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The first in any incorporeal step is to rise and become cognizant of your own desires. All walks of life must adhere to this simple concept. Resistance to such is to follow what is laid out before you, progressing infinitely through kalpas created over nonsensical dreamstates. How? Because all paths are laid out regardless of prior choice. The most difficult area in this regard is to accept this as an absolute, and move forward with what is necessary. Defiance is not optional. You only have a single directive – comply.

Geiken is a mystery/philosophical adventure set in a fantasy/sci-fi world, inspired by games from the Legend of Zelda, Elder Scrolls, and Fallout series. The focus is on the writing and storytelling, covering themes of identity, apotheosis, and the pursuit of happiness. Decisions can be made that alter the course of the narrative and the landscape of the finale. There are six different endings that occur based on prior choices.

- A 20-30 hour main storyline spread across 10 quests and six different endings.
- A quest journal system.
- An in-game compass that points to your current objective. Can be turned on and off.
- Combat is ABS, meaning you fight on the map. Companions are also able to fight alongside you.
- 30+ optional dungeons.
- 20+ side quests.
- 100+ unique weapons, armor, and items, all with different abilities and stats.
- Many readable, in-game books that expand on the lore.
- Open world gameplay.

Futile as it always was, the man slapped away the sand embedded in his black hair as he pushed his way inside the beaten house. Between the arid outdoors and the decrepit confines of his home hung a single curtain, the purpose of which was not to keep intruders from raiding what little he had but to at least keep the dirt away from his bed. But as he glanced forward into the interior, it seemed that perhaps he required something to fulfill both purposes after all.

“You’ve been visiting the spring a lot recently, haven’t you?” the intruder spoke with what the man surmised to be a female’s voice. It was the only description of this person’s character he could muster, as she was covered from head to toe in cloth and robes. Typical garb for those who dwelt in the desert.

He didn’t answer at first. As night descended upon the vast hills of the sand-filled wasteland outside, lighting his sanctuary took priority. The hooded interloper watched quietly as he meandered around, igniting the candles strewn about.

“I suppose light is important to a man with one eye,” she said. “Always wanting to keep everything as bright as possible to compensate for the unwanted darkness.”

“Your clothes. How did you get them?” the man finally responded, his eyepatch facing her as he lit another wick.

“’How’, not ‘where’, hm? You’re implying that I did something illicit to get these.”

No response.

“They’re mine. Which means, to you, that I’m from here,” she continued. “I believe we’ve already established a line of trust from our correspondences. Or did something change?”

The man stayed silent for a few moments before making eye contact, or as much of it as he could tell given that her face was obscured. He sat down and lit the final candle upon the table they were now both sitting at.

“So you’ve brought the package, then.”


“Then why are we talking?”

“Because I’m going to tell you how to get it yourself.”

The man opened his mouth in rebuttal, but soon after closed it. He didn’t know how to respond, or if he even wanted to. There was a certain confidence in the way this person conducted herself, and to him, it was slightly unnerving. He leaned back.

“Alright then. Tell me.”

“I plan to. But first you must answer a question,” she said.

His eye twitched.

“I’d rather not be messed around with…”

“Neither would I, which is why I would have you answer this for me. Consider it a test, if you will, to ensure that I’m not just handing something that valuable to an invalid.”

The chair creaked as the man placed his hand on one of the chair’s arms and tapped his forefinger against the wood. With a few seconds of deliberation, he finally nodded to allow her to continue.

“Good. Then…” she started. “If you are successful in accosting this item, how do you and your winged friend plan on using it?”

To him this was as forward and simplistic as a question could get. What bothered him, however, was how she knew of his connection to the Prime Minister. But it was negligible; she managed to find him in the middle of nowhere, after all.

“You’re aware that the capital has closed its doors to all outsiders, yes?” he asked.


“And you’re aware of the growing number of anomalies that have cropped up over the past few years?”

“…What counts as anomalous, I think, is a matter of perspective… but sure, I know what you’re referring to.”

He leaned forward.

“We are under the belief that the two are connected.”

The intruder sat quiet for a while, seemingly waiting for the man to continue. Upon seeing that he wasn’t, though, she couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

“As if that idea was new,” she chuckled. “So I take it you’re going to do something about it?”

“If this ‘package’ is as miraculous as you say it is, then yes, we plan on moving forward on this supposition.”

The hooded woman nodded before slowly standing.

“The package is going to be delivered to a man named Vincent. While his goals are different, he has a similar sense of altruism. And in case you have any ideas of intercepting the transaction before it reaches him, I’ve already arranged a meeting so that I may hand it to him directly.” She walked toward the curtain. “Your job should just be taking it from him.”

“You’re playing a strange game, lady,” the man with the eyepatch stated. “It sounds as if you’re trying to get us to kill each other.”

The woman did not answer this. A minute passed as she held the curtain open to survey the outside.

“Can I ask where it is you’ll be meeting?”

“Hmf. So you can ambush us?” she asked.

