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The old version of Lullaby - Fanart? OMG!

So, I've been pretty obsessed busy with my game. And I'm having so much fun with writing the texts for objects that you can interact with and thinking about puzzles (which is actually really hard oh lordy).

But then, I found an old file on my mediafire account - called "Lullaby".

Oh. my. god.

After downloading it and opening it, I realized that it was a demo/sample I made at the beginning of developing the old version, cuz I wanted to show all my friends.
I know that I had made some changes and improvements after making this demo, but still, it kinda represents the game from back then.

And since I was curious (cuz hey, it's been 4/5 years and I wanted to know if it looked how I remembered) I began to play.

The title screen improved greatly (mostly thanks to niwa)

And it's bad. It's awful actually.

It may sound mean, but I'm kinda glad I didn't finish this and I lost it when my laptop broke.
Sure, it was my "first" first attemt (well, seeing how this is my second first attemt, I guess?) but dear God the mapping...

The crack in the wall is the only interesting thing in this empty room...

the dialogue...

Oh no, oh dear God no... A self insert with my real name?

and well... everything?

I wish I could

I'm glad I am starting over, with a few years more of writing experience, a better story, (hopefully) better maps and all the help from my friends and you guys. I want to make a good game that I can be proud of, even after years to come.

(If you want to play this atrocity, go ahead, here is the link: Lullaby)


Also, my best friend Sharry (she's amazing) drew fanart for this game??? Even tho it's not finished yet??? And it's so pretty?????!?!?!
I a m c r y i n g ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ! ! ! ? ! ! ? ? ?

She said, she's really hyped and can't wait to playtest (and let's play?) my game, so she drew this amazing picture for me:

This is incredible! Thank you Sharry, I love you boo!

You know, to be honest... fanart was always something amazing to me, because it means that the artist likes your creation and it inspired them to be creative as well!
Just imagining what people like Kouri (who made "Ib") and Fummy ("Witch's House") must feel like, having inspired so many people, having people draw so much beautiful fanart... it puts a smile on my face.

To be honest, even a small drawing with pencil would've meant the world to me.
Maybe (even though I doubt it) once my game is finished, other people will enjoy so much that they will want to draw fanart too?

I know it's not the most important thing... but the thought makes me happy.

Anyways, thanks for once again reading my little blog.

Until next time!


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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
It's always nice to see devs make fun of their old stuff because it shows that they've improved greatly

Congrats on the fanart aswell! It looks really sweet :D
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