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Four new guests!

Hi all! Today, I have a quick update for you regarding new guest characters. I'll be going into detail about why they were chosen and what their overall specialties are. Some are simpler than others, but that does not mean they're pushovers in any way. What some lack in combat, they excel in platforming and overall fluidity.

These are some characters I've wanted to see work together in an action platformer for an incredibly long time, so I'm honored to reveal the next four characters being added to the roster. These will be added to the playable cast page afterwards too. Without further ado, let's get going!

Guest 1:Mega Man X

Mega Man X is a series that is really special to me. It was the franchise that introduced me to challenging, fast-paced action platformers and the very game that made me obsessed with the genre as a whole. I remember playing Mega Man X Collection on Gamecube for hours on end and fell in love with everything about it from the aesthetics, combat, and the music!

As for the character, X is a new generation robot designed by Dr. Thomas Light. He is a robot so advanced, that he can act on his own and make decisions as if he were human. After being discovered by Dr. Cain, robots were modeled after his design and were given the name "Reploids"; which I assume means "Replicated Androids".

It made sense to put him in since I wasn't able to and don't plan on making the Mega Man X fan project known as "Mega Man X: Data Mission". He's also one of my favorite protagonists and has evolved a lot over the years. I am more than glad that Capcom is releasing all of these collections for Mega Man so players can experience them for the first or for the hundredth time.

Guest 2: Miles Prower (Tails)

Tails is a fox cub with a surprisingly high IQ for his age. At a couple points in time, he went on his own adventures separate from Sonic and the others. He is perfectly capable of holding his own and has a pure, heart of gold.

I chose the Tails' Adventure version because it made the most sense to choose. It was a slower-paced, action adventure game with a decent chunk of stages and lots of exploration; especially for a Game Gear title. My first exposure to it was through Sonic Adventure DX. In order to unlock all 12 master system/game gear games, you had to play through the main game and collect emblems as well as doing missions. I was obsessed with doing content in it because it meant that I got to unlock a new game with every 20 emblems or so.

Guest 3: Sparkster the Rocket Knight

The third guest is no other than Sparkster or "Rocket Knight" from Konami's colorful action platformer series. There are Sparkster games on SNES and Genesis as well as a 2.5D game on PS3.

Sparkster's abilities are simple, but quite fun. He is able to ricochet off of walls when his jetpack is fully charged and is one of the project's "jump masters". He is quite powerful if used properly, and is able to strike multiple times with a spinning slash. This makes the fifth and final, colorful Konami character in the game and I am glad to finally close the door on using others.

Guest 4: Klonoa

The final guest for this round is an incredibly special one from a series Namco created all they way back on the PS1 days. A 2.5D platformer known as Klonoa. It is said that he is destined to be the "Protector of Dreams" or...at least one of them.

It made perfect sense to put him in the game because of everything this game aligns with; a tale of dreams and nightmares. When someone threatens the state of dreams, Klonoa will rise to stop them. However, he is completely unaware of his destiny as the Dream Protector.

Since this is not Klonoa's world, making his style was a bit difficult because he cannot grab what he wants. He can flap his ears to fly and is able to shoot a beam that can damage foes. When foes are damaged, a block appears that can then be tossed at an enemy horizontally or downward. When the block is tossed downward, it will project Klonoa upwards a distance. However, similar to Gaw, Tails and Sparkster, he only has one jump.

Closing Words

That is all I have for you today. I planned on giving about 60+updates along with this, but a majority of them are all secret and should be kept under wraps for now. I do want to add a video soon of a couple things if I can. We'll see what the sands of time will bring us. Until next time!

Here is the page to the updated cast too for "quick jump" purposes. There are some updated descriptions along with it. Enjoy!

Playable Cast

Progress Report

Mid October 2019 Update

Hello all! Today, is the day that I finally reveal a large chunk of updates for this project. So much has been done that I have not discussed yet and I want to keep you all in the light about everything. This is a large update, so hang in tight and without further ado, let's get started!

Overall Progress

As far as a percentage goes, I can say that we are well in the late 80's and early 90's. I won't give an exact number because it always comes back to bite me later. Just know that the game is a LOT closer to completion than you think. I believe this will serve as a very helpful experience as well to improve my other projects to be the best they can be.


Major Updates

  • Playable character hitbox updates

  • Enemy hitbox updates and creations

  • New Bond Skills

  • Move list updates

  • Turbo Mode

  • Heavily updated stages

  • Total of 31 areas at the moment

  • Item and equipment menus are now complete!

  • Spirits can now be obtained at any part in the game once you activated the world gates!

  • ‘Return to Rapadagna’ has been changed to ‘Escape’ when you get a game over. This will allow you to go to the stage selection instead of just Rapadagna.

