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Has *some* potential. Maybe.

This game really feels pretty fresh as far as some of the aesthetics go, but it becomes stale pretty quick considering the repetitive nature of the battles.

There are SO many battles. Eventually I just switched the autorun option to on to escape the enemies, and the ones I couldn't escape from on the map, I'd just run from in battle. It worked 100% of the time. I didn't try running from the bosses though, so I was forced to grind more often than I think is necessary. The story is vague and became uninteresting almost immediately. But here comes my biggest criticism:

This game is clearly a rip-off of "Lisa: The Painful RPG." It may claim to be simply "inspired by," but it is clearly a knock-off without an 1/8th of the polish or uniqueness of the original. As it's own thing, "Abyss" is too shallow to warrant an extended amount of time spent in its game's universe.

I played for about 2 hours and gave up on the obtuse and uninteresting puzzles in the Spider Domain.

Spend some time differentiating your game from both the default settings of RPG Maker and from "Lisa: The Painful RPG" and this art style may become something really innovative.


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Hey, I thank you for the feedback, I'm not gonna try to argue the fact that the game definitely has a lot of stuff story wise that is extremely similar to LISA, as it is my favorite game, I did realize all of the stuff that seems way too similar to LISA and I've been working on a way to make the story more unique. Mind you, this is the demo, and the final game is currently in hiatus (possibly indefinite), but everything is subject to change in upcoming updates. As for the enemies, I'm definitely going to lower the amount of them, and Puke Zone definitely needs to have a lower difficulty. I assume the part that you think is the most ripped off is the parasites, which I can agree with you, they are quite similar to the joy mutants. This is why I want to focus more on the more mystical aspect of the story in the final game and why the game may be on an indefinite hiatus. I will say (not to try to sound upset or unnecessarily argumentative) that the rest of the game's script is much different than the first chapter. I hope that this doesn't make you hate every project I make from now on, and I hope to see you again in my next game.

Thanks for the review,
I also forgot to mention the vagueness of the story (oops!). The first chapter of the game in the demo intentionally doesn't have to much explanation to the story, but there will be much more depth in the 2nd chapter onward.
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