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The place is Aqua Kingdom. The hero of this story, Max, lives in the Valley of Peace near Purapril, the capital. Since his friend Shion left for Purapril to do his knight duties, Max's life got boring.

One morning, while hunting in the woods, he found a strange creature he never seen before. Unsure about the creature's nature, he decided to avoid making it his meal, but keep it as his pet. The pet proved a valuable ally, making Max decide to leave the valley for a more exciting life.

The intent of his journey was to visit Shion in the capital, but, the capital does not allow just anybody inside. He needed a pass, or some manner of identification. Where will Max go now? Will Max be able to enter in town? And what is happening there?

Unbeknownst to him his life has merely just begun!

Monster World RPG is a fan game inspired by the Monster World (Wonder Boy in the US) series, made by SEGA and Westone for Arcade, Sega Master System and Genesis. This game is not a sequel, prequel, or remake! It is, however, an RPG designed in the style/lore of those games.

The game you can download here is the COMPLETE VERSION, developed with RPRMaker 2003 with many different monsters. You may also visit our official site for the full version of the game.

Aside from Max, there will be other five characters, which can be inserted or removed from the team as you wish. Also there's many sidequests, which are kept track in the "Book Menu", to help players along. The main hero also can be customized with different spells, magic weapons, and more.

Please send your comments to us to the following email address:
monsterworldrpg1 AT gmail DOT com

Thanks in advance and enjoy our game!!

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Sound interesting but, I wasn't able to find the download link
Guardian of the Description Thread
I believe this gamepage was recently accepted. However, there is mention of an official website, which, unless I'm mistaken, is supposed to bring people here.

Note that I'm only aware of that because I assisted with the description, and the web-address for the site was mentioned then.
I was really excited to play this game.This was a great entry into the Monster World series and is without a doubt something that veterans cannot miss out on and newcomers will find enjoyable. After over 30 hours of play, I found it to be an incredibly charming and fun experience. The game implements Metroidvania style gameplay and uses several of the series' staples as core elements very well. Some of the most beloved(and sometimes hated) RPG and gaming tropes also tend to sneak their way into the game as well.

For those of you who are looking through this site's chest of treasures, be sure to pick up this gem while you can, you won't regret it.
I played a previous version of this game years ago (maybe more than 5 years)and it was quite a pleasant surprise to see the project resurface. This is a very deep, stylistically unique and fun game. Clearly, the developers worked on it for a very long time, and the passion is evident in everything from the music to the secrets to the humourous dialogues. Characters even need to answer a quiz to evolve, lol.

My only note of caution is that some of the mini-games are quite challenging and I think some players will not be capable of completing them. Adding a skip option would be a welcome feature, especially for the mini-games that are mandatory for advancing the main story.

I think this game would be a worthy addition to the 'featured games' list.

Been trying this myself and I agree that some of the mini-games are difficult. I've done a few mini-games so far. I don't think I've done any memorable story wise ones yet (the castle just opened up for me), but I can comment on some of the ones I do remember, as well as one I currently can't seem to beat (and I don't like leaving things behind).

Pepes minigame: I've beaten two libraries so far and found this one to be rather easy. The later ones could get harder but I can't comment since I'm not there yet.

Priscillas minigame: I haven't beaten this yet but I only attempted the first one once because my focus is on another one. It doesn't look that tough and would probably be in the moderate range because it does require some speed. This one could be tougher than I think, but I won't know for sure until after some more attempts.

Juniors minigame: This is where I'm stuck. I've been spamming three different confirm keys at the same time at full speed, and I can only make it to the second to last bar and it bothers me. I cannot see how I'm failing given my mash speed, and the description of the minigame did not sound like there was any rhythm involved. Either there is another factor I don't know about, or this is borderline impossible. Smashing keys is a lot harder on a keyboard than with a controller as well, but I would think my speed would be enough.