Minor Updates

  • New NPCs

  • New Dream Gates

  • Most NPCs now have voice clips. A couple of them even recognize the character gender.

  • Equipment and main menus have been separated

  • Added spirits(element) menu

  • Updated options menu(now scrolls!)

  • Fixed "Movie" and "None" HUD modes

  • Equipment menu has been narrowed down to 8 items and is now called “Tools”

Sound Updates

  • Atmosphere sounds loop seamlessly now!

  • All sounds are now externally loaded and created

  • Music engine is complete

  • Shantae treasure chests now have their own unique opening jingle (from the first game)

Battle System Updates

  • When a solo battle occurs, only the soloist’s HP will be shown

  • Added attack up icon when in desperate mode

  • Perfect Hits cannot be executed when unlocked unless the HP of your current character is full

  • Damage now shows under your combo output

  • Elemental effects can now be added to any attack

  • Monsters can now have multiple weaknesses!

  • When you get a game over, the items you had when you were created last time will be returned to you if you retry. This way, if you are in a boss fight and want to keep retrying, you don’t have to do it without the items you had previously.

  • Balanced out the battle point system. Combos and specials now reward less. This makes it a bit harder to get S Ranks than before.

  • Specials can now have their own own attribute

Playable Character Updates

  • Shantae’s kick has powered up

  • Shantae’s magic gun now shows up when you equip it

  • Tatt has learned his dodge technique

  • Tatt’s magic has altered some power scaling

  • Tatt’s cloak can now block physical attacks

  • Princess is now faster

  • Princess now has longer range with her combo attacks

  • Princess English Voice

  • Princess Update: You now have to press attack in conjunction with down to do <Pogo Pounce>

  • Yae’s triple jump has been changed to a double jump

  • Yae’s combat script has been updated.

  • Goemon can steal items from enemies by default

  • Sasuke’s animation when standing on slopes is now fixed

  • Zero and Gaw’s power levels have been altered.

  • Shantae and Asha now have partner defeat voices.

  • Mega Man now has his rush adaptor form and is fully functional

  • Mega Man has a special: Overcharge

  • Asha can now unequip her shield and armor

  • When you run out of arrows, Asha will automatically equip her sword again

  • Removed Firebrand and Icebrand weapons for Asha.

  • Asha’s elemental attacks are now added to her sword via spirit

  • Asha’s shield color can be altered in Rapadagna. It is only for cosmetic

  • Asha can now break hard blocks with Hip Drop. This is a decent failsafe for certain areas.

  • Updated Mail’s idle animation coordinates

  • Updated Mail’s defend action

  • Ellie’s bond skill has been changed to power up Asha’s Hip Drop ability in power only.

  • Sheila can now create a temporary wind effect with her special. It only applies to the global clock platforms.

  • Updated Steal Script. Even Pepe can steal from enemies now when the bond is equipped

  • Pepe and Sheila can now blow fans just in case Shantae does not have the wind element

Enemy Updates

  • Arachna’ s spell casting time has been decreased. More spells will be cast as her HP reaches certain thresholds.

  • Bosses with voices now have their variables rather than being global

  • Monster HP has been altered

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Changed Elixir price from 5000 to 1000.

  • Changed Synth Crystal price from 1000 to 2500

  • New area unlock scripts added

  • One HP node from Shantae and Asha has been removed

  • Master locks and key have been added!

  • Updated dialogue

  • Bucket programmed

  • Spirit scenes have been updated!

  • Global stage effects are now available.

  • Some expanded NPC conversations. Some NPCs such as the knights and maids even recognize if you are the queen.

  • New ambience sounds

  • Fixed big heart. It didn’t used to heal guest HP

  • Updated fast travel script for easier info input

  • Added new clock platform puzzle/mission

  • Updated Prayer Statue

  • Over 20 new books added

Quick Recap

For those of you who are new or if you aren't exactly sure what's going on with all of this, I've decided to give a quick recap of what this game is exactly.

What it is

  • A Monster World 4 sequel

  • A Monster World x Shantae crossover

  • A crossover featuring characters from other games; most notably action hybrids from across time.

  • A prequel and successor to Monster World Legends

  • A fast-paced, open world, non-linear action RPG centered around platforming, puzzle-solving, and adventure elements.

  • Combines cherry-picked design elements from several games I've played since childhood

  • It is a fantasia. A fantasia is a thing composed of a mixture of different forms or styles.

  • Designed for the love of action hybrids as a whole

  • For fun

What it isn't

  • Canon in any way, shape or form

  • Is not designed to play exactly like one specific game or cater to only one character. It is designed for ALL of them.

Who is Playable?

Playable Cast

As of now, we have quite a number of playable characters (16 in total) and several new ones are on the way in the near future. There are so many in fact, that it looks like I'll have to make one more row of 8.

