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100+ Downloads on RMN! & I'm taking a small break

Hello everyone!

I can't believe it, Lullaby reached 100+ downloads here on rmn!
Thank you so so much for playing my game... I am honestly kind of speechless. It legit means the world to me!
To be honest, I never would have thought that so many people would download (and hopefully play!) my game.
It's a little hard to wrap my head around.

While Lulaby still is very much my baby and passion project, I have realized I have a lot to learn about game making still (which is to be expected, since this is my first attempt at making a game).
Everyone's feedback has been really helpful, and though it is still a little nerve-wracking, I appreciate your constructive criticism a lot.

I already know that I am going to be able to use a lot of the feedback given to me for any future projects!

Also, as far as I can tell, Lullaby is pretty well received(?) over on itch.io.

There, I have reached almost 80 downloads - which is amazing! - and there has been a lot of helpful feedback too.
(I even received two ratings, one of which came with a written review that made me tear up - in a positive way.)

I noticed that a lot of people (from what I've seen on itch.io at least) seem to have trouble with the font used in the game. So I decided to add in a little README text file and also put more details into the instructions that are shown before the intro, to avoid any confusion.
Hopfefully that will help.

I honestly can't thank you enough for all of your help and support!
I know I keep repeating myself, but it is true.

With that being said, I think I should take a step back and take a small break from the internet, at least when it concerns Lullaby.

Lullaby is a project that is deeply personal to me.
I always thought the best way for me to deal with past experiences is to channel them into creativity - which I did with my game.
So it makes me especially happy that Lullaby's story seems to resonate with a lot of people!

But I am noticing that I am starting to obsess over it.

I'm checking youtube, twitter, rmn and itch.io multiple times a day (which to some degree is probably normal when you publish a game) and it's always on my mind in some way, even if I am doing something unrelated.
I don't want it to get to the point of it affecting my mental health negatively, so I think I just need a little bit of distance for now.

It's not that big of a deal, but I just wanted to let you all know in case I miss something or don't answer messages.

And that's pretty much all I wanted to say.

Thanks for reading and as always, I hope you'll have an amaying day. Take care of yourselves.


Fixing bugs + Listening to criticism = Lullaby version 1.3

Hello everyone!

First of all: Thank you so much for the support I got!
It's only been a few days since I made Lullaby available for download, but already two people Let's Played it! That is amazing.
(Although they played earlier versions that are pretty buggy, so please keep that in mind in case you want to watch them.)
And as of the time I am writing this, Lullaby has been downloaded 86 times. Wow!

Seeing others playing my game is kind of unreal, but I am so happy it is generally well received.

Speaking of: I listened to the feedback I got and changed a few things.

While I do want the player to feel similiarliy confused and lost like Haru, I also recognize that I might have overdone it - namely with the school.

I think I got a bit too carried away while mapping. People have pointed out that the school is way too big, especially since you really don't do much in it until a bit later in the game. It might mislead players into thinking that they need to check every room in the school, when they don't (yet).

So I blocked part of the school off from exploration until the time is right/the story tells you to explore more.

Exploration is still the focus of the game, but that way it is hopefully a bit less frustrating and/or time consuming.

I also changed a few rooms around in the school, nothing too jarring.
It just seemed a waste that some of the rooms were not going to be seen because of me limiting the exploration a bit.

Also, I changed a bit of the flavour text and corrected a few inconsistencies. But again, nothing too noticable (probably).

(It kind of goes without saying that I fixed all the bugs that have been reported. There are probably going to be more :C)

Which makes Lullaby v. 1.3 the most recent version as of yet.

My next goal (concerning this game) is fixing the way the tint of a previous map lingers on even when you go to a new one.
Uncreative Media (Terry) gave me a good suggestion on how to do that, it's just going to be a bit more time-consuming, so I will get to it as soon as possible.

As always, thank you for reading!

I hope you'll have a fantastic day.


Lullaby Version 1.2 & My game was streamed! AAAH!

Hello again!

Thanks to UMTerry's stream (which was incredibly enjoyable), I found quite a few bugs still.
While a bit embarassing, it was incredibly helpful (and at times funny).

