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Progress Report

New Updates

Hi all! Just popped in for a bit to give you updates on everything that has been done recently. The updates will be split into four categories; major,minor, milestones, and wish list. With that said, lets' get started!

Major Updates

  • Bosses are now able to have win quotes when you are defeated

  • New Battle Result System

  • You now earn combo points even after being damaged. Now all your hard combo work won’t be erased!

  • 2 new bosses

  • New Area:Icicle Island

  • New Area:Aegis Sea

  • Asha gained two elemental weapons

  • Shantae can now use wind,ice, and electric magic

  • Shantae can now charge magic and store it

  • Solo events are now possible!

  • Enhanced Performance

Minor Updates

  • Improved money and exp coding

  • New Gimmick: Rolling Log(can also be another platform)

  • New Gimmick:Bounce Wheel

  • New Enemy: Butterfly(Popful Mail)

  • New Enemy AI: Avoid

  • New Gimmick: Wrench Call

  • New Hazard:Sensor Bomb

  • New Hazard: Ice gas

  • New Gimmick: Ice Vase

  • New Gimmick: Melt Platform

  • New Talisman:Regenerate

  • Updated Bond Ability:Talismania

  • Updated Boss Battle:Millipede

  • Shantae can now create ice cubes when ice magic contacts water

  • You can now control some types of platforms with NPC events

  • Shantae Bat Call

  • New Gimmick:Launch Platform

  • New Gimmick:Yoku Block

  • New Gimmick: Wonder Block

  • New Realm:Blast Highway

  • New Realm:Wonder Block Road

  • New Realm:Bat Blast

  • New Realm:Night Citadel

  • New Realm:Carpet Cruise

  • New Bond: Silent Step(Makes it so that bombs won’t sense you)

  • Sense Coin

  • Super Speed Gimmick:Hot and Cold

  • New Mission:Jump Ban

  • New Gimmick:Sky Control

  • If you enter a realm and a party member is KO’d, they will automatically revive with 1 HP.


  • Over 60 realms are finished

  • 90 of 100 life drops are placed

  • Over 500 scripts implemented

  • Over 500 rooms created

  • Over 60 monsters with various AI

  • 9 of 10 main worlds are complete

  • Over 30 bond skills implemented

  • Over 50 gimmicks/platform types implemented

  • About 80%~85% content is finished

Wish List

  • Ability to equip more than one bond at once

  • Party Battle Events

  • Battle Colosseum

I believe that is all for this update. I may or may not have forgotten something, but I'll be sure to update it if it calls for it. Until next time!

Progress Report

Anniversary Update

Hello everyone, I'm back with a rather hefty update today. It has been exactly one year since the reveal of the game and coincidentally, it's also on Halloween. While I did want to have a Halloween-themed level for you all to play for today, several of the game's areas needed watering, so I focused on the updates instead.

With that said, here are a list of things that have been done since the last update if I remember correctly.


  • Added left and right trigger keys

  • New boss(es)in the works

  • Heart effect when you get hearts

  • Increased input window on double tap to run

  • New Area:Terran Pass

  • New Area:Handera Peak

  • New Area:Handera Tower

  • New Area:Aquaria Falls

  • New Area:Bubble Fountain

  • New areas unlocked will have a notification

  • New Mission: Eliminate

  • New Mission:Exist

  • New Mission:Touch

  • Improved Enemy AI:Wetman

  • Improved Enemy AI:Octohelmet

  • New Gimmick:Bubble

  • New Enemy:Water Dragon

  • New Enemy:Mermaid

  • New Background colorization script(Can now blend with RGB values)

  • Coins now give more than one per collect

  • Eliminated tons of unused stuff from database

  • Popful Mail’s boomerang can now become a bigger boomerang

  • Fixed Yae idle animation glitch

  • Implemented new water physics

  • Shields are now able to block physical attacks

  • Enemies that give chase will now stop when you lose control

  • Altered jump values

  • New guest(s) in the works

  • Removed all built-in control codes for custom ones

Playable Characters Thus Far

The playable cast so far includes the following...

  • Asha and Pepe

  • Shantae(Comes with 3 forms)

  • Purapril XIII

  • Milon

  • Princess

  • Goemon

  • Yae

  • Popful Mail

  • Amy Rose

  • Mega Man

With every release, the roster has been expanding greatly, and there are many more to come. In the last version that was released not too long ago, there were 24 slots. Over 10 of those were empty. While I did plan on releasing a new guest today, I believe the remainder of them will be saved for a future update or final release. There may even be some shocking surprise appearances from games that aren't in the same dimension...