These characters are part of the plot to some degree, but remember, this game's story mostly focuses on Shantae and Asha's adventure together. What happens with others is all up to your imagination.

Next Demo

A while ago, I promised that a new demo would be available soon. While that is possible now more than ever, I am not quite ready to release it yet as there are a lot of resources to line up and place in order to create one now. There are over 300 voice clips as well as 50+ music tracks that would have to be arranged or removed first.

But, with the project's 2nd anniversary coming up on Halloween, I definitely want to try as hard as possible to get one out on that day or around that time. The past couple demos have been gameplay-based, so this time, I'd like to give you a story demo that will play up to a certain point. Stay tuned until then.

Just in case you missed...

Just in case you haven't seen these yet, here are two videos that give examples of scenes and tutorials. These are both one of many, so if you want a sneak peek at what they'll be like, you can view the videos below.

New Screenshots!

Closing Words

Phew! My hands are on fire right now! I am very glad to finally be able to share this with you all and hopefully this shines some bright lights on what's been going on behind the scenes and what you all are in store for. That's all I have for you this time around and hopefully the next time we meet, it'll be about a demo or even better, the finished game. Until next time!

Progress Report

September 2019 Update

Hi all! It's been quite some time since the last update for this, but I have a number of things to discuss with you all. I'll try to be as brief as I possibly can, so without further ado, let's get started!

Official Page Art Confirmed!

As you may have noticed, the game page has new background art that is being used to represent the game. I was given permission by Japanese artist; stupa13a to officially use it for the project and I am very grateful to have been able to speak with them personally. You can view the image below.

Music Implementation Has Begun

Last week marked the beginning of the process of music implementation in as many areas as possible. There is a lot to explore in the project so far and since I plan on using its resources to their fullest potential, there has to be quite a bit of music to compliment the wide variety of areas the game has to offer. As of now, over 60 tracks are in the game that range from stage themes all the way to a theme when you rest in an inn or campfire.

New Videos

New videos are now out for the game! Both showcase two guest characters. I'm still getting used to recording and messing with video quality and making sure to be consistent, so I apologize if something seems off about them. Music and sound effects all play now, so you'll be able to hear voices now too! You can check them out below. I most likely will add them to the media section as well.

Batgal with Zero

Batgal with Ellie and Chomp

Resource Changes

Due to moving to a new computer, some of the resources that were used in game such as certain fonts no longer display correctly, so I had to switch all of them over to generic, pixel-perfect fonts that should display correctly. The area card for instance was supposed to have been Liberation Serif, and while I do have that installed on my computer, for some odd reason, it turns out blurry. Does anyone know of a place where I can get a clean version of that font to use for the game?

Sound effects are now completely external too due to having issues with them, but it turns out I did it all for nothing, but in the end, it was worth it after all. There aren't many sounds I need now with the exception of the remaining guest characters and whatnot.

The last thing I want to drastically change is manually building save files via .ini so that I can upload and update the game without easily corrupting previous save files. It's annoying when I add a single new sound and my previous file is gone, so I strongly believe this is necessary as opposed to using Game Maker's default save game functions. They work, but I desire complete control over how save files are built.

New Area(s) planned.

As I mentioned before, I want to use the game's resources to their fullest potential, and I feel certain tilesets are underused and could use more love, so I decided to plan two new dungeons with them. It is also important to note that all areas do not have boss fights. This allows me to have more freedom of adding areas that are simply for exploration or gathering a new item for your convenience rather than having to fight something everywhere.

Closing Words

Before I go, I'd like to give a massive thank you to those have supported this project so far, it means the world to me! Since this will most certainly be the last fan game I make, I want to give it my all. Don't get me wrong though, this isn't the last fan game I will finish, but will most likely be the last one I will introduce before doing something original for once.

With that said, I hope you all enjoy the new content here today. It's been an absolute blast so far and It's good to be back. Until next time!

Progress Report

Battle Mechanic Updates And More!

Hello everyone! I came with an update regarding the Battle System of Shantae and Asha as well as a few other things.

Heroic Guest

Guest members are now able to save the day if Asha and Shantae are KO’d. Originally, if Shantae and Asha were defeated, it would be an instant game over. While the original code for that is still in the project, the new system has replaced it. I thought this was the best choice because I love it when you are able to use your party to their fullest potential. This is also extremely helpful because some boss fights are built to be able to handle multiple party members.

Active Swap System

An “Active-Swap” system has also been created! No longer do you have to go to the menu to change characters. You can switch between Asha, Shantae, and your chosen guest by pressing the left and right trigger keys (in this case “A” and “D”). However, you cannot change characters while in invincibility frames. This is to protect you from getting damaged multiple times.