In this newest version, Lullaby v 1.2, all of those are fixed. Thank you, Terry!

It was such an amazing experience, seeing my game being played (and being enjoyed too!), I am so happy that I got to experience it.
And I am looking forward to (hopefully) experiencing it again.

As always, thank you for your support and your patience.

This has been a learning experience and so important for any future games I might make.

(Edit 22/05/2021: Fixed another gamebreaking bug someone pointed out, but decided to let it remain as Lullaby v 1.2 - the change was minimal so it didn't seem worth it to rename it.)


Lullaby Version 1.1

If you have already downloaded Lullaby, please make sure to download it again!
There is a game breaking bug in Version 1.0 (as expected rip xD).

The most recent version is Lullaby v 1.1!

Thanks to everyone who already downloaded the game and sorry for the inconvenience!


Lullaby is available for Download now!

I am so incredibly happy to announce that Lullaby is finished and available for download now!

I almost thought the day would never come - but here we are.
Hopefully you'll enjoy playing Lullaby! It's a little nerve-wracking to put something so close to my own heart out into the world - but critique is the best way to improve.

But first I have a few requests:

► Please install the font "Asparagus Sprouts" that is in the folder "Fonts2" before playing the game.

► If you plan to stream/let's play Lullaby, please send me the link, I would love to watch it!

► Hopefully I have fixed any and all bugs, but if you do find one, please let me know so I can fix it as soon as possible.

And that's it.

Thank you so much for your support! ♥
I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and improving as a game dev.

I'll (hopefully) see you next time!

Progress Report

LULLABY IS FINISHED (but still needs to be tested for bugs)

Hey there!

I’m incredibly happy to announce that the last bit of art that I was waiting for got finished yesterday.
Niwa did an amazing job, the character portraits look amazing!

I got so excited that I added all of the art to the game today - and that means Lullaby is completely finished!

Aaaaaah, I can’t express how excited I am right now!

To be honest, I really can’t believe it.
It’s been so long since I started developing this game and I put so much of my love and effort into this project.
It’s so surreal that I really did finish it.

Of course, I still have to playtest the game a ton and there are probably a lot of bugs still, but after that is done, it’s ready to be released into the world (like a rare and awkward animal).
On that note, a huge thank you to NeverSilent, who is testing the game for me (and also serves as moral support basically)!

In general, I can’t express enough how grateful I am for everyone’s support and interest in Lullaby.
I’ll update you all about the download as soon as I can.

As always, thank you so much for reading!

See you guys next time.

Progress Report

Progress Report: Cutscenes completely Done

Hello everyone!

This is just a very tiny progress report.

But first I want to thank you for the warm welcome I got when I posted on my blog after being completely absent for a year. It’s really good to hear that there are still people who are interested in my little project.
You guys are so very kind and I am happy to be a part of this community!

Okay, and now without further ado let me update you:

I am completely finished with eventing all the cutscenes in the game. Some of the characters don’t have their bust/character art finished yet - but niwa said she will probably be done with that in a couple of days, so that won’t be an issue for long. For now there are just text boxes without art.

Also I changed some sound effects and used different music for the intro and I think that improved it quite a bit. I also got done with the outro and the credit sequence!

Honestly at this point all I have to do (besides what I already mentioned) is put in some more flavour text for interactable objects (because I kinda let that slide while trying to get the main part of the game done) and test for bugs.

I’m honestly just so excited for this project to be finished soon, after all this time!

Granted, I have to resist the urge of redoing some things from the beginning of the game - because I would just never get done, it’d just be an endless cycle of doing and redoing.
I learned and grew alongside with the game, so my RPG Maker skills (mad skillz lol) have improved a lot in comparison to when I first started, but I just kind of have to accept that it’s not going to be perfect anyway.

Excuse the small rant.

Anyways, as always, thank you so much for reading!

See you guys next time.

Progress Report

I am back 3 - More Art - Progress Report? Kinda?

Hi there!

So, um. It's been amost exactly one year since I last posted an update on this blog. Wow.
Where has the time gone? It feels like I blinked and then - poof - one year just passed.

I don't really have any excuse other than that I had some IRL stuff going on and then time just got away from me. To be honest, it has been a hot minute since I last logged into my RMN account. I've been kinda lurking, but for the most part I just haven't really had the time to interact.

