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Exactly what you would expect

Review contains spoilers.

Kaiya in Wonderland by Its-Sweater-time is basically a short attempt to make 'Alice in Wonderland' in RPGMaker VXAce. There is custom character art but you will seeing them in the backdrop of your favorite tileset of all time.

Why, sir, you're in another RTP forest of course.

And this forest is where most of the game takes place. It's actually an adventure puzzle game not unlike pocket mirror, but don't worry, there is no horror, scares, or chases. It's very, very closely based on Alice in Wonderland.

The story is, as I already mentioned, pretty much the same as Alice in Wonderland, reader's digest version. You start out comatose in bed as shown below:

The only medicine you need is fashionable casual wear.

Something strange is that we don't really get introduced to any of the characters beforehand so we can't really feel the same confusion as the protagonist when he inexplicably sees his 'friends' as characters in the Wonderland. But what does get portrayed well are the wackjobs dwelling in said Wonderland. I assure you I was just as confused as the protagonist when I stumbled into Tea Time and pretty much everyone else after that.

As an adventure puzzle game, there are puzzles. Surprising, I know. I admit some of the puzzles in this game are not what I've typically seen before, so that's pretty interesting. But they weren't evented too well in my opinion. At one point there is an unexpected Ace Attorney minigame. Interesting...

OBJECTION! (Slams the table)

Unfortunately this minigame was actually designed to funnel you into a specific conclusion, I think. Initially I thought the minigame was glitched when I couldn't escape out of the item menu below, but now I think it's actually intentional. The way it's set up felt like there could be multiple paths but I only ever found one of them. Too bad.

Each time you try to cancel this menu, you get another copy of these items. Naturally, I had to take advantage of that.

So yes, basically if you download this game you get exactly what you would expect: Alice in RTP Wonderland made in RPGMaker, a very short adventure puzzle game. That's all.