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A great puzzle experience.

  • Darken
  • 07/21/2008 04:29 PM
Wow, why aren't games like these given more attention?

The story starts out as you being a midget spaceman crash landed on some foreign alien planet. The entire game's structure is based on all these weird symbols that resemble the particular aliens' language. The cool thing about this game is that you can give your own personal definitions for each alien symbol in order to help you on your quest.

You basically wander around this factory solving puzzles. The alien language is practically imbued into these puzzles. It's really fun, and it feels like you're actually deciphering a miniature language.

The soundtrack contains a lot of awesome techno beats and some slow trance, fitting the game's mood perfect. The original graphics are rad, but I kinda wonder why all the crew members seem to be cavemen and twice as tall as the main character.

Overall this small game has smart design and I appreciate SDHawk's craft. It's sad to see this game is barely noticed at all.


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Thanks for the review! The sad fact of the matter is the game was made in a week and the spaceman/NPC inconsistencies were caused by miscommunication with the artist. No doubt we'll get to do some lovely backstory explanations if we ever do a sequel.
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