New Bond Skills

A large handful of new, game-changing bond abilities have been implemented as well. Since you are only allowed to equip two bonds at once, this allows for an even greater sense of strategy and play style diversity among players. A few examples include the following…

  • Homing Cast: Allows some magic to automatically target enemies upon launch

  • Haste: Increases your attack speed by a certain amount

  • Auto Charge: Automatically charges Action Points(AP) of certain characters

Guest Characters/Possible Final Demo

Furthermore, a set of new guest characters are on the way soon. It seems there are about 10 that have been planned or are already in development. As far as I can remember, you all have only been able to play as Asha, Shantae, Amy, Sheila Purapril XIII, Princess, Popful Mail, and a couple of Shantae’s forms. A new and final demo may surface sometime soon with a new guest or two for you all to try out.

Closing Words

Finally, I would like to put this out there. If you have time and are heavily interested in testing this game later this year, let me know. I do have a certain demographic I’m aiming at, but this game isn’t just for them; it’s for everyone. I will go into details later this year. Other than that, I believe that is all I have for you today. Until next time!

Progress Report

Slight update

Hello everyone, and happy Easter! I've come today with an update regarding the project's progress. It will be short, but it should give you a general idea of where I am and what's coming up soon. Without further ado, let's get started!


One of the things this project has a bit of emphasis on other than game play is its story. While at first, I was weary of this due to the way they were being made, I believe it's under wraps now. Within the past month, over 60 cut scenes have been made thanks to using RPG Maker as a teacher of what kinds of actions should be available in a cut scene. Examples of such include the following...

  • Knowing how to animate and control your characters

  • Knowing how to control your camera and where to place it

  • Adding in triggers to happen at certain points of an event

  • Implementing a wait command so that events can happen before you can move on to the next text

  • Having characters watch a particular object

While these are the basic actions needed in the scenes that have been made so far, some other neat things can be done in Game Maker such as adding gravity to something. This should give you an idea of how fast things are going with this and I probably would not have gotten this far without messing around with RPG Maker for a while and learning a tiny bit about game design logic. Long story short, other engines can teach you a lot about something you can carry with you and use for other engines.

Monster World 4 25th anniversary+New In-Development Guest

Alright, I've been wanting to say this for a while, but April 1st of this year was the 25th anniversary of the release of Monster World 4. Since this project is a fan-sequel mostly, It would be fantastic if the game were to release this year as my ultimate tribute to the game. But, there's another game that has quite a bit of similarities to Monster World 4, but not in terms of genre. Here is what I've found.

  • Monster World 4’s release date was April 1st, 1994

  • Final Fantasy 6’s release date was April 2nd, 1994

  • Both games have turned 25 this year, each that was one day apart

  • Asha and Terra both are strong, innocent female leads with green ponytails

  • Asha and Terra both wield a sword

  • Both are from great games that were released near the end of a console life cycle

  • Both are from worlds that have a cute, floating creature that have a catch phrase

  • Both are from games in which the villain wins at one point

If you have guessed what I'm about to reveal at this point, great job! Today, I am proud to announce that Terra Branford from Square's Final Fantasy 6 will be joining the guest roster!

It almost seemed like her inclusion was calling for me because the sprites available for her were the only character from the game that were available. Originally, I wanted to include Zack Fair due to this project's theme dealing with dreams among other things, but I think since the project is mostly celebrating 8-16 bit stuff, the final FF protagonist of the pixel era was the best choice.

I've always wanted to mess with the idea of creating a 2D Final Fantasy platformer, but since I don't see that happening any time soon, I figured it would be best to add it to some extent here with Terra. Her battle style is planned to be very different than the others. Unlike others in this game, she cannot attack until her ATB gauge is full. Don't worry though, the bar fills rather quickly.

With that said, that is all I have for you all today. I hope this sheds some light on what's been going on as of late and where the overall project's plot is over all. I am strongly aiming for a release this year and with the way things are going, it is a very strong possibility you may see the final product sooner rather than later. Until next time!

Progress Report

April 2019 Update

Hello all! I've come today with a new update that is actually rather large, but for the sake of being brief, I'm going to categorize them. As for a general idea of how the project is going, it is going very well. Lately, the focus has been on getting boss fights, cut scenes, and main stages done. A majority of them are already complete and are going through polish/expansion phases as we speak.

As for the final demo, there is no word for it yet since right now, the game's database is in testing mode, so many rooms and other resources are scattered about from their home folders to make sure everything is up to par with what I expect from it. With that said, here is a list of things that have been completed since last time.

Major Updates

  • Final Boss complete(for now)

  • Next 5-10 guests are either in development or being planned

  • New NPCs and bond abilities

  • 25+ new cut scenes have been completed

  • World map has been updated and/or expanded

Gameplay Updates

  • Pepe can now attack enemies when thrown. He can also merge with the current element and collect certain items.

