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Fixing bugs + Listening to criticism = Lullaby version 1.3

Hello everyone!

First of all: Thank you so much for the support I got!
It's only been a few days since I made Lullaby available for download, but already two people Let's Played it! That is amazing.
(Although they played earlier versions that are pretty buggy, so please keep that in mind in case you want to watch them.)
And as of the time I am writing this, Lullaby has been downloaded 86 times. Wow!

Seeing others playing my game is kind of unreal, but I am so happy it is generally well received.

Speaking of: I listened to the feedback I got and changed a few things.

While I do want the player to feel similiarliy confused and lost like Haru, I also recognize that I might have overdone it - namely with the school.

I think I got a bit too carried away while mapping. People have pointed out that the school is way too big, especially since you really don't do much in it until a bit later in the game. It might mislead players into thinking that they need to check every room in the school, when they don't (yet).

So I blocked part of the school off from exploration until the time is right/the story tells you to explore more.

Exploration is still the focus of the game, but that way it is hopefully a bit less frustrating and/or time consuming.

I also changed a few rooms around in the school, nothing too jarring.
It just seemed a waste that some of the rooms were not going to be seen because of me limiting the exploration a bit.

Also, I changed a bit of the flavour text and corrected a few inconsistencies. But again, nothing too noticable (probably).

(It kind of goes without saying that I fixed all the bugs that have been reported. There are probably going to be more :C)

Which makes Lullaby v. 1.3 the most recent version as of yet.

My next goal (concerning this game) is fixing the way the tint of a previous map lingers on even when you go to a new one.
Uncreative Media (Terry) gave me a good suggestion on how to do that, it's just going to be a bit more time-consuming, so I will get to it as soon as possible.

As always, thank you for reading!

I hope you'll have a fantastic day.


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Happy to hear you're still working hard on improving the little things!

If you need any help / tips with the lightning, let me know ^^
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Glad to hear that you're working hard on polishing this game up ^_^!
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