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*---Warning. This game is a JOKE GAME. If you're expecting a big, quality adventure with 20 hours of gameplay, you won't find it here. This is just a fun,
quick game with intentionally bad circumstances. Also, there's quite a bit of swearing. You've been warned.

Tainy's Avenchur 2: Silver Edition

Meet Tainy, an 11-year-old kid with a dirty mouth and a hatred for the developer.

The world of Unikom has always been a strange place. At least, it has been for two years, since Soulrain took over.

Soulrain, the malicious, evil and... uh... malicious developer, attacked the world of Unikom. He made people live in caves, turned kids into slaves and even turned a whole village into a city of idiots. Taking up residence in an alternate land called Hell, he began to control Unikom as his plaything. This would continue until a group of people known as the Warriors of Time forces the gates of hell shut, and secured the door by creating four artifacts which serve as the keys to the gates of hell. Only the most determined can collect all four artifacts and enter.

Fast forward about two years, and Tainy is fed up with this lifestyle. His family, consisting only of his mother and sister, are about to leave for the United States. But Tainy refuses to leave Unikom behind in such a state. And thus, he decides that HE will be the one to collect all four artifacts and pass through the gate of hell, and finally uncover the truth behind Soulrain's tyranny.

(This game mixes the Default RTP graphics with custom NES-styled tiles.)

Tainy - Lived in Unikom his whole life. Just as his family is getting ready to move out of Unikom, he decieds to take one more strike at his enemy before leaving.

Thanenix - Sworn protector of Pahoehoe Volcano, the volcano just off of Route 38. He will stop at nothing to protect the boiling mountain, even if it means killing others! But, he might have a soft spot deep inside.

Elim - A robot created by Soulrain to guard the idiot-filled Opaque Town from reverting to it's non-idiotic state. He's programmed with intel on Tainy and knows his weaknesses.

Lazarus - Tainy's older-self given form. He took up residence in the Opus Monument and wasted no time turning it into a puzzle-filled dungeon! Sometimes though, he just wants to play some games.


Release date (2.0): October 20th, 2017

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I'm the creator of the Tainy character and I approve of this game. I haven't played the remake yet, but the original was pretty good, and the best in the TA series. I might be biased, I don't know, it's just cool seeing my character(s) in a video game that you can play. I would have made games like this long ago if I could actually use RPG Maker :/
"Someday I'll finish my game... someday.."
I really like this game. I've reviewed it a month or so ago, now that it's completed... I will download and play it again!
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Heya! Just wanted to let you know that the images in the summary are broken for me so I'm not sure if it's just my computer of if you lost/moved the images. Just wanted to give you a heads up! :)
Yeah, I'm aware, lol. Soulrain said he'll get around to fixing it sometime soon. We're both busy with our main projects right now and keep forgetting this game exists, haha
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