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(Note: If 20mb is too big for you, there is a 7mb version with lower-quality music in the downloads section.)

Crash landing on an alien planet you must navigate your way through an ancient factory by learning a mysterious alien language with careful observation of the functions of a variety of computer panels scattered across the factory. No boring block puzzles here, the order of the day is experimenting with a variety of computer systems and deciphering an ancient language to plunge on further into the game. No linear puzzle completion order here, either, the game allows you to wander about the factory figuring out what you can, building up your knowledge to complete other puzzles, but not in a particularly specific order.

* Over 20 intricately connected maps form a massive underground factory to explore and solve.
* Innovative language / computer panel puzzles put a new twist on the adventure genre.
* Scattered remnants of an alien civilization form a strange sort of village and unveil the history of these mysterious factories.
* Partially non-linear design allows you to decipher the language at your own pace through a variety of means, building up your repertoire to go deeper and deeper into the factory until you can finally make your escape.

A hint guide is also availible at http://dfg.consty.com/old/games/LEXICO/hint.html

Created by SDHawk, Thrasher, RMSephy, drumstick, and Overkill.

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  • Completed
  • SDHawk
  • Thrasher
  • Verge3
  • Puzzle
  • 06/02/2007 12:00 AM
  • 05/06/2017 10:18 AM
  • 06/02/2007
  • 76708
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I'd just like to comment that I had a huge role in the making of this game, so shame on you SDHawk for failing to mention it. :D
I'd certainly say that this game deserves to be featured.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
This sounds SO COOL! I vaguely remember experimenting with it in the past and either losing interest or it not working, but that might have been another, similar game.
This game changes my windows vista theme and for some reason it is the only game that runs sluggishly on my pc (both versions). It sounds like a neat game though.
Whelp, I've finally managed to figure out the last bit of this and beat it. Figuring out the syntax for controlling that next to last drill puzzle held me up for a while.
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Hey this has a lot more downloads than I expected! Good job, folks!
This is the first ever game submitted on this website.
My mind is full of fuck.
This is the first ever game submitted on this website.

Well duh. lol
So has anyone beaten this game? I tried my hand at it and it's definitely challenging and fun but I don't have much time to play. I would love to see a run through on youtube.
I'm a dog pirate
20 MB is indeed too large for me to handle!
20 MB is indeed too large for me to handle!

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