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Devil's in the details
There's often certain factors in game development that we could use help with. Be it scripting / graphics / music / sounds / testing and feedback / proofreading, etc.

Now there isn't always a chance to get a willing person to help you out, but let's hope this topic helps fixing that.

Here's the idea:
In this topic you may request help for whatever it is you need help with in your game making process, but you have to offer something in return. And when a member browses this topic and becomes interested in your offer, he'll pm you.

If your request is fulfilled and no longer valid, just edit your post.

Here's a form you may use:
[b]Requesting:[/b] write here
[b]Offering:[/b] write here
[b]Links to own works:[/b] write here

Here's my own request for example:

Hey, I would need some assistance in editing scripts for Rpg Maker VX. Mostly customizing the looks of Yanfly's Melody battle systems and menu. Possibly help with a custom skill system script as well.

Offering: Custom music / Graphical Edits / Game System Sound Design (manufactured sounds) / Testing and feedback / Mapping

Links to own works:
Latest music:
Graphical works & mapping:
What comes to testing, I did rip Forever's End in a 40 page beta report. You can ask NicoB if he was happy.

Use common sense with the trades and discuss the amount of work you're trading in PMs. Usually both parties are expected to use about same amount of time & effort as they receive in return.
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This is a really good idea. I hope it takes off.
Though there should be a clause that states any time-extensive redrawing (or recode/resprite/re-whatevering) should consequently cost additional offerings in return.
I would buffer that by saying that, sub-par offerings (ie: bad drawings / broken script) would not be subject to this clause. Just things like, I dunno, redrawing a character for 5 hours.
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I'll guess I'll try this out first...

I'm requesting a set of VX RTP-styled tables, but larger. The sprites I'm using in this game are 76px in height. I'm not very good at VX's painterly style so I thought I'd give trading a go...

The rounded tables should be enough. It's kinda strange how most other furniture fits with larger sprites >.>...

Anyway...I'm a spriter and an artist. I can also proofread and give opinions on scripts (dialogue, story) if that takes your fancy.

if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Sorry for the double post but my internet is being a right ass...I can do a sprite or two, or some facesets. That is what I am offering.
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Requesting: CSS help with my game pages: I am shit at graphic design
Offering: Testing, Writing, Battle-Design Help (all within reason, natch)
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