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Dead Space in RPGMaker

Now, I mention Dead Space in the title, but this is an RPGMaker game, not an over the shoulder shooter game. That said, this game is more akin to Alien Swarm if you've ever played that. It's a top down shooter and you aim and shoot with the mouse. You are not restricted to grid movement at all, and your character can face 8 directions instead of the usual 4. A pretty fancy system for an RPGMaker game to be honest. But this game suffers from one little problem straight from the outset.

You know you're in trouble when you are looking at this screen for over 20 seconds

The entire game, though playable, runs with low FPS. I tend to get this problem when developers go hard on the lights, and this game does indeed use lighting to great effect (at the cost of framerates).

So yes, lag was the biggest negative in this game for me. But how is the game itself? Story-wise, you can expect as much from a horror shooter game. Most of the story would have been through logs and such, but the demo wasn't really long enough for the story to get interesting.

However, this game likes to get really detailed when you check the dead bodies

I've already mentioned how the game plays, but you do get a fancy quest log like the one in Serious Sam. It displays your missions, as well as any weapons and/or monsters you encounter. Keeps thing simple and concise, and I don't have to look at walls of text or complicated menu navigation. However it is a bit unclear which button cancels and which button confirms, so stick to using your mouse.

One cool feature was that enemies follow you into other rooms, so you cant simply close the doors on them and actually have to fight. The game gives you enough ammo, but I didn't find any health kits. Your life bar is pretty big though, so you'll probably finish the demo before you deplete your HP.

Even if you dont die immediately to the aliens or whatever you'll probably be getting radiation sickness anyway

As I mentioned before, graphics look great thanks to the lighting. The character carries a flashlight the entire time, but the dark areas still spooked me a bit when some enemies crawled up on me before I noticed them. The creepy background music is pretty nice too. This game really sets the mood for a horror shooter. I'd actually recommend this game for sure, IF there wasn't the lag and the game was completed. As it currently is, though, it's just too short.

The demo was so short that I didnt mind being left with this inaccessible save point.