I really am so sorry it took me this long to get back into the swing of things and finally give you an update on Lullaby.
But! I have great news!

The game is still being worked on!

This project means the world to me - and I am going to finish this game, I promise. I am too stubborn not to.


So, I have a few updates:

I've written out the script/dialogue for the final cutscene of the game completely (I think I may have mentioned in my previous blog post that the gameplay part is already done? Yeah, it is).
I have also already started with the eventing of said cutscene: I put in NPC movement, I've been looking for music that fits the mood and I also started adding the missing art to dialogue textboxes.

Yeah, you heard right! I got some more art.

I finally have gotten some more character/bust art from Niwa. While she's still not finished (the bust art for three more people is still being worked on) this has already allowed me to progress a lot.

I also put in a feature (if you can call it that?) that allows you to check your current objective and what objectives you have already finished.

I polished some cutscenes I thought were already finished with some sound effects and other little tweaks that I like a lot better now.

Originally I thought I was totally finished with the mapping for the game, but I also had to make another map for the cutscene that I had completely forgotten about.

This is so exciting! I am so happy to be working on this project again, I feel so giddy, knowing it's almost finished and that I can finally, after all this time, show you my first little game.


For more tiny updates and pictures inbetween, please follow the "official" Lullaby twitter.
I really hope you guys are still interested in this game and will give it a try once it is finished.

As always, thank you for your patience, your kindness and for reading through my rambles.

See you next time!

Progress Report

Custom Character Sprites

Hello everyone!

Sorry for taking so long to post another update. But don't worry, I didn't disappear (again), I just took a small break while waiting for some assets for my game.

I comissioned WorldOnPixels (feel free to check them out!) for custom character sprites - and I am so soooo happy with them. They look amazing. Especially Haru, she looks adorable!

(Side note: I am also going to add new images with the new character sprites, but I am debating on wether or not I should keep the old ones, to show off the difference. Any thoughts?)

Currently, I am waiting on niwa to finish the character portraits.

I just figured that if I already implimented all the dialogue without pictures and then added the art afterwards, that would be way more work than just waiting and adding the character art right away.
Does that make sense? (I feel like I worded that wrong)

I mentioned it before but: I am completely finished with the "main" game (which is pretty damn short). I am done with the puzzles and I am currently going through everything to fix bugs and passability errors.

The "only" thing I have to do now, is do the end "cutscenes" - and I am really looking forward to that. It's going to be so much fun! And dramatic. And angsty.

To be honest, it's a little terrifying to put something that I put so much love into out there into the world.
But I think everyones first game is kinda wonky - and just because I put a lot of effort into it, doesn't mean that it's got criticism resistency.

Anyways, as always thank you so much for reading this and being interested in my game.

I hope you'll have a wonderful day.

Progress Report

Progress Report: Puzzles, Art & More

Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce that after working on the for about 3 weeks straight, I am completely done with the puzzles for my game!
Granted, they are probably very easy to solve, but I tried to make them at least a little interesting and I really hope they fit into the game's atmosphere. I really hope poeple will enjoy them.

Also, I've been in contact with niwa and she says she'll finish drawing the remaining character portraits as soon as possible (6 out of 12 are done, so 50%).

Here are a few examples of niwa's amazing art:

Speaking of art, I'm planning on comissioning for character sprites, as soon as I got my salary for the month.
I'm so pumped!

And I've also been in contact with Shisu about the "Soundtrack". So far we have 4 (Well 2 if you don't count "Atmospheric Horror Droning" as songs) original songs and I'd really love to have 2 more. (4 out of 6, that's 66 % done).

What I have to do now is finish up the final cutscene. After that is done, I also need to work out some passability errors and other bugs. I'm also trying to add more details to my maps and all in all make them more engaging.

But yeah, things have really been moving forward!

It seems like my new approach to making this game has really worked so far.

Ngl, I am incredibly happy about how things are progressing.

No matter if the game itself will be objectively good or not, from the bottom of my heart I hope you'll see how much love I poured into it.

As always, thank you so much for reading this.
Stay healthy and take care.

Until next time!
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