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July 2020 Update

  • XBuster
  • 07/09/2020 06:41 PM
Hey, everyone! It's been a little while since the last blog as I seemed to have skipped the month of June for one, but we do have some updates for you today regarding the project's next, big update (version 2). Hopefully, this will make up for the information drought. That said, let's get started!

2nd Arc Story Development

As stated in previous blogs, there is a second, but shorter story arc in development that will take place some time before the semi-final cut scene of the ending. For those who have played the game by now, you probably know what I am speaking of.

The arc itself dives into injecting nearly all of the concepts that were scrapped from the original vision. This includes stages, bosses, sounds, music, cut scenes, and much more! And yes, all of your save files will be compatible as every last thing is being carefully crafted so that you will NOT have to start over again when this drops.

World Map Expansions

In addition to all of the new content being developed, there are some expansions here and there to the world map, including some which are areas you've probably been to before. Since the new story arc has a new item to collect, you won't be able to rush directly to the new final boss that is waiting for you at the end of this journey.

Character Sound Effect Authenticity

One of the things that bothered me a little was the fact that some characters have their authentic sound effects while others do not. Characters who didn't have any sound effects online had to use Monster World 4's sound effects by default, which is fine, but also a bummer because other playable characters like Tails, Shantae, and the Mega Man crew have their sounds.

HOWEVER, thanks to some tools, I was finally able to retrieve the authentic sound effects to characters who did not have them before such as Milon, Princess, and the Goemon characters! It might be a shock at first, but I hope you all will get used to the change.

Moveset Expansions

While many of the characters have a decent set of moves, there are indeed some that at least need one or two more to be even more effective in combat. Characters that were overly simplistic such as Tails and Milon are some core examples of ones in desperate need for a new move or two. When you get the next package, be absolutely sure to check your move list! It is there for a reason.

Some characters will also be getting special alterations or expansions. I felt there were a handful that were kind of lackluster, so some of them need to feel more impactful.

New Art Piece

Adding to the media we have now, an artist who submitted to the game has provided another piece that I would love to share with you all! I will also place it in the Media section along with his handles so you can follow him. He's a cool guy and a good friend of mine, so why don't you drop by sometime and say hello? Here it is! It will also be featured in version 2.

New Music Pieces!

Along with the new piece of artwork, I have been working with another friend of mine who is willingly remixing THE ENTIRE Monster World IV soundtrack! He is responsible for some of the tracks the game already has such as the market district and Sheila's victory theme. I will post a handful of the tracks and his handle as well in the Media section so you can follow or subscribe to him if you desire to do so. A sample was supposed to be here, but it seems there's something wrong with the mp3 function...

I've been doing some remastered MW tracks myself to replace a few of the original game chiptunes that are present within the project. Those will also likely be posted.

Discord Server Invite

There was something I totally forgot to do the last time a blog was added and that was to give you all in invite to my discord server. It is not specifically for this game, but it is discussed in it from time to time as well as other things that a handful of individuals are working on too. Many of this project's testers and collaborators are there, so if you're interested and want to be able to keep track of some things in real-time, be sure to drop on by! I will leave the invite open for about a week.


Thank You!

I am very grateful for all of you that have played the game so far (hopefully to completion) and have given not only great feedback and suggestions, but also to those who have stuck by me throughout and beyond its creation.

Every last one of you played a role in keeping both myself and this project going and I'm almost certain the drive to do this update wouldn't be as strong without all of your kind words and overall eagerness to see more of it. Thank you all so much and have a wonderful rest of your week! :D