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Kind of bad, kind of good news.

So. It's been well...more than a year, and no posts. At all. I really should've posted this blog 11 months ago but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Probably about 1 month after 1.1 of Abyss was released, I started to have...doubts, I guess you could say. I started second guessing everything I had ever made in this game. I realized that this game really didn't end up being what I wanted it to be. It just didn't live up to my expectations. So, as you might expect, I cancelled it, and never said anything. I really do regret cancelling it the way I did, and I should've just said something when I decided I was done with this game. Since then, I have worked on many games...all of which never got much progress, and none of which were ever even mentioned to anyone besides my friends. Since then, I have gone from VX Ace to 2003 and then finally going to MV where I have settled for about 4 or 5 months. After all this time I have been sitting back, and learning. Learning why certain games are fun. Since then, I have become, at least on my opinion, much better at making games. About 2 days ago (from the time of this blog) I started something...new. Something unique. Something that I've...never really properly attempted before. While I've always had ideas in my head to make something really cool, I didn't know how to fully realize those ideas until now. Now with the progress I have made, I can do exactly what I have always wanted to make. Whether that be art assets, pacing, writing, or just straight up coding, I can finally make my dream game.

This game will be much, much larger than Abyss could have ever hoped to be. It will be grand, at least to me. However, I can't say anything yet. It's still very, very early in development, because as stated, it started development 2 days ago. But I assure you that this game will be much better than Abyss ever was. I hope, to anyone who reads this, you excited to see what this new game is. I have nothing to say yet, but maybe my voice will be heard in the coming future. Who knows.

Thanks for reading,


A small break

Hello. So as you can probably tell by the title, I’m taking a short break from developing this game. This is because of 2 reasons.
1. The 1.0 update I had worked on quite hard, and for very long periods of time every day (like 8-10 hours consitlently everyday). This is because of the current state my computer is in at the moment. I had an issue when I first started working on the 1.0 update which stopped me from developing it at a normal pace. So I had to work for long periods of time when I fixed the issue because I wasn’t sure if the computer would break again before I could put out the update, this stressed me out quite a bit, and now I do need a break.
2. I’ve recently had an idea for another game I would like to develop while I take a break from abyss. I won’t reveal anything now, as the game may never be finished. So basically, while I’m taking a break from abyss I’m still going to work on their projects.
If you care about this gamem’s development, i hope you understand why I’m taking this break, and don’t worry it’s not being cancelled, I’ll be back around Christmas probably. Until then, expect some news on my side project. Mind you, if there are any major updates that need to be addressed (bugs, typos, etc.) I will patch those as I am notified of them.

Thank you for reading

Game Design

V1.1 Realesed!

An update for the 1.0 update, as there were a lot of typos (mainly to do with apostrophes) and a major bug with the font. If you play the game and a noticeably pixelated font is not what is shown in the game, please go into the fonts folder and install the font "AdvoCut". Not having this font shown makes the game quite buggy for certain dialogue boxes. Thanks to youtuber FlareBlitzed for pointing out these issues in part 1 of his lets play of the game! Please go check out his content as a thanks from me!
Fixes in update:
-Fixed some typos
-Removed Magic Water from shops (as I added it by accident)
-Fixed a musical transition for a secret area
-Did some clipping fixes to the environment
If you find any bugs, or want to comment on something about the game, please leave a post about it, and I will address or respond to as many as I can respectively!


Game is Finally Released!

The first version of the Abyss demo going up on RMN is now out! This version of the game is not the first version ever made. This is in fact the sixth update of the game, however, it is the biggest one yet!
Build Includes:
-Improved some graphics
-Most attacks now have unique animations, enemies included
-Added Hard Mode, a mode you should only play after you beat the main game (you need an iron will to complete this 100% be warned)!
-Redesigned the 2nd Boss's Sprite
-Fixed some typos
If you find any bugs, or want to comment on something about the game, please leave a post about it, and I will address or respond to as many as I can respectively!
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