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Quick Update/New Feature

  • XBuster
  • 02/22/2020 03:12 AM
Hi all! I just wanted to pop in to let you all know that an update was added moments ago. It includes several fixes and a couple of other features to make things a bit smoother in some areas, but rougher in others. I'll be as brief as I can. The following update includes...

  • Typo fixes in the game's move list, journal, and other directories

  • Monster HP growth depending on difficulty

  • Gem to gold conversion rate increase

Enemy Growth

Basically, what this means is that the number of HP of each enemy will increase depending on what difficulty you have selected. This was done because once you are powerful enough, a lot of the normal enemy challenge is thrown out the window because you're able to defeat them within one or two strikes. Now, no matter what your skill level is, it is possible to alter the challenge based on your liking.

Gem To Gold Conversion Update

As you may have noticed, when you have the "Conversion Plus" bond equipped, the conversion rate of gems to gold increases from 1 all the way to 1.5. Now, the conversion rate has been increased to a maximum of 2 gold per gem. This means, you're able to get a maximum of 19998 gold instead of 14998. With the right bonds equipped, you can earn an easy profit doing "something"...

Typo Fixes

Since RPGs are big games and often have a TON of text, it is somewhat normal for there to be typo, grammar, and other spelling errors that will occur. With the help of two additional testers and running things though a much better spell check, things have been going rather smoothly with fixing the game up to be free of such errors.


I recently checked and it seems the project itself has been downloaded over 100 times! Thank you all who have downloaded so far! I know the initial launch wasn't exactly graceful thanks to the numerous errors found and patches that had to be made to get things working as they should, but I thank you for being patient with me and I hope that things will run MUCH smoother when version 2.0 is released.

The 2.0 package is currently in development and will release sometime soon depending on how fast things go and what kind of content is jammed into it. That's pretty much all I have to say for now. Until next time!