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Osteoblasts is a dungeon crawler RPG about skeletons, by skeletons and for skeletons.
If you are not undead it is highly recommended that you avoid this game.

In the game, you play as a spooky scary skeleton raised from the dead by a mysterious Cat Witch.
You get to chose a class and go on frightening adventures battling your nemesis - the Doggos - who unburied you from the depths below.

You'll accept quests, meet friendly skeletons, travel to spine-tingling dungeons and fight monsters to get stronger. The dungeons have several randomized elements that will change as you visit them again.

But beware - as a sinister skeleton wandering about, not everyone will behave welcoming to you. The dead aren't as welcome as they should and it's not even halloween yet.


  • Bone-rattling Timed Input-based Combat

  • Randomized loot affixes which change your skills when equipped

  • Spooky Scary Playable Skeletons

  • Replay value in the form of starting Class changing the story

  • Horrifying Gameboy Color inspired world graphics with full custom assets

  • A strategic take on party mechanics to better control who'll take damage in battle


As you fight the most hideous creatures, your timing is very important.
In combat you may cast Bone Magic which costs health (Bones) or perform Actions which are always counter-attacked when hit.
These Actions require Timed Inputs to be executed and it's possible to defend certain enemy attacks the same way.

To avoid being killed again in combat, players must activelly utilize their Armor bar, filled by skill usage, instead of passive damage reductions.

Refine your timing, mix and match abilities, exploit elemental weaknesses and switch party-member order on demand to decide who'll take damage on which turn, as only the first party member in the row will be targeted by enemies.


Beyond the layers of dust and spider webs around these horrendous dungeons, you'll find a large assortment of items with randomized properties. Whichever Action skills you have available in combat are defined by the items you have equipped at the time. The loot hunting never ends even after death.


Once you reveal your past to the everpresent narrator, you'll have the choice to play as one of seven different classes, each with its own unique Story progression.
Classes have their own pasts and reasons for having died in the first place, as well as end goals which will shape how progress is made throughout the world. Classes may be changed at a certain cost but their initial objectives shall forever remain the same.


The world has been consumed by Dust. There are no humans to be found anywhere, except for Dogs, Cats and some eerie strange beings. Many of the structures of the old world remain but their purposes were changed. It is up to this ragtag group of skeletons to figure out what happened and how to revert this, if that is to your chosing.


Osteoblasts is aimed to have complex character-building mechanics in a lighthearted adventure through a torn-apart world. As a project, it draws inspirations from several games such as Shin Megami Tensei series, Diablo series (and it's clones), Pokemon series while also borrowing mechanics from another project I work on, Virgo vs The Zodiac as well as the Roguelike and DRPG genres.

The most important aspects the game is being built to are:
  • Highly significant effects and skills, so turns never feel wasted and battles happen quickly, requiring thought to finish combat efficiently

  • More interactivity in combat by the means of Timed Inputs than most RPGs

  • A nice world to explore, with lots of rewards for doing so

  • Fun characters, being interacted with by the eyes of an often baseline RPG enemy unit (Skeletons!)

  • Some moments of rage-inducing difficulty

  • Lots of puns

Latest Blog

Some info on the Blast Battle System

As much as a post explaining some mechanics as well as looking for some feedback since I have the tendency to go a bit overboard with stuff that don't make sense, here's some more in-depth features of Osteoblasts' semi-homonymous Blast Battle System!

Unlike in life, Skeletons fight much differently in death. They don't measure their staying power with "health" or "life" but instead find some different uses for what most creatures utilyse for staying alive. Skeletons rely in their three meters Bones, Blood and Armor during combat.

Blood is a very important resource for skeletons, but they surely won't pass out if they run out of it, instead only being temporarily defeated if all of their Bones have been broken.

When using the battle command Blast, skeletons will be able to attack, defend or support allies with Blood-based skills. As their bones produce Blood internally when being hit by enemies or naturally through their Rest command, Blast actions will channel available Blood to deal damage, spending some of the total available.
It's very necessary to keep a track of available Blood in battle to perform more efficient Blasts. To increase maximum available Blood, skeletons must equip many different items or follow the path of the Bear Goddess.

To gain new Blasts, skeletons can also equip themselves with new items. Each weapon, shield and the two availabe Gadgets will grant terrifying skills to be used.

Casting Blasts isn't that simple, though. Players must press the right Directional Key before the timer runs out or the Blast won't have any effect.

For Defense, both skeletons and all foes rely on Armor.
Armor will take full damage instead of Bones if available, but each point of damage taken will reduce current Armor, which can then be increased up to its available maximum through Defensive skills in general. If no Armor is available, Bones will be damaged instead. Skeletons can't move around if they have no more available Bones.

Whenever anyone in combat is hit, they won't just shrug it off as well. All battlers counter-attack immediately when struck. Counter-attack damage will depend on the remaining Armor the defender has remaining. Cautiously removing enemy Armor through several means is very important to not fall through a powerful counter-attack.

But more importantly, skeletons are very adept at casting Bone Magic.
Bone Magic will damage enemies based on the skeleton's remaining Bones. If they took too much damage, their magic won't have enough Bones to challenge the elements through and their power will be reduced.
Skeletons must be very careful as all Bone Magic will also spend some Bones to be cast, but their effects cannot be counter-attacked by any means, making them the perfect "opener" skills.

Much like Blood, Bones are also recovered through the Rest command. Resting also puts the user at the back row, protecting them from being targeted by enemies, but not from counter-attacks. Only one skeleton may be in the frontmost row at once, ensuring that players can control who's tanking damage very efficiently and visually.

Controlling stats which dynamically change in battle is very important to succeed both offensively and defensively.

And that's basically it for the game's battle system! I'd be very grateful for any feedback on it as I work on a playtest-ready version for the game!
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Thank you! Hope you enjoy when it's released!

Lol Osteoblasts is a medical term

This is exactly why I named it this way. I was looking at the skeleton page on wikipedia and came across to this term which made everything come together.
The title drew me in because I have a bone spell with the same name. Now I´m staying because of how good this bone game looks. Subbed.
The title drew me in because I have a bone spell with the same name. Now I´m staying because of how good this bone game looks. Subbed.

Oh man that's awesome! What does the spell do?
And thanks!

This looks dope

Thank you! :D
It´s just a simple damage move that costs HP instead of MP. If you ever play the game, pick the carbon element at the start.

Any idea when this will be done?
Is this good or is this good?!
It´s just a simple damage move that costs HP instead of MP. If you ever play the game, pick the carbon element at the start.

I'll check it out! Seems fun from what I've seen :D
Any idea when this will be done?

My goal would be to release it by next Halloween if I get the time, but no promises~

Is this good or is this good?!

Thank you! I might say it's a
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