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Kind of bad, kind of good news.

So. It's been well...more than a year, and no posts. At all. I really should've posted this blog 11 months ago but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Probably about 1 month after 1.1 of Abyss was released, I started to have...doubts, I guess you could say. I started second guessing everything I had ever made in this game. I realized that this game really didn't end up being what I wanted it to be. It just didn't live up to my expectations. So, as you might expect, I cancelled it, and never said anything. I really do regret cancelling it the way I did, and I should've just said something when I decided I was done with this game. Since then, I have worked on many games...all of which never got much progress, and none of which were ever even mentioned to anyone besides my friends. Since then, I have gone from VX Ace to 2003 and then finally going to MV where I have settled for about 4 or 5 months. After all this time I have been sitting back, and learning. Learning why certain games are fun. Since then, I have become, at least on my opinion, much better at making games. About 2 days ago (from the time of this blog) I started something...new. Something unique. Something that I've...never really properly attempted before. While I've always had ideas in my head to make something really cool, I didn't know how to fully realize those ideas until now. Now with the progress I have made, I can do exactly what I have always wanted to make. Whether that be art assets, pacing, writing, or just straight up coding, I can finally make my dream game.

This game will be much, much larger than Abyss could have ever hoped to be. It will be grand, at least to me. However, I can't say anything yet. It's still very, very early in development, because as stated, it started development 2 days ago. But I assure you that this game will be much better than Abyss ever was. I hope, to anyone who reads this, you excited to see what this new game is. I have nothing to say yet, but maybe my voice will be heard in the coming future. Who knows.

Thanks for reading,