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Progress Report: New Maps (Yay)

Hello again!

I’ve been slowly getting used to VX Ace again (it’s been way too long) and I re-mapped a few areas that, coming back after a few months of not looking at them, I realized were quite ugly.
In this blog post, I mainly want to show you some of the new maps (and compare them to the old ones.

If see a map/picture that looks atrocious/ugly/off/not logical to you and/or you wanna tell me what I could improve, I’d appreciate that A LOT!

First, I remapped the entire town.
When I playtested the game and walked through it, I got lost – and I am the one who MADE it. So I knew I had to change it.
It used to be way too big – it was seperated into three maps that were just plain chaotic and hard to navigate:

I screenshotted the three maps and compiled them into one picture

Now my town „only“ uses two maps, is easier to navigate and it’s not as big:

I’ll probably add more details to make it more realistic, but that’s the main layout and I am pretty happy with it.

Then, I changed some of the „settings“ in town.
I’m honestly surprised how many of my maps I am still satisfied with, but a few clearly had to be improved:

This is the old one, a common/recreational room and a kitchen in one map

This is the new version, I seperated the rooms. This is the new common room.

And this is the new kitchen.

On another note: I already made events for a few puzzles. I need to tweak them a bit, so they make narrative sense and I also want to add a few more.
To be completely honest: they won't be too complex. I love puzzle games, but I am not very good at thinking of any myself. I guess that comes with experience, but since this is my first try, I'll just attempt to do my best.

I’ve been in contact with Shisu and we will be working together to create more music. I know it’s pretty ambitious, but I want Lullaby to have an original soundtrack.

Slowly but surely, I am making progress.
I’ll probably slow down a little (I’ve been on sick leave for two weeks and I am going back to work today) but I am still super motivated – and I need to use that.

Thanks to everyone who welcomed me back so warmly. It really means a lot!

As awalys, thank you so much for reading.

Until next time!


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It's nice to see you revisiting the project and working and reworking the maps as well as getting practice in game mak :3
It's nice to see you revisiting the project and working and reworking the maps as well as getting practice in game mak :3

Thank you :3
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