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Four new guests!

  • XBuster
  • 11/10/2019 05:24 PM
Hi all! Today, I have a quick update for you regarding new guest characters. I'll be going into detail about why they were chosen and what their overall specialties are. Some are simpler than others, but that does not mean they're pushovers in any way. What some lack in combat, they excel in platforming and overall fluidity.

These are some characters I've wanted to see work together in an action platformer for an incredibly long time, so I'm honored to reveal the next four characters being added to the roster. These will be added to the playable cast page afterwards too. Without further ado, let's get going!

Guest 1:Mega Man X

Mega Man X is a series that is really special to me. It was the franchise that introduced me to challenging, fast-paced action platformers and the very game that made me obsessed with the genre as a whole. I remember playing Mega Man X Collection on Gamecube for hours on end and fell in love with everything about it from the aesthetics, combat, and the music!

As for the character, X is a new generation robot designed by Dr. Thomas Light. He is a robot so advanced, that he can act on his own and make decisions as if he were human. After being discovered by Dr. Cain, robots were modeled after his design and were given the name "Reploids"; which I assume means "Replicated Androids".

It made sense to put him in since I wasn't able to and don't plan on making the Mega Man X fan project known as "Mega Man X: Data Mission". He's also one of my favorite protagonists and has evolved a lot over the years. I am more than glad that Capcom is releasing all of these collections for Mega Man so players can experience them for the first or for the hundredth time.

Guest 2: Miles Prower (Tails)

Tails is a fox cub with a surprisingly high IQ for his age. At a couple points in time, he went on his own adventures separate from Sonic and the others. He is perfectly capable of holding his own and has a pure, heart of gold.

I chose the Tails' Adventure version because it made the most sense to choose. It was a slower-paced, action adventure game with a decent chunk of stages and lots of exploration; especially for a Game Gear title. My first exposure to it was through Sonic Adventure DX. In order to unlock all 12 master system/game gear games, you had to play through the main game and collect emblems as well as doing missions. I was obsessed with doing content in it because it meant that I got to unlock a new game with every 20 emblems or so.

Guest 3: Sparkster the Rocket Knight

The third guest is no other than Sparkster or "Rocket Knight" from Konami's colorful action platformer series. There are Sparkster games on SNES and Genesis as well as a 2.5D game on PS3.

Sparkster's abilities are simple, but quite fun. He is able to ricochet off of walls when his jetpack is fully charged and is one of the project's "jump masters". He is quite powerful if used properly, and is able to strike multiple times with a spinning slash. This makes the fifth and final, colorful Konami character in the game and I am glad to finally close the door on using others.

Guest 4: Klonoa

The final guest for this round is an incredibly special one from a series Namco created all they way back on the PS1 days. A 2.5D platformer known as Klonoa. It is said that he is destined to be the "Protector of Dreams" or...at least one of them.

It made perfect sense to put him in the game because of everything this game aligns with; a tale of dreams and nightmares. When someone threatens the state of dreams, Klonoa will rise to stop them. However, he is completely unaware of his destiny as the Dream Protector.

Since this is not Klonoa's world, making his style was a bit difficult because he cannot grab what he wants. He can flap his ears to fly and is able to shoot a beam that can damage foes. When foes are damaged, a block appears that can then be tossed at an enemy horizontally or downward. When the block is tossed downward, it will project Klonoa upwards a distance. However, similar to Gaw, Tails and Sparkster, he only has one jump.

Closing Words

That is all I have for you today. I planned on giving about 60+updates along with this, but a majority of them are all secret and should be kept under wraps for now. I do want to add a video soon of a couple things if I can. We'll see what the sands of time will bring us. Until next time!

Here is the page to the updated cast too for "quick jump" purposes. There are some updated descriptions along with it. Enjoy!

Playable Cast