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Mid October 2019 Update

  • XBuster
  • 10/20/2019 02:25 AM
Hello all! Today, is the day that I finally reveal a large chunk of updates for this project. So much has been done that I have not discussed yet and I want to keep you all in the light about everything. This is a large update, so hang in tight and without further ado, let's get started!

Overall Progress

As far as a percentage goes, I can say that we are well in the late 80's and early 90's. I won't give an exact number because it always comes back to bite me later. Just know that the game is a LOT closer to completion than you think. I believe this will serve as a very helpful experience as well to improve my other projects to be the best they can be.


Major Updates

  • Playable character hitbox updates

  • Enemy hitbox updates and creations

  • New Bond Skills

  • Move list updates

  • Turbo Mode

  • Heavily updated stages

  • Total of 31 areas at the moment

  • Item and equipment menus are now complete!

  • Spirits can now be obtained at any part in the game once you activated the world gates!

  • ‘Return to Rapadagna’ has been changed to ‘Escape’ when you get a game over. This will allow you to go to the stage selection instead of just Rapadagna.

Minor Updates

  • New NPCs

  • New Dream Gates

  • Most NPCs now have voice clips. A couple of them even recognize the character gender.

  • Equipment and main menus have been separated

  • Added spirits(element) menu

  • Updated options menu(now scrolls!)

  • Fixed "Movie" and "None" HUD modes

  • Equipment menu has been narrowed down to 8 items and is now called “Tools”

Sound Updates

  • Atmosphere sounds loop seamlessly now!

  • All sounds are now externally loaded and created

  • Music engine is complete

  • Shantae treasure chests now have their own unique opening jingle (from the first game)

Battle System Updates

  • When a solo battle occurs, only the soloist’s HP will be shown

  • Added attack up icon when in desperate mode

  • Perfect Hits cannot be executed when unlocked unless the HP of your current character is full

  • Damage now shows under your combo output

  • Elemental effects can now be added to any attack

  • Monsters can now have multiple weaknesses!

  • When you get a game over, the items you had when you were created last time will be returned to you if you retry. This way, if you are in a boss fight and want to keep retrying, you don’t have to do it without the items you had previously.

  • Balanced out the battle point system. Combos and specials now reward less. This makes it a bit harder to get S Ranks than before.

  • Specials can now have their own own attribute

Playable Character Updates

  • Shantae’s kick has powered up

  • Shantae’s magic gun now shows up when you equip it

  • Tatt has learned his dodge technique

  • Tatt’s magic has altered some power scaling

  • Tatt’s cloak can now block physical attacks

  • Princess is now faster

  • Princess now has longer range with her combo attacks

  • Princess English Voice

  • Princess Update: You now have to press attack in conjunction with down to do <Pogo Pounce>

  • Yae’s triple jump has been changed to a double jump

  • Yae’s combat script has been updated.

  • Goemon can steal items from enemies by default

  • Sasuke’s animation when standing on slopes is now fixed

  • Zero and Gaw’s power levels have been altered.

  • Shantae and Asha now have partner defeat voices.

  • Mega Man now has his rush adaptor form and is fully functional

  • Mega Man has a special: Overcharge

  • Asha can now unequip her shield and armor

  • When you run out of arrows, Asha will automatically equip her sword again

  • Removed Firebrand and Icebrand weapons for Asha.

  • Asha’s elemental attacks are now added to her sword via spirit

  • Asha’s shield color can be altered in Rapadagna. It is only for cosmetic

  • Asha can now break hard blocks with Hip Drop. This is a decent failsafe for certain areas.

  • Updated Mail’s idle animation coordinates

  • Updated Mail’s defend action

  • Ellie’s bond skill has been changed to power up Asha’s Hip Drop ability in power only.

  • Sheila can now create a temporary wind effect with her special. It only applies to the global clock platforms.

  • Updated Steal Script. Even Pepe can steal from enemies now when the bond is equipped

  • Pepe and Sheila can now blow fans just in case Shantae does not have the wind element

Enemy Updates

  • Arachna’ s spell casting time has been decreased. More spells will be cast as her HP reaches certain thresholds.

  • Bosses with voices now have their variables rather than being global

  • Monster HP has been altered

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Changed Elixir price from 5000 to 1000.

  • Changed Synth Crystal price from 1000 to 2500

  • New area unlock scripts added

  • One HP node from Shantae and Asha has been removed

  • Master locks and key have been added!

  • Updated dialogue

  • Bucket programmed

  • Spirit scenes have been updated!

  • Global stage effects are now available.

  • Some expanded NPC conversations. Some NPCs such as the knights and maids even recognize if you are the queen.

  • New ambience sounds

  • Fixed big heart. It didn’t used to heal guest HP

  • Updated fast travel script for easier info input

  • Added new clock platform puzzle/mission

  • Updated Prayer Statue

  • Over 20 new books added

Quick Recap

For those of you who are new or if you aren't exactly sure what's going on with all of this, I've decided to give a quick recap of what this game is exactly.

What it is

  • A Monster World 4 sequel

  • A Monster World x Shantae crossover

  • A crossover featuring characters from other games; most notably action hybrids from across time.

  • A prequel and successor to Monster World Legends

  • A fast-paced, open world, non-linear action RPG centered around platforming, puzzle-solving, and adventure elements.

  • Combines cherry-picked design elements from several games I've played since childhood

  • It is a fantasia. A fantasia is a thing composed of a mixture of different forms or styles.

  • Designed for the love of action hybrids as a whole

  • For fun

What it isn't

  • Canon in any way, shape or form

  • Is not designed to play exactly like one specific game or cater to only one character. It is designed for ALL of them.

Who is Playable?

Playable Cast

As of now, we have quite a number of playable characters (16 in total) and several new ones are on the way in the near future. There are so many in fact, that it looks like I'll have to make one more row of 8.

These characters are part of the plot to some degree, but remember, this game's story mostly focuses on Shantae and Asha's adventure together. What happens with others is all up to your imagination.

Next Demo

A while ago, I promised that a new demo would be available soon. While that is possible now more than ever, I am not quite ready to release it yet as there are a lot of resources to line up and place in order to create one now. There are over 300 voice clips as well as 50+ music tracks that would have to be arranged or removed first.

But, with the project's 2nd anniversary coming up on Halloween, I definitely want to try as hard as possible to get one out on that day or around that time. The past couple demos have been gameplay-based, so this time, I'd like to give you a story demo that will play up to a certain point. Stay tuned until then.

Just in case you missed...

Just in case you haven't seen these yet, here are two videos that give examples of scenes and tutorials. These are both one of many, so if you want a sneak peek at what they'll be like, you can view the videos below.

New Screenshots!

Closing Words

Phew! My hands are on fire right now! I am very glad to finally be able to share this with you all and hopefully this shines some bright lights on what's been going on behind the scenes and what you all are in store for. That's all I have for you this time around and hopefully the next time we meet, it'll be about a demo or even better, the finished game. Until next time!