New Stage

The newest stage in the lineup is Bubble Fountain. This area is one of the last in the main stage lineup with a focus on water-based gimmicks and freely choosing how you take the dungeon on.

Villain Reveal Coming Soon

After all this time, one thing has not been revealed yet, and that is the villain. The villain has indeed been in development for some time, so stay tuned for their reveal coming sometime in the near future.

Pixel Art Practice

Lately, I've been experimenting with pixel art a bit and the one you see above is my very first attempt at transforming one of my drawings into pixel art. The reason this is crucial is because I'd like to make more original assets for the game in some way. Not only that, but it will help when I fully return to another project that will use the same style for the original characters created by other users here.

New Realms in development

As of now there are well over 50 Realms in the game. For those who are new, Realms are stages scattered across the world that operate in a mission/mini game fashion, but can also be a regular "reach the goal" area. Missions themselves can range from things such as collecting an object, racing against time, or simply showing the audience you know how to perform a character's various moves.

Realms are completely optional, but they hold an essential part of getting stronger in the game and may also hold other bonuses such as life drops or treasure chests. Be sure to look out for these if you want to experience the game in its entirety.

An example of a Realm Gate

Possible Polls

In the last month or so, I've been wondering about how to get the community involved with the game in some way. It will depend on how I lay things out, but a few things I've been wanting to do include the following...

  • Gathering Testers: Testers will receive the ability to play with everything the game has to offer while it is being developed.

  • Chat Creation: A template will be given to make extra chats for the game. You can include any character in the main game(including guests) and make them have conversations about whatever you want as long as it's appropriate and related to the characters at hand.

  • Realm Mission Creation: A list of gimmicks and mission types will be given and the creator will be able to write out a short summary of their realm and what kind of level design they'd like it to have based on the game's resources. This will most likely be an area that is special to the game and will be DLC.

  • Character Costume Editor: View one of the various DLC costumes planned and decide if you'd be interested in making them. Colorization edits are the easiest and won't be necessary for this, but ones that are cameos are. A couple examples include changing Asha into Lynn's costume from Fire Emblem, giving Shantae a Shahra costume from Sonic and the Secret Rings, or giving Popful Mail a SOLDIER First Class outfit and Buster Sword.

Downloadable Content

One thing that has been on my mind is how to make patches and add some DLC to the game without corrupting the save files you have. Though, if I'm not able to do so, I'll create a cheat system in which you can get stuff with cheat codes. As far as planned DLC, so far you have the custom HUD style edit. There are some costumes planned, but those will take a while to implement due to each character's vast array of sprites. Some new realms will probably be made post game too. Any extra realms however, will most likely be put in an area that has nothing to do with the main game, but as something you can play for fun.

Closing Words

Before wrapping this up, I'd like to say thank all of you who have supported the game so far and will look forward to the final release. I really enjoy making this and I strongly believe it's building up the necessary skills needed to complete other projects.

Until next time!

Progress Report

3 New Guests+Update

Yo, I'm back with some updates regarding the project as well as 3 new guests. The number of updates will be brief as I'd like to keep some things secret for now. Without further ado, let's dig into this!

  • Cut scenes being implemented

  • New world(s) in development

  • Final dungeon concept in development

  • Next round of guests in development

New Guests
As for guests, we have 3 special ones here today. They have been in development and finished for quite some time, but due to the fact that the year is nearly wrapping up and there are many guest slots left, they needed to be revealed a bit more rapidly. With that said, starting off we have...

Game of origin: Mr.Goemon
Console: Arcade

Goemon is the protagonist of the Mystical Ninja series(aka Ganbare Goemon). He uses a golden smoking pipe as his primary weapon and is able to toss money as a projectile. Unlike other characters in this game, he attacks in an arc; which gives him the ability to hit enemies above and in front of him.

Game of origin: Milon's Secret Castle
Console: NES

Milon is a young boy who is on a mission to restore music to his hometown. To do so, he must find the instruments that have been stolen by the evil wizard; Amon. He uses bubbles as his primary weapon.

Mega Man
Game of origin: Mega Man
Console: NES

Does Mega Man really need an introduction? The Blue Bomber himself is now a guest! This time however, he uses a format similar to Mega Man 11. You are able to shoot his infamous "lemons", charge shot through guarding opponents, slide, and call rush with a press of the skill button to give you a vertical boost. Mega Man doesn't have a double jump, but he makes up for it with his mobility options and power scale.

However, I recently found out someone on deviant art has the Wily Wars format of his Rush Form. So, if they say yes to my request, I'll most likely allow them to combine.

