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Small, Interesting Game with a Few Issues

The game is...different. It also had some very interesting and funny laughs...but ultimately, the lack of proper checkpoints and confusing/abrupt endings took away from the experience.

I liked the game, on the whole, however (hence the solid 3 star review) but I feel that the addition of check points aside from the first one (or a way to skip the cut scenes after you've seen them) would have made playing this MUCH more enjoyable. Instead of exploring and finding all the funny deaths, I was more trying to do things cut and dry, so as not to waste the last twenty minutes of progress.

The game was just slightly on the other side of the 'overstays its welcome' which is unfortunate. If the endings were a little more fleshed out, it might have made it a bit easier to swallow all the replays and wasted time...but they didn't give a satisfying conclusion to the game at all.

+Short (if you use the walk-through especially) game that can be completed in 10 minutes of about an hour and a half.
+Nice custom art. Actually, the artwork was my favorite thing about this game. Phenomenal artist.
+Game's mechanics are easy to understand, and it's quick to get back into trying again.

=Endings aren't that informative, and don't give a sense of closure.
=Few typos, but easily overlooked.

-Punishes exploration due to no check points. The deaths are funny, but not when you're about to finish up the game and have to go through everything all over again.
-Audio file ♩♫ Sad Piano Music ♪♬ - Solstice (Copyright and Royalty Free) is named incorrectly in the game folder. It lacks the musical notes, so when you are about to end the game, it crashes. Use the bolded name above to fix it before you play.

I liked the game, and think the dev did a good job crafting the events and sequences, but I feel the story needed a lot more fleshing out (especially the endings) to give a more satisfying play experience.