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Welcome to the remake of Haunting moon!
Personally the original didn't turn out as good as I wanted and instead ow tweaking it i did a full remake!

Follow the story of Andrew, a highschool freshmen being relentlessly hunted by malicious spirits. Team up with the reaper cause as you fight to close the rifts and prevent the takeover of earth by the lord of illusion. Will you be the hero or will you fail and let the dead rule the world? And even if you succeed can your life ever go back to normal? Some things can never be made right.

- Travel between the human world and the spirit world
- level system is replaced by reliance on player skill, strategy, equipment, and the rare stat boosting soul stones

Remake changes

- completely rewritten story
- rebalance and improved gameplay
- improved and enlarged levels
- revamped reaper zone

The current build is a demo. I realize that the first area is short but it is mostly meant as an intro. Because this is still a demo it may not be as polished and balanced as I would like. should you have any issues with bugs or unfair difficulty please let me know.

Latest Blog

Extended Demo

The Haunting Moon extended demo is now available.
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