The game is reaching it's semi-final stages and these are the absolute hardest. I never thought the last 20% or so could feel like more than what it actually is. With that said, that is all I have for now. Until next time!


Progress/Next Guest(s) Reveal

Hello all. It is nearly the end of the month, so as promised, today I'll be revealing a new guest for the project. This one in particular is actually from a well-known series that has a set of quality games, but some are still untranslated to this day. Not only that, this character has appeared in a wide variety of titles both popular and obscure.

For those who remember the code name from an earlier blog, the name was revealed as Emerald of the East. So without further ado, I am proud to announce that this character will be joining the roster.

Game of origin: Ganbare Goemon Gaiden
Console: NES

Yae is a Kunoichi(a female ninja) who works for a secret organization in the land of Edo. Her fighting style consists of using a Katana as well as a Bazooka. She has also learned new abilities that require chakra in order to use. Yae is an extremely versatile character and is highly recommended for newcomers and advanced players alike.

Not only that however, another guest is being revealed today to those who haven't picked up the demo yet.

Amy Rose
Game of origin: Sonic CD
Console: Sega CD

Amy is a cheerful pink hedgehog who is the self-proclaimed girlfriend of Sonic the hedgehog. She is a gentle soul with a big heart, but also can come with a bit of a temper. Amy fights using a Piko-Piko hammer and boxing gloves.

If you played the demo last week, you most likely have seen another guest character which was Amy Rose from Sega's very own Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. She was chosen as a character due to having a unique weapon and has had a solid playable character history in past entries. Her battle style in particular is not based on her advance incarnation however, but her Sonic Battle incarnation as that style fit the game's graphic style the best, has a nice set of already named attacks, and is heavily underused in the fan game community.

How close is the game to being done?

The game itself is right where it should be at the moment. A demo was released last week showcasing a chunk of what you could expect from the game. As of now, areas are being touched upon as well as expanded if need be. The story is being cut into different areas so conversations and cut scenes don't drag on. It is split into these categories...

  • Main Story: The important dialogue

  • Chats: Extra and often unnecessary dialogue. Completely optional.

  • Side Quests: Optional adventures that often times have dialogue that expands on things not explained in the main game.

You can most likely expect a release date sometime within the year if everything goes as planned and I'd rather not drag out the development cycle more than it needs to be and I'd like to return to other projects asap. With that said, that is all I have for now. New characters will be revealed every month up until the end of the year, so stay tuned if you're interested in seeing the roster expand to it's fullest potential.

Until next time!


Updates/Upcoming Demo

Hello all, I'm back with another wave of updates regarding the project. I'll try to make this as brief as possible because we have a new demo coming up very soon and I'd like to discuss that. Without further ado, let's get started shall we?

Here is a list of main points that have been touched on since the last update. Not every one will be listed as some are secret and others will be discussed regarding the demo. But before that, first things first. The title has changed from Arabic Aperture to Dream Fantasia.

Why change the subtitle?

This was done because I felt the name would cause some sort of controversy down the road and the subtitle didn't exactly reflect the project as a whole any longer. The name itself hearkens all the way back to the project I first released here formerly known as "Fantasia: Rise of a Legend".

For those who remember, Fantasia was going to be a crossover platformer featuring several characters from different platformers; usually outside of Nintendo's. This game is essentially a Monster World 4 sequel at the very core as it has always been my dream to direct and make it in any way possible(even if it is a fan game). But also, the game is a Shantae crossover into Monster World as well as a crossover featuring other characters from similar games such as Popful Mail, Magical Pop'n and other unique games of the 16 bit era.

Before Fantasia however, I had several failed platformer game attempts that never got released or archived due to the lack of experience and quality. These projects included things such as...

  • An Alex Kidd sequel

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 5

  • A Super Mario Land remake

  • A Popful Mail game

  • A cancelled and deleted Mega Man fan game

  • Ninja Legacy(which was what Fantasia used to be called)

  • Many others

The tile "Dream Fantasia" was chosen because it is a fantasy exploring all of those lost dreams and ideas all in one(with the exception of one or two). Not only that, but it mixes in the new dreams and ones that haven't yet perished.