  • Updated battle system scripts

  • Asha can now toss Pepe in four directions

  • You can now unequip elements

  • Double tap controls in all four directions are now available

  • Asha can now climb faster when you press up twice while climbing

  • Asha has been re-coded to have the abilities of her original format and more

  • Shantae elemental specials are in development

  • Asha can now charge downward when down is double tapped in mid-air. This will lead directly into Hip Drop.

  • New specials in development

  • Final/Secret battle mechanic in development(yes, I thought it was done too.)

  • Hit notifications now appear on screen instead of in a live message

  • "Always" running type has been added to the options menu

  • Shantae can now use a magic pistol

General Updates

  • New quests have been completed

  • New special services are now available

  • Introduction credits are done for the most part

  • Chapter Cards are now available

  • Books are able to be read by pressing left and right while reading. They can also be closed by pressing the cancel key.

  • Southern Island returns

  • New boss(es)

  • New hazards and gimmicks

  • 40+New Face Cards

  • Shantae Backdash Update: Reverses when idle, but you can choose the direction

  • Boss difficulty has been updated and/or tweaked

  • About half of the sound effects have been externally exported

  • 12 game mechanic books have been created

Minor Updates

  • Training areas are near complete

  • Slope script has been updated

  • Compression bridges have been added

  • Heart Orb graphic has changed

  • New special effects

  • Updated collision scripts

That is all I have to report for now. I hope this gives you an idea of what is going on and what kind of new content you'll be able to sink your teeth into with the next demo and eventually the final product. Until next time!

Game Design

Battle System: An In-Depth Look

Hello all! I am back with a different kind of update this time. Today, we'll be going in-depth with the battle system of this project. It will focus on its terminology and everything you need to know about what they mean and why they matter.

While most of this is pretty much common knowledge, there are some new twists here and there that you'll need to know about and newcomers will also need to get up to speed on it. With that said, let's get started!

Battle System Inspiration

The battle system itself is an action rpg battle system primarily based on the original Monster World 4. For those who have never played it, the game had a focus on jumping, running, blocking, and a type of critical hit known as a Magical Hit. A Magical Hit is five times more powerful than a normal attack.

As far as equipment goes, depending on what you equip, your defense will increase. Defense however, was handled much differently. Not only would it increase your HP, but it would increase your chances of being protected by a barrier if you took damage. This barrier made you invincible for a short time and was perfect for gaining the advantage in battle.

When colliding with enemies, instead of taking damage, you get knocked back in a controllable state. However, there are certain enemy body types that will make you take damage upon contact.

Battle System Overview

While many things from the original remain, many aspects of it were changed in order to make it so it works for everyone in the game. Several new gimmicks and abilities were added to expand on the original's concept as much as possible. Below is an encyclopedia of every term in the game's battle system.

Status Terminology

Health PointsHow much damage you can take before you are unable to battle
Action PointsThe amount of points you have for skill usage.
Special PointsThe amount of points you have to perform a special move. The max is always 100.
AttackYour physical attack power. Not all attacks a character has reflects this.
BarrierYour invincibility period. This is displayed in seconds.
ShieldThe percentage chance of a magic shield protecting you from damage completely.
LuckHow much extra damage you can do with each attack
TitleYour character's title
LevelYour current player level
Experience PointsThe current number of experience you have in combat
NextHow much experience you need to level up

Battle Mechanic Terminology

Normal HitAn attack that is normal
Critical HitAn attack that is two times more powerful than a normal hit
Magical HitAn attack that is five times more powerful than a normal hit
Lucky HitAn attack that is seven times more powerful than a normal hit
Perfect HitAn attack that is ten times more powerful than a normal hit
BlockWhen an attack is blocked completely
Flash GuardWhen an attack is blocked at the right moment a shield is activated.
ReflectWhen an attack or projectile is reflected
Barrier BreakWhen a barrier is lessened by an attack
DamageThe amount of damage taken or given
Knock BackWhen you are launched in a direction when colliding with certain enemy or attack types
ComboThe number of attack combos you have without taking damage
ElementYour current element
Weak PointWhen an opponent's weak point is struck
SpecialWhen a special attack is released
Attack NameThe name of the last performed attack or skill
Live MessageA real-time message that delivers quick information

Growth and Equipment Terminology

GuestA third party member that is not Shantae or Asha
Tag InWhen a player is defeated, another will tag in
TalismanA lucky charm that alters your stats and abilities
BondThe relationship strength of an individual you have met throughout the world
Bond AbilityThe ability a particular bond passes on to you when they are in your heart.
Bond SpecialWhen a bond does a special attack in your place.
UpgradeThe act of making your character better or stronger in a multitude of ways.
Synth CrystalA gem that is used to upgrade an individual

Battle Result Terminology

Enemy EPExperience points earned from boss(es)
Time BonusScore based on how long it took to defeat a boss
Combo BonusScore based on how many combos were performed in combat
Revive BonusScore based on whether you were automatically revived during battle
Damage BonusScore based on how much damage was taken in combat
Special BonusScore based on how many special attacks were performed during battle
Total ScoreYour total score from the previous installments combined, except enemy EP
RankYour battle rank during that particular fight
EPExperience gained during that fight

Why do certain terms matter?

