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I've been developing this game for some time now, and I have to recognize that my obsession with little details has led me to only have 1 and a half "stages" done, but I want to continue. Now, I've already created a nice storyline, custom graphics and decided the name of the game, and how many chapters it will have (Even chapters names). Now, I'd like to create the Title screen, but I'm lacking ideas.

So, just to poll people around, what is the thought process behind your creation, as far as title screen goes?
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I have a patent pending process of Google image search + + photoshop font/layer effects (Outer Glow ftw!)

I can't actually make anything striking or amazing, but it is sufficient.
Yeah, that's what I thought. I did that myself last night, but I haven't finished. I just wanted to see the different approach other people might have.
As I almost always do the title screen in the first step of the projects as it helps me get a general image of the project like concept artworks and such.

For me it change from time to time but I always try to keep the mood of the whole game in mind when doing it. It must represent your game in a few seconds because the people won't stay very long on that screen. The same thing with the music and both must get along.

So with that in mind I often work in the abstract because I find that it's easier to represent a mood with only shapes and colors without wondering if it make sense. That's general for the background. For the actual text it's most of the time as Kentona said, a cool font with some effects on it whatever they are. It can be a classic white text with black outline or a flashy rock texture incrusted in the background. But once again I try to have the text look artistically good with my abstract background.

Also note that I will often get pictures on good image and melt them in the abstract background. For example one time I had a reddish and black abstract background with strange texture for a demonic/hell mood (for a rather bad game I had in mind lol) and I went and got a black on white drawing of a cathedral and pasted that on my background, made the white transparent and changed the color of the lines to a shady gray smoke with low opacity with effects. By quickly looking it was only part of the abstract background but when you took the time to analyse it you could see the big lines of a cathedral.

And my final advice. If you can't come up with good ideas and can't achieve to make it look good... then don't force it and make it look bad. I'd rather see a black background and simple Times new roman white text with the title than a flashy background with non-cropped good pictures still with their white background lying randomly on the screen.
Thanks for the feedback.

I did something and posted it on the Screenshot thread. Leave feedback if you can!
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I don't like to make the title screen until the end of the project. It's like choosing the title of your book before writing your short story or book.
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