  • Character select screen remake

  • Equipment system added

  • Shantae sprites shifted

  • Princess can now bounce off of the floor with her sword once

  • Updated Menu systems

  • Shantae dance mini game

  • New Difficulty Mode: Evil: Instantly defeats a single ally

  • New Difficulty Mode: Hero: Instantly defeats all in a single blow

  • New NPCs

  • Several save files

  • Droppable Potion

  • Updated data menu

  • Trophy item has been removed for the master medallion: This is what opens all the worlds

  • Princess new ability: Magical Fire

  • Princess new ability: Magical Beam

  • Princess special name change: Magical Burst

  • Princess ability: Magic Shift: Hold up or down to change magic. Magical beam is default

  • Princess HUD: Magic Meter

  • Updated save system

  • Action Talisman now increases Princess magic max

  • Princess voice implemented

  • Status screen display fixed

  • Updated menu effect( tab slide)

  • Shantae Back Dash

  • New HUD style: Border

  • Subtitle change: Dream Fantasia

  • Asha can now equip different shields

  • The 4 spirits now grant Shantae magic in this world

  • Training Mode: You can now go back to that area any time you wish

  • Asha shoots arrows a bit faster

  • Movie Mode HUD style

Demo Information

The last demo was released sometime in February of this year. That demo included the following..

  • Playable Character:Asha

  • Playable Character:Shantae

  • Playable Form:Monkey

  • Area:Pepelogoo Forest

  • Area:Pepelogoo Plains

  • Area:Moonflower Hollow

  • Area:Moonflower Dungeon

  • Boss:Oomukade (Millipede)

To keep you informed, some of the areas above have been expanded upon and are currently underway of another. Due to this, they will not be available for this demo.

The new demo that will be released has the following...

  • Guest Character System

  • Playable Character:Asha

  • Playable Character:Shantae

  • Playable Character:Princess

  • Playable Character:Popful Mail

  • Playable Character:Queen Purapril XIII

  • Playable Charcter:???

  • Playable Form:Elephant

  • Dungeon:Crumble Crypt

  • Area:Starlight Park Sneak Peek(includes 3 realms only)

  • Area:???(includes 4 realms)

  • Boss:Arachna

  • Bond System

  • Brand new abilities

  • Talisman System

  • Blessing System

  • Better save system

  • Lots of new settings

  • HUD style external customization

  • 3 new difficulty modes(Easy,Evil,and Hero)

Closing Words

As for the question marks, you'll have to play the demo yourself to find out. This was specifically made for a certain event, but will be given out ahead of time to experience for yourselves. I hope you all enjoy the game and no bugs and all present themselves.

Just in case however, I'll be adding a tester/buglist page for everyone both tester and non-tester to post on. If an error pops up, it will create a text file in the game's directory with the error written within it. If these happen, please post them there.

For the HUD style customization, be sure to look at the DLC page that is available for the game. It will explain how it works and you can actually import a style when you get to the options screen. The game will come with a HUD style pack explaining everything as well as a pack of HUD styles from several games.

Many other features will be available as time goes on such as costumes, sound mods, and sprite mods. I can't think of anything else I would like to discuss at the moment, so I'm going to cut this off here. It has been fun developing the game so far and I look forward to the day it is completed.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next demo, as it will most likely be available in the next 24 hours or so(maybe less).Until next time!

Progress Report

Update/New guest reveal

Hello everyone, back with a quick update on some things and a new guest reveal. Today, we'll be discussing the bonding system which was mentioned a short while back and the chat system. Without further ado, lets get started!

Bond System

The bond system is a new function in the game in which you can equip abilities from other people you meet in the game; including the character you are playing as. When you equip an ability, you'll earn a special bonus or attack of some sort that will aid you in various ways. Each character has a "Bond Level". The higher a bond level rises, the greater the effect of the ability you have equipped. However, keep in mind not all abilities will rise in level, but a majority of them will.

  • How do I increase a bond level?

A bond level is increased in numerous ways depending on the character's relationship to you. Sometimes you'll gain an instant full bond level by completing a side quest or some bonds are increased over time. You can only equip one bond ability at a time, but they are switchable on the fly, so you can equip them as needed. Also note that you can still increase bond levels of other characters regardless of what bond you have equipped.

For example, if you sell 4 gold bars to the rich woman in Rapadagna City, you will increase her bond level by one with each one sold to her. Her ability "Money Maker" is a useful one in which you will earn interest in the bank when a certain amount is in it. Not only that but when the money maker ability is equipped, the amount of gold you receive when selling her a gold bar is increased by 200 per level. An example is below.

Special Bonds
Some bonds in the game won't give you a special effect, but an entirely new attack known as "Bond Special". With the bond specials, you hold the attack button and press the special button to call your bond to do a special in place of your leader. These specials often give a special effect bonus to you when they are activated. An example of a bond in the game is below. She is a completely new NPC in Monster World.