Casino Minigames: I'm only going to mention the two important ones as they give you a piece of gear. The music one isn't hard at all and only requires you to recognize the music. As for the RPS minigame, this one took me a few tries but I beat it in the end. I recognized on my first time through that the decisions aren't entirely RNG, and then it only took me noting which ones tripped me up, and picking the right choice when I got to that round again. I think on my first attempt I got to round 8, and then it only took me a couple more tries to beat it entirely.

Other than that: Secret wise I've found 3 golden stars so far, a golden watering can, perfume, and the star charm. I'm not sure if I have missed anything up to where I am so far, but I tend to be observant.

I've had to take a break because of juniors minigame, and I refuse to let it beat me. I am at a loss on how to complete it though.

Edit: I don't think you noted it anywhere in game, but I wasted gold on gauntlets when they first appeared in the shop without knowing that they can break after battles. This was back when I still had limited funds. I also saw that the helmet is breakable when I tried it. There should be a note somewhere on the accessories telling you that they can break, and possibly give the odds of breaking as well. This made me wary of equipping the sunglasses and perfume when I got them, but giving that they are unique I don't think they will break on me.
Re: mini-games

Junior: try mashing only one key, using more than 1 key may lead to it not properly registering.

Priscilla: I am stuck on the last recipe of the 4th chef at the moment, and while I should be able to get it eventually, it is extremely tedious. There is a very annoying delay after finishing each mix before starting the next cycle that makes finishing in time very exacting - there is no room for any error or even missing half a second.

Hard Story mini-games:
There is a long section of wall tiles you climb using the mouse gene where you can be knocked off that requires fairly precise timing. It took me over 25 attempts.

EDIT: Voltage puzzle not as hard as I first thought.

Re: Minigames
Junior: Try smashing both "Enter"-bars when you have a NUM-Pad. Make sure not to hit them simultanly.

Hotta: Similar issue. You need many tries to reach the bottom in time. Place your second and ring finger on the arrow keys and keep trying. Start a bit before the "go".

If you haven't found Hotta's minigame yet, try the secret cave between the fairy realm and Purapril and speak to the moles with Hotta in Party.

The only accessory with a breakable note is the winged boots. But that should be fixed in the next version (when I read it correctly at the German page).

I'm at the Purapril Tower at the moment but can't defeat the boss yet.
Alright some updates.

Junior: Finally beat his minigame. You were right that using multiple enter keys at the same time was causing conflicts, and focusing on one turned out to be the consistency I needed to overcome it.

Hotta: I actually met those moles earlier in the game before I had recruited Hotta. I just forgot to go back and check them afterwords. I just tried his first dig and I actually first tried it (came close though).

Priscilla: Got the first receipe on the third try. It really wasn't that bad, but the fact I had to hit the up key twice after each cycle was throwing me off at first.

Looks like I can do more of priscillas, but I'll need to go get the ingredients.
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Anyone reach Dao's Prison (optional dungeon in Chapter 4)? I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with the 6 colored blocks in the intelligence trial.
I'm not there yet but I'll try to help if it isn't answered when I get there. Also, a couple bug reports to possibly fix in the next version. Keeping my post vague in some sections so there aren't any spoilers.

1. I've noticed that with lucky sword, not every enemy gives you double your money back. I didn't note every single one, but a good example of this is the shroom monster in route to the coliseum. I forgot how how it rewards in battle (I think like 16g?), but after battle the lucky sword will give you 86g per shroom if you have it equipped. There were other monsters like this too, so it could be a good idea to double check them all (assuming rpg maker 2k3 doesn't make that a pain, in which case maybe just ignore it as it's not really game breaking and just lets you farm gold easily early on.

2. This is really the one I came to report. When you get your last party member (I just recently got him), and then talk to him on the boat, then the game crashes. I have to rewatch this new chapters cutscenes, as well as redo three royal knight conversations as a result.

Now to report my progress:

I have 22 star shards at this point, as well as well as the rainbow sword inserted into a certain place. I actually found most of those hidden doors on my own, but there were maybe 3 or 4 that I missed as I rechecked old areas. I see a few rainbow spots where I can't seem to do anything, so I'm left to assume that I'll need a later power for those.

