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Battle System: An In-Depth Look

  • XBuster
  • 02/18/2019 12:01 AM
Hello all! I am back with a different kind of update this time. Today, we'll be going in-depth with the battle system of this project. It will focus on its terminology and everything you need to know about what they mean and why they matter.

While most of this is pretty much common knowledge, there are some new twists here and there that you'll need to know about and newcomers will also need to get up to speed on it. With that said, let's get started!

Battle System Inspiration

The battle system itself is an action rpg battle system primarily based on the original Monster World 4. For those who have never played it, the game had a focus on jumping, running, blocking, and a type of critical hit known as a Magical Hit. A Magical Hit is five times more powerful than a normal attack.

As far as equipment goes, depending on what you equip, your defense will increase. Defense however, was handled much differently. Not only would it increase your HP, but it would increase your chances of being protected by a barrier if you took damage. This barrier made you invincible for a short time and was perfect for gaining the advantage in battle.

When colliding with enemies, instead of taking damage, you get knocked back in a controllable state. However, there are certain enemy body types that will make you take damage upon contact.

Battle System Overview

While many things from the original remain, many aspects of it were changed in order to make it so it works for everyone in the game. Several new gimmicks and abilities were added to expand on the original's concept as much as possible. Below is an encyclopedia of every term in the game's battle system.

Status Terminology

Health PointsHow much damage you can take before you are unable to battle
Action PointsThe amount of points you have for skill usage.
Special PointsThe amount of points you have to perform a special move. The max is always 100.
AttackYour physical attack power. Not all attacks a character has reflects this.
BarrierYour invincibility period. This is displayed in seconds.
ShieldThe percentage chance of a magic shield protecting you from damage completely.
LuckHow much extra damage you can do with each attack
TitleYour character's title
LevelYour current player level
Experience PointsThe current number of experience you have in combat
NextHow much experience you need to level up

Battle Mechanic Terminology

Normal HitAn attack that is normal
Critical HitAn attack that is two times more powerful than a normal hit
Magical HitAn attack that is five times more powerful than a normal hit
Lucky HitAn attack that is seven times more powerful than a normal hit
Perfect HitAn attack that is ten times more powerful than a normal hit
BlockWhen an attack is blocked completely
Flash GuardWhen an attack is blocked at the right moment a shield is activated.
ReflectWhen an attack or projectile is reflected
Barrier BreakWhen a barrier is lessened by an attack
DamageThe amount of damage taken or given
Knock BackWhen you are launched in a direction when colliding with certain enemy or attack types
ComboThe number of attack combos you have without taking damage
ElementYour current element
Weak PointWhen an opponent's weak point is struck
SpecialWhen a special attack is released
Attack NameThe name of the last performed attack or skill
Live MessageA real-time message that delivers quick information

Growth and Equipment Terminology

GuestA third party member that is not Shantae or Asha
Tag InWhen a player is defeated, another will tag in
TalismanA lucky charm that alters your stats and abilities
BondThe relationship strength of an individual you have met throughout the world
Bond AbilityThe ability a particular bond passes on to you when they are in your heart.
Bond SpecialWhen a bond does a special attack in your place.
UpgradeThe act of making your character better or stronger in a multitude of ways.
Synth CrystalA gem that is used to upgrade an individual

Battle Result Terminology

Enemy EPExperience points earned from boss(es)
Time BonusScore based on how long it took to defeat a boss
Combo BonusScore based on how many combos were performed in combat
Revive BonusScore based on whether you were automatically revived during battle
Damage BonusScore based on how much damage was taken in combat
Special BonusScore based on how many special attacks were performed during battle
Total ScoreYour total score from the previous installments combined, except enemy EP
RankYour battle rank during that particular fight
EPExperience gained during that fight

Why do certain terms matter?

Within the game, there are a multitude of stats that at first, don't seem like they would matter much, but the higher some of these stats are, the more powerful and safe you'll become in combat. As mentioned before, a lot of them are common knowledge and/or self-explanatory, but it would be wise to take note on some on the newer ones. I'll briefly go into detail on why some of them are crucial.

Barrier Break for instance lessens an enemy barrier so that a combo string can continue. While some attacks have these built in, other equipment or upgrades can also decrease this slightly. The default value for an enemy's invincibility barrier is 15(which is half of a second). Certain attacks you have that are meant to be combo strings have barrier break built in. A great example would be Zero's saber combo or Ellie's melee string.

Hits are also incredibly important because normal hits aren't particularly powerful. They are pretty useful for normal foes, but bosses have much higher HP values and it is crucial you have stronger hits so you can take them out as fast as you possibly can. Not doing so could make you be in a boss fight much longer than you need to and will decrease your score when a battle is complete.

Shield is incredibly important because the higher this stat is, the more often a protective shield will appear. With some bond skills, it is possible to gain new abilities and advantages when these are activated. Luck will also increase the dice roll of extra attack power, so everyone will become stronger artificially.

Closing Words

That is the complete battle system as of now and I doubt I'll expand it any further from this point out. Everything that was needed is now 100% completed and I'm very excited for what is yet to come for the project. This will also be the standard I'll be using for other projects as well.

With that said, I hope this cleared up a lot of confusion about what the battle system is and how every mechanic works. A page for the battle system will be added to the main profile soon with some images or videos showcasing some of these things. Until next time!


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Sorry for the re-upload everyone. I was trying to press "Preview" and accidentally clicked "Submit" long before the blog was done.
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