Within the game, there are a multitude of stats that at first, don't seem like they would matter much, but the higher some of these stats are, the more powerful and safe you'll become in combat. As mentioned before, a lot of them are common knowledge and/or self-explanatory, but it would be wise to take note on some on the newer ones. I'll briefly go into detail on why some of them are crucial.

Barrier Break for instance lessens an enemy barrier so that a combo string can continue. While some attacks have these built in, other equipment or upgrades can also decrease this slightly. The default value for an enemy's invincibility barrier is 15(which is half of a second). Certain attacks you have that are meant to be combo strings have barrier break built in. A great example would be Zero's saber combo or Ellie's melee string.

Hits are also incredibly important because normal hits aren't particularly powerful. They are pretty useful for normal foes, but bosses have much higher HP values and it is crucial you have stronger hits so you can take them out as fast as you possibly can. Not doing so could make you be in a boss fight much longer than you need to and will decrease your score when a battle is complete.

Shield is incredibly important because the higher this stat is, the more often a protective shield will appear. With some bond skills, it is possible to gain new abilities and advantages when these are activated. Luck will also increase the dice roll of extra attack power, so everyone will become stronger artificially.

Closing Words

That is the complete battle system as of now and I doubt I'll expand it any further from this point out. Everything that was needed is now 100% completed and I'm very excited for what is yet to come for the project. This will also be the standard I'll be using for other projects as well.

With that said, I hope this cleared up a lot of confusion about what the battle system is and how every mechanic works. A page for the battle system will be added to the main profile soon with some images or videos showcasing some of these things. Until next time!

Progress Report

Update and a new guest

Hello all! Today, I have a slight update for you all. There are many things going on under wraps right now regarding the project, but I believe it is time to reveal a handful of them. With that said, let's get started!

New Title Screen Update

The first and smallest thing I'd like to discuss is the updated title screen image. This will also be posted on the site afterwards. The new screen is somewhat inspired by the Final Fantasy title screens in which there is a white background mixed with images of something in the background; usually in a gradient-like form.

Villain Design Reveal

As promised a while back, I wanted to do a villain design reveal. After going through several designs, I finally decided to go with the one that resembles the four wizards from Monster World 4, but add new details here and there.

I decided to go ahead and name her "Sahirat" as the English to Arabic translation to "Witch" is "Sahira". The letter "t" in the name is still silent, so it can be said the same way it is translated. Her weapon; the Rod Blade is a mixture between a magical rod and short sword.

Final Main Game Dungeon In Development

As of now, the project's final main dungeon is in development. Though many areas do need a bit more polishing, I decided to begin it ahead of schedule so I know what kind of area the players are expected to handle. This is also because I began following a game developer that says it's sometimes a good thing to "start before you're ready".

New Guest Reveal

This is the 19th playable character in the game. This character was the very reason I became obsessed with action games in the first place. While the predecessor series got me hooked on the genre, it wasn't until I began playing as this one that I began to truly appreciate fast-paced melee combat.


Zero from the legendary Mega Man X franchise is now playable! Zero is a Special Class Maverick Hunter and specializes in melee combat. Although he canonically has a buster on his arm, he will not be using it in this game. He is highly recommended for close-range specialists and those who are accustomed to action games.

Other Content Being Considered Or In Development

  • HP Bar HUD Setting

  • Character Edit System(External)

  • Guest Skill Grid

Today's Credits/Special Thanks

I'd like to thank both DanmanX5792 and kensuyjin33 for their awesome work on the Zero sprite edits as they took the time to convert a lot of his moves from Mega Man X4-X6 and put them in the 16-bit format you see in Mega Man X3. You guys rock!

I'd also like to thank RMN for the development spotlight previously. That means a lot! I have been meaning to say thank you for a while, but I wanted to wait until there was enough content to discuss in a blog before doing so.

Closing Words

With that said, I hope some of this info gets you all more excited to try the game when it is finally finished. There may be one last demo coming out before then, so keep a lookout for it in the near future. Thank you for all your support so far! Until next time!

Progress Report

5 new guests, info and updates

Hi all! I am back with new info regarding playable characters and some other updates. There are some things I'll still be keeping under wraps until later, but today's update should give you an idea of where I am with the game's overall progress. With that said, let's get started!

