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Updates/Upcoming Demo

  • XBuster
  • 08/20/2018 02:54 AM
Hello all, I'm back with another wave of updates regarding the project. I'll try to make this as brief as possible because we have a new demo coming up very soon and I'd like to discuss that. Without further ado, let's get started shall we?

Here is a list of main points that have been touched on since the last update. Not every one will be listed as some are secret and others will be discussed regarding the demo. But before that, first things first. The title has changed from Arabic Aperture to Dream Fantasia.

Why change the subtitle?

This was done because I felt the name would cause some sort of controversy down the road and the subtitle didn't exactly reflect the project as a whole any longer. The name itself hearkens all the way back to the project I first released here formerly known as "Fantasia: Rise of a Legend".

For those who remember, Fantasia was going to be a crossover platformer featuring several characters from different platformers; usually outside of Nintendo's. This game is essentially a Monster World 4 sequel at the very core as it has always been my dream to direct and make it in any way possible(even if it is a fan game). But also, the game is a Shantae crossover into Monster World as well as a crossover featuring other characters from similar games such as Popful Mail, Magical Pop'n and other unique games of the 16 bit era.

Before Fantasia however, I had several failed platformer game attempts that never got released or archived due to the lack of experience and quality. These projects included things such as...

  • An Alex Kidd sequel

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 5

  • A Super Mario Land remake

  • A Popful Mail game

  • A cancelled and deleted Mega Man fan game

  • Ninja Legacy(which was what Fantasia used to be called)

  • Many others

The tile "Dream Fantasia" was chosen because it is a fantasy exploring all of those lost dreams and ideas all in one(with the exception of one or two). Not only that, but it mixes in the new dreams and ones that haven't yet perished.


  • Character select screen remake

  • Equipment system added

  • Shantae sprites shifted

  • Princess can now bounce off of the floor with her sword once

  • Updated Menu systems

  • Shantae dance mini game

  • New Difficulty Mode: Evil: Instantly defeats a single ally

  • New Difficulty Mode: Hero: Instantly defeats all in a single blow

  • New NPCs

  • Several save files

  • Droppable Potion

  • Updated data menu

  • Trophy item has been removed for the master medallion: This is what opens all the worlds

  • Princess new ability: Magical Fire

  • Princess new ability: Magical Beam

  • Princess special name change: Magical Burst

  • Princess ability: Magic Shift: Hold up or down to change magic. Magical beam is default

  • Princess HUD: Magic Meter

  • Updated save system

  • Action Talisman now increases Princess magic max

  • Princess voice implemented

  • Status screen display fixed

  • Updated menu effect( tab slide)

  • Shantae Back Dash

  • New HUD style: Border

  • Subtitle change: Dream Fantasia

  • Asha can now equip different shields

  • The 4 spirits now grant Shantae magic in this world

  • Training Mode: You can now go back to that area any time you wish

  • Asha shoots arrows a bit faster

  • Movie Mode HUD style

Demo Information

The last demo was released sometime in February of this year. That demo included the following..

  • Playable Character:Asha

  • Playable Character:Shantae

  • Playable Form:Monkey

  • Area:Pepelogoo Forest

  • Area:Pepelogoo Plains

  • Area:Moonflower Hollow

  • Area:Moonflower Dungeon

  • Boss:Oomukade (Millipede)

To keep you informed, some of the areas above have been expanded upon and are currently underway of another. Due to this, they will not be available for this demo.

The new demo that will be released has the following...

  • Guest Character System

  • Playable Character:Asha

  • Playable Character:Shantae

  • Playable Character:Princess

  • Playable Character:Popful Mail

  • Playable Character:Queen Purapril XIII

  • Playable Charcter:???

  • Playable Form:Elephant

  • Dungeon:Crumble Crypt

  • Area:Starlight Park Sneak Peek(includes 3 realms only)

  • Area:???(includes 4 realms)

  • Boss:Arachna

  • Bond System

  • Brand new abilities

  • Talisman System

  • Blessing System

  • Better save system

  • Lots of new settings

  • HUD style external customization

  • 3 new difficulty modes(Easy,Evil,and Hero)

Closing Words

As for the question marks, you'll have to play the demo yourself to find out. This was specifically made for a certain event, but will be given out ahead of time to experience for yourselves. I hope you all enjoy the game and no bugs and all present themselves.

Just in case however, I'll be adding a tester/buglist page for everyone both tester and non-tester to post on. If an error pops up, it will create a text file in the game's directory with the error written within it. If these happen, please post them there.

For the HUD style customization, be sure to look at the DLC page that is available for the game. It will explain how it works and you can actually import a style when you get to the options screen. The game will come with a HUD style pack explaining everything as well as a pack of HUD styles from several games.

Many other features will be available as time goes on such as costumes, sound mods, and sprite mods. I can't think of anything else I would like to discuss at the moment, so I'm going to cut this off here. It has been fun developing the game so far and I look forward to the day it is completed.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next demo, as it will most likely be available in the next 24 hours or so(maybe less).Until next time!