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This is just an idea I'm throwing out there to stimulate discussion. Inspired by SNEWS, Interview articles here on RMN and Shinan/Kentona's podcasts from way back.

When a game is considered for the new "development spotlight" front-page feature on here maybe somebody/some of us can "interview" the developers and ask the pertinent and relevant questions that might naturally be asked (after all, there's a reason it's up for dev spotlight, right? That's gotta raise some questions about the dev, the dev process, inspirtions, design choices, planned features, mechanics etc) and that content can be made into a nice long blog-post. Almost like a nicely-fromatted review but it would be a preview with exposition from the creator in an interview format rather than a review of game from a player.

Think old-school game magazine interview of the developers of an upcoming title.

The interview blog post would contain all the relevant content that would constitute what we now have linked from the "development spotlight" link on the front page and would integrated into the blog post/interview. So there would be video clips, screenshots, any other content etc. interspersed with the interview text and the front page "Development Spotlight" link would link to that blog post that would be posted on the relevant game-page's blog.

Also I guess that could maybe be extended to community spotlight too if people wanted to do that. Except I guess it would have to take article format rather than a blog post.

Anyway that's just an idea. What does everyone think? I think it'd be nicer than just linking to the game page. This would both link to the game page and provide some nice exposition, content and information "from the horse's mouth".
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You had me at "interview". I always like that sort of thing! It's a great way to develop on the spotlight, and it makes the honor feel more personal.
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Shinan did two or three of these. They were pretty cool and I'd like to see more.
Good idea. I always did find them a nice read whenever I checked out a few of those back in the good ol' days... I'm all up for them to make a return. ^^
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You had me at "interview".

In saying/quoting that, I don't pretend to understand how the SNEWS interviews were conducted, or the logistics involved in ye olde podcasts.
For the record I didn't mean audio interviews necessarily (although they'd work too I imagine).
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Yeeeeeessssssssss interviews were my favourite.

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I'm really for it too, apart what has been said, the review, more over explains things that only the maker can know, somewheres it would be a good counter balance to the reviews, I really think it's a good idea.
I would love to listen to some interviews too. There's just something about hearing people's voices that makes it more personal.
Problem would be if the dev doesn't own a mic... but I'm all up for this idea.
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Good idea! I look forward to receiving the first one of these so that I can feature it. Let me know when you are done.
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You know what I think I am going to try my hand at this. I have a pretty good idea who I would like to interview first, too. Look for it soon-ish.

I can't do audio interviews, unfortunately.

If we want to make this a thing it will probably need a proper title and I'm sure kentona will demand a banner for it (but I can't make banners so he's out of luck!)
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