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Join young Sammy on her quest to find the four crystal keys and unlock the path to the treasure of Opaland!

After finding a dusty old map in her attic, Sammy travels to the mysterious island of Opaland to search for its fabled treasure. It won't be easy, however! The treasure is sealed behind four crystal locks, and the keys are scattered across the whole of the island. You and Sammy will have to search through over 60 unique maps to find the four keys. That's not all; Opaland is full of secrets and hidden areas. New partners will join your quest if you can find them. What will you discover?

This is small game made to explore RPG Maker's potential for open-world structure. There are no battles and no random encounters. Featuring all-original graphics and music by Mossworm. Completely g-rated and child friendly, "Sammy in Opaland" requires only mouse and z button to play and has minimal dialogue and text.

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30 downloads between here and gamejolt!

Hey, that's 30 more than I expected. Thanks everybody! -Mossworm

  • Completed
  • Mossworm
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Adventure
  • 09/23/2017 07:37 PM
  • 02/12/2019 09:27 PM
  • 09/18/2017
  • 11543
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Looks neat. Will there be a download soon?
This looks wonderful! Will there be a demo soon?
Wow, sorry dudes! I didn't notice that Sammy had been approved already! I put up a download link and as I haven't had a chance to test it yet there is also one on gamejolt in case this one doesn't work. Thanks for your interest!
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