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Yes, here I am again, asking for title screens like I'm some title screen requester, honestly, maybe I should take the time to go and make my own, but y'see, I have come with this traditional idea in the corner of my mind of having brilliant minds make my title screens, because they have more original design sense than I could ever pull.

With my random rant out of the way, I generate a request of the requesting proportions, I request not one, but TWO title screens for my upcoming games being "Phantasia 2 Redux" and "Phantasia 5 Director's Cut" (Or some other name meaning a revamp of the original, I can only think of Director's Cut.)

If you could make me Title Screens of those two titles, that'd be grand, and as much as I hate jumpin' the boat on this, would I also be able to request two game over screens of the same game overing variety of the said two games? I would grace your wonderous contribution by adding your name to my credits when said games are finished in 2012.

I'd show more than needed, but I don't want to come off as one of those overly emotional individuals who'd cry over getting their favorite candy that they have been wanting to eat for 10 years. But I am pretty confident that you get the gestures peeps, thanks and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy words in other languages I am unfortunate to speak to y'all.

Thanks in advance. :P

EDIT: How silly of me, I forgot to mention that these said games are on rm2k3. :P
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