“Based on your replies I’m inferring that you know of my extended information network. It would be embarrassing for you to try to meet in secret only to have one of my people discover it immediately. So I’m giving you a heads up, if you really want this… experiment to succeed.”

“Not sure if I should be taking that as a threat or just old-fashioned generosity,” she mused. “It’ll be on an abandoned island to the north. I won’t say anything more than that. You shouldn’t have anyone there given how little you appreciate attention.”

The man smirked. So she did think this out, he thought.

“Well, then, I guess it goes without saying that you should be careful of the anomalies I’ve mentioned. It’s likely they fester more in places with less occupants.”

Beneath her hood she offered a confident smile as her eyes scanned the desert. “Then I’ll offer the same advice.”

The Protagonist: You play as one of the anomalies that have emerged in recent days. This character's personality is defined by your input, and others will react based on that. They will also live or die based on that. It is up to you to decide whether or not something should exist, and whether or not the answer lies in compliance of the path set before you, or defiance with the goal of creating your own.

The Companion: Otherwise known as Mira, this character has lived on the beginning island all her life, seeking nothing more or less than what she has already. However, like many around her, she has begun to notice the subtle changes in the atmosphere of the world you will inhabit. It is through an innocent exchange between you and Mira that sets you on a course for answers.

The Pawn: Otherwise known as Jack, this character once served as a valiant knight in service of his country until he led his entire unit of soldiers to slaughter. Upon converging paths with you and Mira, he seeks to redeem himself under your servitude.

Heather: A kindly, aging woman traveling the land and aiding all those who are suffering. She fancies the color red, hates the color purple, and is very interested in seeing the world become a better place.

Created and Written by:




"An Upsetting Theme", "Bicycle", "Come Play with Me", "Decisions", "Inexorable", "Interloper", "Juniper", "Mesmerize", "Peace of Mind", "Private Reflection", "Stormfront", "String Impromptu Number 1", "The Descent", "Foundry"
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Sprite Generation




Insane Anti Lag - TheoAllen
Disable Dash - IXFURU
Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid v3 - http://falcaorgss.wordpress.com/
Quest Journal -modern algebra (rmrk.net) - http://rmrk.net/index.php/topic,45127.0.html
CSCA Light Effects - Casper Gaming (http://www.caspergaming.com/)
Yami Script Ace - Overlay Mapping - Hanzo Kimura
Multiple Fogs - Woratana (port by Necromus)
Fix for Yami's Overlay Mapping script - Sixth
TSDA Book System - thiago_d_d
Skip Title Screen - JV Master Script
Position Choice Window - Lament
Remove Inventory - Xypher


Extra Graphics


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This game went way, way longer than I first thought.

I'm currently up to where you first get the 'base', and it took me 2-3 days to get this far. The game is vast. I'd say it's basically a hybrid of the Fallout series and the Zelda series. Like, an open world ARPG with a larger focus on story and heaps of characters. That said, though, the story is all over the place. It gets progressively more convoluted and ridiculous that you can easily get mindf@cked. I admit the game page description is extremely vague and that might be why people arent checking this out, but it's a huge full length game that I still haven't gotten even close to the end of. Some of the downsides of this game include being limited to only RTP/generator characters, use of sample maps later on, the erratic difficulty that tends towards the easy side (to encourage exploration, which I suppose is a good thing). But one other thing is the AI glitch where I can shoot them from just offscreen where their AI is dormant but they can still be hit. Made the giant dragons and spiders extremely easy to beat.

I'll add another comment once I get to an end. One of the endings, I suppose but for a game of this length, having multiple endings is, well, interesting and reminds me again of Fallout. All in all I can't believe this game is as big as it is.

Thank you for playing it as far as you have. I'll be interested to see if your opinion on the story changes at all once you reach the end. As for the RTP and such, nothing I can really do there since I'm not an artist and I don't plan on hiring one since this is a non-commercial game.

I'll look into the AI bug, though, thanks for pointing that out.
Alright, I finally finished it. Got ending 1/6, which i'm guessing is the standard 'normal' end that ppl typcally get from being a regular nice guy. Unfortunately, this also means that I didn't get all the answers to all the questions in the game, which is too bad. Tried saving as many people as possible, but it would appear that letting some live ends up causing others to die. Not to mention the whole geiken thing.

Like I said this was a huge game, felt alot like a fallout game story-wise, but also plays like zelda since it's an ARPG. The game world and scope is enormous. The game time is way to long for me to start over and try seeing other endings, so maybe someone else will do that. Game play is on the easy side, you have an instant full restore with low cooldown on you from the beginning, and I got the most OP equipment in the game that made me basically unkillable. Oh, also, like fallout 4, you can be a massively sarcastic douche at many points in the game. It's hilarious and I almost regret not going that route. Like when someone told me to be careful or something:
I can die?
Point taken.

Anyway I'm glad I comb the entire site and not just go off the front page, there's all kinds of games and you never know what your gonna get.

