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New Updates

  • XBuster
  • 11/13/2018 06:20 PM
Hi all! Just popped in for a bit to give you updates on everything that has been done recently. The updates will be split into four categories; major,minor, milestones, and wish list. With that said, lets' get started!

Major Updates

  • Bosses are now able to have win quotes when you are defeated

  • New Battle Result System

  • You now earn combo points even after being damaged. Now all your hard combo work won’t be erased!

  • 2 new bosses

  • New Area:Icicle Island

  • New Area:Aegis Sea

  • Asha gained two elemental weapons

  • Shantae can now use wind,ice, and electric magic

  • Shantae can now charge magic and store it

  • Solo events are now possible!

  • Enhanced Performance

Minor Updates

  • Improved money and exp coding

  • New Gimmick: Rolling Log(can also be another platform)

  • New Gimmick:Bounce Wheel

  • New Enemy: Butterfly(Popful Mail)

  • New Enemy AI: Avoid

  • New Gimmick: Wrench Call

  • New Hazard:Sensor Bomb

  • New Hazard: Ice gas

  • New Gimmick: Ice Vase

  • New Gimmick: Melt Platform

  • New Talisman:Regenerate

  • Updated Bond Ability:Talismania

  • Updated Boss Battle:Millipede

  • Shantae can now create ice cubes when ice magic contacts water

  • You can now control some types of platforms with NPC events

  • Shantae Bat Call

  • New Gimmick:Launch Platform

  • New Gimmick:Yoku Block

  • New Gimmick: Wonder Block

  • New Realm:Blast Highway

  • New Realm:Wonder Block Road

  • New Realm:Bat Blast

  • New Realm:Night Citadel

  • New Realm:Carpet Cruise

  • New Bond: Silent Step(Makes it so that bombs won’t sense you)

  • Sense Coin

  • Super Speed Gimmick:Hot and Cold

  • New Mission:Jump Ban

  • New Gimmick:Sky Control

  • If you enter a realm and a party member is KO’d, they will automatically revive with 1 HP.


  • Over 60 realms are finished

  • 90 of 100 life drops are placed

  • Over 500 scripts implemented

  • Over 500 rooms created

  • Over 60 monsters with various AI

  • 9 of 10 main worlds are complete

  • Over 30 bond skills implemented

  • Over 50 gimmicks/platform types implemented

  • About 80%~85% content is finished

Wish List

  • Ability to equip more than one bond at once

  • Party Battle Events

  • Battle Colosseum

I believe that is all for this update. I may or may not have forgotten something, but I'll be sure to update it if it calls for it. Until next time!