As for the mini-games, I've actually been breezing through them fairly easily (except for that damned button smash one since that's really not my thing, but I got through it). Nice touch on having different dialog on the flying saucer minigame. I only found out because I had to redo it once (the first time I didn't know exactly what I was doing and took a few hits, whereas the second time I already had a feel for it and didn't take a single hit).

Lastly, I could use some help finding an area that I've probably overlooked.

The only unfinished business I have right now in the aqua kingdom is I feel I'm missing a section of underwater exploration (when I go in the normal way, you can see a big money bag to the right, but I cannot figure out how to get over there. I also feel that area has the monster lair that I'm missing.)

Given I've been all over this kingdom like 6 times (Had to revisit areas each time I got a new gene and such), and I still don't know how to get to that section of underwater, I can only guess two things. Either I'm overlooking something, or I don't have the means to go there yet. I'm thinking I'm overlooking something giving I'm only missing a single gear, and one of the evolution quizzes involved that lair I hadn't visited. Almost forgot, gotta find the chameleon chief as well, so I'll probably be going over this kingdom again.

..I ended up posting a lot more than I intended. Oh well.
hotta has an ability called 'smell gold' that you will need to use to be able to collect some of the objects under the rainbow

i think you can collect all underwater items once you have 8 genes and a special equipment for max - maybe post a screenshot though if you are still not finding a way

Anyone reach Dao's Prison (optional dungeon in Chapter 4)? I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with the 6 colored blocks in the intelligence trial.

This one was a challenge for me as well. Hint:Think about which two colors make the one next to it.

This video should be very helpful in some of your situations
Alright, that helped. I didn't think to use sniff golf for those rainbow spots (In fact I had been actively ignoring the skill because I was never low on gold). One of the underwater spots (the one with the gold bag), was my fault. I had looked at it wrong and thought that whole section was a cliff (even though I had ventured into other shadow areas...I really don't know why I thought that single section was a cliff).

That video did help for the last lair I needed. I tried to go that way once, but I just approached from the front and got stopped by the two seaweed, and just assumed the rest would block me as well. That was cleverly hidden.

All that's left is to actually go back there and conquer the lair, travel around the world for those gold rainbow spots, finding the chameleon chef before leaving for the new kingdom (though I'm not certain I can find the chef, it's possible the area he left for is that new kingdom), and talking to all the royal guards.

Edit: Talking to my new ally isn't crashing me this time. Could be a one time thing...I have no idea. I do remember seeing something about a memory error when it happened, so maybe it was the engine being dumb.

Edit 2: Got most of them now, though it seems I'm still missing some spots. I guess I'm going to have to check every single dungeon, which I don't feel like doing right now.
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That was a lot of exploring. In the end I made myself go back through each dungeon (moreso for rainbow secrets than anything). I suspected the chameleon might be in the next kingdom, but I kept it in mind since I had to backtrack for all those spots.

I did notice that destroyed areas had no secrets. I've also enjoyed how certain events can change the landscape.

Now that I have reclaimed my rainbow sword it is time to move on.

Edit: Forgot to mention, I used all those pots of gold that hotta found for me to buy out tom's hardware. Now I'm broke again :(.
This one was a challenge for me as well. Hint:Think about which two colors make the one next to it.

I've looked this puzzle over several times, with various color wheels as reference. I don't think I'm being unfair to call it non-intuitive. The goal of the puzzle is not clear and there are no confirmations that moving a block to any position is right or wrong.
I know nothing about MW, but this looks interesting. Subbed.
Dao's prison...I can see why you are confused. I'm not even sure how to solve this. I've exhausted most of my ideas. This room needs some sort of hint. Even with the color wheel in mind, I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be aiming for. Art has never been my thing to begin with, so that could be part of the reason I'm not getting this.

I'll try a couple more things but overall I don't think it will matter when I don't even understand the goal here. Is it to use two colors to make a color that isn't there to fill up the gray spots? I think this room could have been better if it also had some sort of riddle in it to give you a clue.
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