Before I get to the new playable characters, I'd like to go ahead and discuss some of the other updates that have taken place since the last one. These include...

Certain characters now have dodge maneuvers

One thing that I believe has been missing from certain characters in the game is some sort of dodge technique. Cart wheels, back flips, sliding, back dashing, sidestepping, teleporting, dashing, reversals, dodge rolls, you name it. While every character is not planned to have one, many of them do have a technique that allows them to dodge quickly and many of them work differently depending on who you are.

Not quite a dodge roll, or a cart wheel, but a dodge wheel!

Platform bypass has been changed

Due to certain character's moves conflicting with the bypass code of platforms, it has been changed from holding down and pressing jump to tapping down twice.

New bond abilities have been implemented

As mentioned before, some bonds will give you entirely new abilities. Playable characters also have their own unique bond skills. Some characters that were once planned to be playable also have bond skills to pass on. This is so that you can borrow a character's ability without me having to make them into a fully playable character. Five samples are below.

Certain areas are getting expansions, changes, and slight remakes

Since there are over 90 side stages in the game as well as over 10 main ones, I've begun to realize that some of the side stage maps can be used to expand the main ones and vice versa. The two stage types kind of give and take from one another, so some stages are now bigger and/or better designed than they initially were. This has also led to some original expansions in stages that can only be found on the main world map.

One of the main reasons why there are so many stages in the game was give me a reason to make a lot of different mission types, stage designs, and things to do in the game's world. Not only has this forced me to make lots of maps, but it has helped me understand level design philosophy a bit better.

Story is being heavily simplified

Due to the fact that there are so many characters and game play should always go first, I have decided to extremely simplify the game's plot so that even a child could follow it if they were to pick it up. If a location, character, or dialogue is not needed, I will not put it in the main plot. Storytelling and lore can be told through multiple ways; many of which is optional. But there will be a base plot that has cut scenes you can skip by holding the "start" key for exactly one second.

New Playable Guest Characters

Alright, now those updates are out of the way, it is now time to reveal the next 5 playable guests! Lately I have been playing some games that have been on my "to finish" list for quite some time, but never got around to it, but boy am I glad I did!

Most of the titles were requirements because in order to get a feel for these characters, I actually had to play them thoroughly. Each character was decided based on what they could do differently from the others. Even the smallest ability difference makes them viable as a playable character. With that said, here are the next 5 fully playable guests.


Tatt is a magician in Popful Mail that is the apprentice of the renowned magician; Mutton Head. Tatt is able to switch between 5 magical canes by pressing the skill button. Each cane has a different magical attribute or ability and can be aimed by holding up or down while it is on screen. He is also able to block projectiles and attacks with his magical cloak.


Gaw is a flying bat-like creature that lives in the cavern region of Popful Mail. While he does have wings, they are only used to make him jump high. Gaw has the highest jump out of all the guests, but he is only able to jump once. He is also able to block attacks by hiding in a curling stance. In terms of attacks, Gaw is capable of using his claw attack, tail attack, and breathing fire continuously until his attack meter is depleted.


Ebisumaru is Goemon's friend and is the only character that can throw projectiles in all four cardinal directions. You can also attack continuously by holding the attack button. This will rapidly twirl his ribbon. While it is weak, it is capable of doing a lot of combos.


No, it's not the Sasuke you're all thinking about XD. This is a small, quick robot ninja in the Goemon series. Sasuke has terribly short attack range, but can throw kunai and bombs from a distance. Due to his shortcomings, he is able to reflect projectiles with his second sword swipe, jump three times, dodge roll, quick drop, and has incredibly high combo potential. He also is the fastest character in the game when running.


Ellie is from the 2011 Nintendo DS gem; Monster Tale. I have been keeping tabs on this game for a very long time and recently had the pleasure of finishing it. Due to the fact that Ellie has so many similarities with Asha, goes to place called "Monster World", and the graphic style was exactly what I was looking for, adding Ellie in was a perfect choice. Ellie's move set is extremely versatile and highly reminiscent of Mega Man X, but with some changes such as not being able to shoot while sliding down a wall.

She is able to wall jump, roll, shoot, and attack in a wide variety of ways that make her one of the craziest characters in the entire game if used correctly. She also has a pet along with her named Chomp that attacks the nearest foe when you press the attack button at close range. With this, it is possible to send him off to fight another enemy while you either fight another one, run, or do something else.

There are very little guests left, but there are a total of 18 playable characters now(3 of those being Shantae forms)! It has been really fun learning how to program them and make them work in the game while also giving them some new touches here and there to avoid being exact clones of one another.

