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Welcome to Lodoran, a world where pokemon live peacefully in towns and villages together. There are also humans and other assorted more feral creatures to be found here, but they're not particularly important... probably.

In this game, you are Jello Purin, a shiny jigglypuff who lives in the coastal town of Duh Town, north of Duh Valley. You're pretty good friends with most everyone here, except for the enigmatic prankster, Raiblu. What is it with that guy?
You live alone in a jigglypuff-shaped house at the edge of an ocean-facing cliff. Pretty nice oceanside property, isn't it?

One day in early spring however, everything changes.
An alien from another planet crash-lands in the woods.
His name is Kirby. Yes, that Kirby. He's rather small and is shaped like a friend.
Perhaps he could be your friend too?
While he may be preoccupied with returning to his home planet, who's to say you can't show him around the place?
Who knows? you might just learn something along the way...

Jello Purin: A shiny jigglypuff with not that much going on. She likes a good adventure now and then. Don't get her angry however...

Kirby Popopo: An alien from a faraway star. A little irratable, but too cute to stay mad at for long. It's probably worth helping the guy out.

Dotface Spotterton: this guy.... why is this guy even here? He's the weirdo brother of the seedot who runs the game corner. His actions make no sense.

Sparklet Silverjewel: Jello's best friend. He's a pikachu that underwent a strange transformation years ago for unknown reasons, and because of this, he is rendered in a somewhat dated manner. He's a bit of a daredevil.

Raiblu Azul: ...what exactly is this guy? A raichu? and azumarill? something in-between? It doesn't make any sense. One thing he definately is would be a troublemaker.

Now let's get onto the cool features!

In the valley of duh, there are four distinct seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Each chapter advances forwards a single month, allowing you eventually to enjoy all four of the seasons during the course of the story. Each season has new experiences waiting just around the corner...

While Jello likely isn't willing to admit it, she can have quite the temper problem at times. When Jello is in dire straits, she has been known to become consumed with an incredible rage. While in this state, she will attack on her own without thought nor care. This wears off after battle, thankfully.

Along your journey, you will find hats that allow Kirby to use abilities in battle! Beware that these hats can only be used a certain amount of times before they can be used no longer. They can be found in treasure bags and right after battle.

After every chapter, Jello will write an entry in her diary. Use this to keep track of what's happened so far!

Disclaimer: I do not own Kirby, Pokemon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, the ace attorney series, or any other game which is referenced in this game. This is the product of four years of high school. Play at your own risk.

Latest Blog

Bugfix update (for the stream update) is here!

Welcome to version 1.3!
This should fix all the gamebreaking bugs that version 1.2 had in chapter 2.
From this point on, I'm gonna only fix gamebreaking stuff for this game in particular. Later in the future there might be a remake in another engine (probably vxace), but major changes will not be made to this game for the sake of archival reasons.


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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
hOLy CrAp ThIs LoOkS cUtE
Is this an alternate universe where Pokémon live free from trainer slavery? XD
Is this an alternate universe where Pokémon live free from trainer slavery? XD

Sorta. The base setting is largely based upon the pokemon mystery dungeon one (most notably the good future after pmd2, due to there being humans present in non-pokemon form), though it is during a time where there is only one known mystery dungeon remaining, and it's not even a very difficult one either.
It's implied that pokemon training could become a trend in later years, but with at least some sort of hope of equality involved.
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Heyyyy, you're working on a new game! Am stoked to see what you can whip together. :D
Still a dumb and shy doggo
Congratz on completing the game! Now to download it :3
Nicee, congrats on the finished game! I've been looking forward to this, time to download :D

EDIT: Am I doing something wrong? Before I can leave the beginning area, the Raiblu encounter basically gives me a game over before the battle can even start!
Okay, what the heck, that's not supposed to happen. I'll see about uploading a patch tonight when I get off work. Please give as many details on how to replicate this issue so I can fix it. Thank you.

Edit: I found the bug. apparently I accidentally left the antimatter common event in the troop event for the first battle. uploading a patch now!
Sooo, there is this minigame thingie starting Winter. It tells me time's up before I can do anything on lvl 1, and on lvl 2 it says you didn't get all the balloons even if you did.

The second minigame's fine though.
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Hey hey! I intend to play and review the 1.3 version, now that it's out. Stay tuned, I'm excited to finally give this one a shot in the coming days. :3
Congrats on completing it! It looks like a pleasant little thing. I love the description.
I really enjoyed playing this, it was a lovely experience, despite the occasional glitch and the rather strange difficulty.
The difficulty is kinda chonky, I gotta admit. It was sorta back when I just sorta threw numbers at the wall and worked with what sticked, plus numerous hiatuses and adjusting for playtesters who wanted to grind to high levels for some weird reason and other stuff.
I'm glad you liked it though! :D
It looks really sweet and cute, if that's the right words for it. Congratulations though.
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