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Bugfix update (for the stream update) is here!

Welcome to version 1.3!
This should fix all the gamebreaking bugs that version 1.2 had in chapter 2.
From this point on, I'm gonna only fix gamebreaking stuff for this game in particular. Later in the future there might be a remake in another engine (probably vxace), but major changes will not be made to this game for the sake of archival reasons.


Bugfix update coming soon!

The event has ended and it turns out, a month is not long enough to fix everything! Enough to finish, but not necessarily enough to polish.

Thankfully, a great deal of you all have been kind enough to help me root out the typoes and errors that persisted with the release of this game. (shout-out to El WaKa for his incredibly thorough work! ObscureNeurosis, you're cool too.)

While I'm at it though, are there any small features that anyone would want added in? If any of the testers want, I can add in a pokemon for each of them in Crossing city. (Up to 4th gen, no legendaries, preferably can fit in a 24x32 size sprite)


It Has Begun!

Jello and the Valley of Duh is officially released and ready to be played!

Version 1.1 has been uploaded recently due to a bug in version 1.0 which prevented the player from continuing past the first battle.
Please play that one.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna collapse for a while. Don't wake me up unless there's another gamebreaking bug.


To be released... SOON!

I am thrilled to announce that Jello and the Valley of Duh is on track for release!

After like, ten years of off and on development, the day is finally arriving when this game will be complete. I can hardly wait to share this game with you all.

Mark your calendars for October 29th!


Playtesters wanted!

As you all may know, this game has been entered into the Release The Dead event this month. However, it has received only limited external testing in its many years of development. I will need all the help I can find to get this game up to snuff while still making the content for the final chapter.

Please pm me here or dm me on discord for details on becoming a playtester for this game!
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