windows look too wierd, I'll just center one window, or take the all out completely, but I think they look fine... Thanks for the input, I'll have to find a diff door charaset.

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Just a recent map I made, no biggie.


I like this, but the floor is really bothering me, hmmm...

Just tried out this new mini-map thing I put into winter that marks places you need to go story wise in order to progress the game. I'll be making these for each of the Three cities in Winter, none of the small towns will have it (Waste of time). I like the way it came out, I don't know If I am going to clean the mini map up or just leave it as is.

I'm currently working on the Snow City where Ashura is originally from, Walton. I'm going to try and make it EPIC. snoowww with cool European walls, but Japanese roof tops, and the green/fresh water. Not as much animals, but a lot more people I hope. I'm still compiling the chip set, so it maybe a while (a week if I'm not lazy, side tracked.)

Also, with the mini-map the game is showing some weird lag...I may need to cut down on the events or overlays sadly, unless it was my PC I had a lot of programs running when I was testing this.

Just some random VX map I made while trying to think of a name for my upcoming project. This map isn't in a game, nor is it in any way playable. It was just a random bored map.

Also, does anyone know EXACTLY how the cliff autotile system works, because the cliffs to the right all got placed as one cliff, not as separate sections.