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Update and a new guest

  • XBuster
  • 02/03/2019 10:53 PM
Hello all! Today, I have a slight update for you all. There are many things going on under wraps right now regarding the project, but I believe it is time to reveal a handful of them. With that said, let's get started!

New Title Screen Update

The first and smallest thing I'd like to discuss is the updated title screen image. This will also be posted on the site afterwards. The new screen is somewhat inspired by the Final Fantasy title screens in which there is a white background mixed with images of something in the background; usually in a gradient-like form.

Villain Design Reveal

As promised a while back, I wanted to do a villain design reveal. After going through several designs, I finally decided to go with the one that resembles the four wizards from Monster World 4, but add new details here and there.

I decided to go ahead and name her "Sahirat" as the English to Arabic translation to "Witch" is "Sahira". The letter "t" in the name is still silent, so it can be said the same way it is translated. Her weapon; the Rod Blade is a mixture between a magical rod and short sword.

Final Main Game Dungeon In Development

As of now, the project's final main dungeon is in development. Though many areas do need a bit more polishing, I decided to begin it ahead of schedule so I know what kind of area the players are expected to handle. This is also because I began following a game developer that says it's sometimes a good thing to "start before you're ready".

New Guest Reveal

This is the 19th playable character in the game. This character was the very reason I became obsessed with action games in the first place. While the predecessor series got me hooked on the genre, it wasn't until I began playing as this one that I began to truly appreciate fast-paced melee combat.


Zero from the legendary Mega Man X franchise is now playable! Zero is a Special Class Maverick Hunter and specializes in melee combat. Although he canonically has a buster on his arm, he will not be using it in this game. He is highly recommended for close-range specialists and those who are accustomed to action games.

Other Content Being Considered Or In Development

  • HP Bar HUD Setting

  • Character Edit System(External)

  • Guest Skill Grid

Today's Credits/Special Thanks

I'd like to thank both DanmanX5792 and kensuyjin33 for their awesome work on the Zero sprite edits as they took the time to convert a lot of his moves from Mega Man X4-X6 and put them in the 16-bit format you see in Mega Man X3. You guys rock!

I'd also like to thank RMN for the development spotlight previously. That means a lot! I have been meaning to say thank you for a while, but I wanted to wait until there was enough content to discuss in a blog before doing so.

Closing Words

With that said, I hope some of this info gets you all more excited to try the game when it is finally finished. There may be one last demo coming out before then, so keep a lookout for it in the near future. Thank you for all your support so far! Until next time!