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Progress Report/Changes

  • XBuster
  • 06/21/2018 12:48 AM
Hello everyone, I'm back with another update! In this one I'll be briefly discussing some of the content that has been added this time around. I am proud to say, that the game is going very smoothly. So much in fact that I'm not worried about the game's length and some other aspects as I was months prior. With that said, let's jump in shall we?

Without going into too much detail, here is a list of things that are in the works as well as things that are complete.

  • Slightly increased boss difficulty

  • Updated Asha Special:Shooting Star

  • Elephant Form Special:Big Charge

  • Area in development: Floatia City/Falls

  • Area in development:Estafan Canyon

  • Area in development:Rapadagna Coast

  • Area in development:Sunken Tower

  • Area Expansion:Moonflower Graveyard

  • Area in development: Thunderspark Marsh

  • Fixed power scaling

  • Complete upgrade list(at least for now)

  • Over 40 complete realms(formerly known as puzzles)

  • Complete fast travel system

  • Some altered/expanded maps

  • Queen Special: Fan Typhoon

  • Heavily updated quest log

  • Heavily updated ability log

  • Tweaked Monster AI and HP

  • New cut scenes in the works

  • New skill: Retribution

  • New skill:Heart Link

  • New skill:Penny Pincher

  • New skill:Pit Riser Plus

  • New skill:Tertiary Vitality

  • New skill:Team Attack

  • New Mission:Instant annihilation

  • New Mission: Survive until the end

  • Complete Quest:Queen’s Request

  • Complete Quest:Wonder Chef

  • Complete Quest:Lost Cattle

  • Complete Quest:Pepelogoo Panic

  • Complete Quest:Gold Gatherer

  • Complete Quest:Skill Master

  • Complete Quest:Popful Mail

  • Complete Quest:Phia’s Blessings

  • Complete Quest:Book Hunt

  • Complete Quest:Lost Father

  • Complete Quest:Strongest Warrior

  • New Easter eggs

  • 3 new guest characters

  • Some skills require you to unlock them via level up or other method

  • New NPC:The Pepelogoo Girl:Pepai

  • You now lose 500 gold and gems instead of 100 at game over. But <Penny Pincher> cuts in half

Game Completion Percentage

In total, I can say that the game is about 70% complete. Most areas are complete, the skill grid is basically finished, and 95% of the game's systems are complete. Quests and scenes are in development and when all that is rounded up, then comes the polish phase as well as implementation of optional Easter eggs, mini games, and things of that nature. I look forward to uploading another playable build as well as the complete version in the very near future.

Tie In

The last thing I want to discuss is this game's connection with another project I'm working on. To make things clear, the game does tie in to Monster World Legends in several ways. How that is so will be revealed later on as things begin to get near the end of the development cycle, but I do want to ask something.

For those who have created one of the core characters, do you mind if I use them once again for this project? They won't be playable this time around because the playable cast of characters/forms is already large and they have their own adventure as it is, but they will play a role in the story in some way, shape, or form; whether it be post game or as a side quest.

With that said, that is all for now. Until next time!