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Fair Warning: This game is rated mature. It contains Blood, Violence, Strong Language, Suggestive themes, and non-sexual nudity. However it contains nothing above rated R, or M rated for video games.

Now on to the game.

-2852 A.D.-
Great technological strides have seen space flight a more common method of travel. In the inevitable exploration of other solar systems, humanity comes across a planet with intelligent life! What was more of a surprise is that they spoke English, and even though they were not human! They were organic robots who lived on a planet called Kaidia. Some were small, or human size, and even huge like giants.

The Kaidens explained that their world was similar to Earth in many ways, and they visited humble Earth during ancient times. The Kaidiens also spoke of a race known as Ravians. With the ability to turn into giant monsters, they had taken control of every planet the Kaidiens tried to colonize. Even Kaidia, itself, was governed by the Ravians.

Humanity did not understand why they did not fight back. The Kaidens did their best to assure them that the race was exceptionally powerful, and could survive the extremities of space itself. Humanity was curious, though. They needed to know for themselves what the Kaidens were up against.

The message sent was one of peace. The Ravians had other plans. Their monster forms were no match against Earth's defenses. Thus, Earth was also enslaved.

-2992 A.D.-
The almost century-and-a-half of Ravian enslavement have been harsh. However, there was now one faint glimmer of hope for both Earthlings and Kaidens. In secret, they have developed a program to allow humans to some what have control over the Kaidens that could stand toe-to-toe against the Ravians. The alliance, calling itself the World Freedom Force was also made, with the mission to train pilots, Human and Kaiden alike, to take down the oppressive Ravian reign.

-3012 A.D. Present-
The World Freedom Force is in full swing, and pilots alike. The battle for freedom begins in earnest!

Lecode's TBS

YEA Message System

I cannot remember the site I got the music, but if anyone notices where the tunes are from let me know.
DS+ Resource Pack

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Had to move this to MV because of GTBS glitches, and bugs

I am sorry for deciding this near the last minute, but I decided to move this game to RPG Maker MV, because GubiD's TBS has too may weird issues with skills, and a few things. So now I will use Lecode's TBS. Thank goodness I already had the DS+ graphics that needed to be resized already resized fro MV. I will upgrade the screen shots when I get a chance.