Ties To Monster World Legends

I think it is about time I revealed something. This game has more ties to Monster World Legends than you may think. Since the beginning of this project's development, while tinkering with both games' design documents, a conclusion was made to actually connect the two games together in terms of plot and some mechanics. Technically speaking, you have been playing not only a Monster World 4 sequel and a crossover game, but Monster World Legends' prequel and spiritual successor at the same time. Though the original game is not done yet, they are being designed side by side under wraps in some fashion.

Each playable character so far in Shantae and Asha was chosen for more reasons than just paying tribute to a game or franchise, it was so that I would be forced to learn how to not only make better physics and for characters to be more satisfying to play as, but to make the entirety of Monster World Legends play better too as a result.

Closing Words

I am not sure another blog will be posted this year, so I believe this is the last one for 2018. It has been an absolute blast and an invaluable learning experience making this and I hope you are all enjoying the project so far. That is all I have for you today. Until next time! Happy holidays!

Today's Credits

Special thanks to The-Pyromaniac for allowing me to use the Shovel Knight sprite!

Progress Report

Double Bond+Updates

Hi all! I'm back with a set of updates; some of which have either been on my mind for a long time, and others that allow for more control over the game and its mechanics.
Without further ado, here are a handful of updates I'll share at the time.

Updates that have finally been implemented

  • Ability to equip two bonds at once

  • New running command toggle

  • Ability to control certain character's power-up skills

New Updates

  • Realms are now known as Dream Gates

  • Over 90 Dream Gates created

  • Over 120 treasure chests made and placed

  • 2 new monsters

  • New special effects

  • Asha's special has been reverted, but updated

  • 2 new gimmicks added

  • All base game areas are nearly done

  • 7 new guests in the works

  • New area:Inferno Island

  • Tower of Silence Mini dungeon

  • New chest item:Magic Drink

So now that the list is finished, I'd like to go into detail on some of them; starting with the Bond System.

The Story Behind Double Bonds

A while back, you had the ability to equip only one bond at a time. Now you are able to equip two at a time! There are two primary reasons why this happened. A user a while ago commented that they would like the ability to equip more than one bond at once. Since then, I've been thinking long and hard about how it will be done and how to code it, but the method of how to do it didn't hit me then.

During the process, I was thinking of the exact definition of what a bond is and how it could play a role in the game. The thought of the new system came from the image of joining hands. Hands joining together can mean many things depending on who you are holding hands with. For some, it is a significant other, for others it is a friend or family member. Sometimes, they can even be complete strangers. When two or more hands join, it is a sign of fellowship; when separate hearts become one either temporarily, or for eternity.

So, with two bonds, you(the player) are joining imaginary hands with two characters in the game and equip the abilities they pass on to you as long as they are in your heart.

Complete Running Control

Up to this point, the running mechanic has been something that was fixed. You could both double tap and hold the attack/skill buttons to trigger running. But, what about players who would like to separate them and are used to different running controls? Well, the solution was to simply separate them. The option "Run Command" is now available with 5 running types! The 6th one however, is put into a Talisman.

One of the main issues I was having was with Mega Man. I didn't particularly like it when he would run every time I shot a lemon out. So i just put the running style on Double Tap so his natural run and gun movement would work like it's supposed to, but I could double tap to run.

The running options now are...

  • Double Tap

  • Hold Attack

  • Hold Skill

  • Hold(Both)

  • All

  • Always:Must be equipped with the Sonic Talisman

More Ability Control

I was thinking for a while about how to gain more control over every character. Last time, I gave Shantae the ability charge her magic and store it. The next example of this is Popful Mail. For those who are aware, last time, her more powerful boomerang variant was released at random when tossed. Now you are able to charge it up and toss it. Not only does it go twice the distance and is twice the size, but it also does twice the damage.

Most Past Material Being Left Behind

Since this game is for the most part a continuation of Monster World IV, a small selection of important areas were replicated to have some continuity. But, you won't be able to explore them fully. If you want to do so, then the original game is always available for you to dig into in order to explore the original worlds and dungeons.

The main game that was the inspiration for this was Tales of Symphonia 2:Dawn of the New World. Areas were still there from the original, but they were for the most part unable to be explored. The idea behind this is there is no reason to make the same game twice. Often times it would branch off into a new dungeon around or inside the area of the original one.

Two examples of this is the Tower of Silence and Handera Volcano. One has been locked up, while the other's insides are flooded with Lava due to the recent eruption and is is impossible to go inside anymore.

New Guests In The Works

One of the most fun parts of creating this game is implementing cherry-picked heroes from both popular and obscure series. Over time, I've gotten some stories of people playing certain characters' games they've never heard of and enjoying them. I'm more than happy that this is introducing those to them and I only hope that it will continue :). With that said, there are 7 new guests being planned and/or developed right now.

That is all I have for now. Until next time!