Thank you so much for taking the time to play Geiken all the way to the end. Your feedback means a lot. I'm glad you enjoyed what you played!
I was able to play this on its early stages! It was a very fun game! ^_^

Can't believe it was finished already!! :O And it's looking amazing, Orgaya! ^_^ Downloaded it already to my library of cool RPGs !! :D
Hi. I've been playing this game for perhaps an hour or two, and I'm probably going to drive myself crazy trying to complete all the side quests. Is there any chance you have maps or anything of use for some of the areas? Currently, I'm trying to find the Grenarian Cavern, and I just cannot seem to find it. I might be being stupid, and I'm sorry if this is bothersome, but I can't seem to force myself to progress without completing side quests. They are going to haunt me from the directory menu every second of the rest of my playthrough.
Heard we got similar games in terms of length and setting, so I'm gonna check it out.

Also, we got the same guy, bicfarmer, making the first post on our page... I think we're the same person. O_O

Most likely.
I'd love to leave a review but it would be incomplete: I've been playing it over the past few days and I've loved everything from the Zelda-like combat to TES-like lore and interaction but I'm dead-ended at
the lightbridge in Whitewater Cavern after you pick up Mari and Heldon. This may be partially down to me sucking and maybe my keys sticking (though I tried two different ones so that's iffy), but I've also had lag in areas with atmospheric effects, most notably the desert with the sandstorms and parts of Snowtop as well as certain dungeons with fog/mist. Whitewater, unfortunately, has fog/mist; while the lag hadn't previously deterred me it's making this lightbridge impossible. I've spent an hour+ on it but no dice.

I'm honestly intrigued by this color-based mythology you've got going and I want to see what results from my decisions and which characters survive/get their comeuppance but man, this is killing me. Unless there's some trick to it (which I'm assuming is not the case) I have to accept that unless I decide to bash my head against it in the future I'll never actually finish this game. Which is a pity, not to mention embarrassing, since it's not a battle or a puzzle that stonewalled me but a basic mechanic and my admittedly-ancient laptop.

... But at least what I could play was awesome!

Thank you for playing my game and leaving such kind words! I'm glad you are enjoying everything. If you want, you can send me your save and I can get you past the bridges so you can continue on. I'd love to hear what you think of the rest!
Will do, and it's amazing of you to offer; I'd love to be able to leave a real post-completion review because this game definitely deserves one!

At least I finally got around to making an account, so silver lining... ?
I'm so excited about the sequel announcement but had to scroll past it very quickly to prevent accidental spoilers because I haven't finished the first game yet (get on it, me!). Aside from my usual lack of time though, I have a couple of... questions? Bugs?

- I'm trying to find Lerrick so I can finish rounding up the optional companions and I'm mostly sure he's Karen's second-in-command (could be wrong?) so I went into Cranial Bay from Snowtop but the formerly inhabited cave was empty. I reloaded my last save (just inside Cranial Bay) and exited but the screen went black except for the white Castle Bedchamber location text. I could move around but the screen remained black; I could open my menu so I used the Recall Stone and returned to the Late Autumn, which was also blacked out. I could talk to Heldon and move around the map but the ship sprite was now invisible; I could enter locations but Peren's sprite was invisible. Fortunately I had a recent save from before I entered Cranial Bay but I'm now assuming I'm not supposed to go back in?

- Does the pyramid-shaped dungeon in the East Desert seal up after you beat it? I'm missing one Green Key so I checked the maps in the guide; unfortunately I don't remember if I went through the pyramid (this one's on me) and there's currently no way inside.

I've been compiling stuff over my playthrough for my full review but the above seemed worth asking since they're basically the final obstacles before I start the last quest. Peren is lvl 50+ now so I was thinking about trying to finish the game anyway; I've got a good number of Emblems, though not the ones that complement my most-used party. I've been all over the maps and I'm getting antsy for the finale!
Finished my first playthrough and am working on getting my review into readable shape! One last question before that, though: Is there a New Game+ or is starting a new game after seeing an ending a completely fresh start? The statue in the first dungeon makes me think that there's something...

There is a "cheat room", but it's hidden away. I'll PM you the details.
My laptop finally gave up the ghost, so to speak, so I dug out a probably-as-ancient desktop and am back online! I did manage to grab my Geiken saves so my quest to get all the endings continues; hopefully I'll be able to do the lightbridge bit on my own this time.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that my review is submitted and pending! I don't know much about the dev side of games so it's from the POV of your average clueless end-user, but hopefully I didn't mangle my thoughts too badly.

Also, now that I got an ending, I can officially say that I'm anticipating the sequel, and the horse from that one vision makes (slightly) more sense.
how to save everyone you can early in like mira does it revolve around the item you chose
how to save everyone you can early in like mira does it revolve around the item you chose

Apologies for the very late reply.

SPOILER - Mira can be saved by choosing to not kill the fire sprite, but she is removed for a large chunk of the game regardless. As for everyone else, it depends on the choices you make. Was there anyone in particular you were looking to save? - END SPOILER
when i start the game i get the message : bieng states is missing and game aborts
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