Chat System

The chat system is one in which you can learn more about the game's world and characters. These chats are mostly used for developing characters and lore in ways that wouldn't be necessary for the main game and can be viewed optionally. Often times in these chats, you'll learn a lot of new things and even earn items within them. Some of these chats even increase bond levels as well.

2nd Guest Reveal

Last time, Popful Mail from the Sega CD classic was revealed to be an optional playable character. This time we have another. This one in particular is a special one because like Monster World 4 (which was not released until 2012), this game was also a Japan-only exclusive. This is one of the best action platformers out there on the system due to its fluidity, simple combat, and movement versatility. Not only that, but I felt this character was extremely deserving of an encore in some way, shape, or form.

The code name for this character in the last blog was Versatile Acrobat, so this character has a very high mobility set. Today we have no other than...

Character: Princess
Game of Origin: Magical Pop'n
Console: Super Nintendo

Minor Updates
  • Updated HUD

  • Changed gold cap from 9999 to 99999

That is all I have to discuss at this very moment. More will be revealed very soon. A new guest character is also planned on being revealed next month. The code name for this one is Emerald of the East. Until next time!

Progress Report

New Update

Hello all and welcome back to a short update on the game. We'll be discussing some new things that were implemented, changed, and updated. Without further ado, let's get started.

Guest Information

In the last update, a point was mentioned in which guest characters now have their own status screens. Above is an example featuring Popful Mail.

  • How do guests work?

Guests in this game as explained prior to this are characters that usually come from different worlds. When you receive a guest and choose them, they will be marked below your character icon at the bottom of the screen. Since Shantae and Asha are the main characters, the guests act as a shield or third wheel for your leader. If you don't want the leader to be damaged, use a guest. If Shanate and Asha are KO'd, you will get a game over even if your guest is perfectly fine.

  • Next guest reveal?

The next guest will be revealed at the end of the week. But I can provide you with a hint. The next character is a versatile acrobat.

Option Toggle Update

In the last demo released in February, there were a set of options you could toggle before the game began and could also access in the pause menu. You can now toggle the following. Please note that new toggles are in red.

  • Difficulty(added easy mode)

  • HUD Style

  • Sound Effects volume

  • Navigator

  • Damage

  • Ability Name

  • Live Message

  • Enemy Information

  • Combo Meter

  • Resolution

  • About Easy Mode

In easy mode, the game reverts to the design of Monster World IV in which you receive 1 damage per attack no matter how powerful it is.

  • Resolution

You can also change the size of the game screen with the mouse if need be.

Combo System Implemented

Similar to another project I'm working on, a combo system was implemented. This time however, it is a bit different. When you damage a foe, a combo meter will show up in the top-right hand area. After dealing a hit, you will have 3 seconds to hit any foe again to keep the link going.

If you are damaged, or leave the room in any way, the combo meter will reset and you will gain nothing. If your combo has reached a certain threshold and you let the bar go all the way down, the combo will end and you’ll gain experience points. This means you can be greedy and gamble for more combos to get more experience, or you could avoid getting damaged or a condition in which the combo resets.

Keep in mind, you must have 10 or more combos before you start earning experience points. Below are the experience conditions

  • 10 or more=1

  • 20 or more=2

  • 30 or more=3

  • 40 or more=4

  • 50 or more=5

  • 75 or more=7

  • 100 or more=10

Rapadagna Expansion

The main city in the game; Rapadagna has been expanded quite a bit. It is double the size on the outside. The castle itself has nearly quadruple the rooms it did in the original game. An example of Market District is below.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Game over will deplete the SP bar to zero

  • Damage formula has been slightly altered

  • 3 New Talismans

That is all I have for now. A reveal is planned for the end of the week for a new guest character as well as a few other things. I hope you are looking forward to it. Until next time!

Progress Report

Talisman System/Progress

Alright, I am back with a new and slight update on the game and it's current state. We'll be talking briefly about the new Talisman System and other things that have been tweaked/added since the last update.

The main reason why this was added was due to a ton of unused content in the original Monster World 4. There are many images showcasing content that was scrapped, but still exists. However, due to the poor image quality, I was unable to recover the exact "pixel for pixel" quality I wanted. This is the image or those who are curious.

Now, if you look closely enough at the top left hand corner, you'll see three tabs that say bracelet, equipment, and item. Apparently,there was supposed to be a bracelet system in which Asha equipped to her arms and wrists.

Since this game is mostly focusing on reviving unused systems and content while adding new things, a new system was added in place of the usual "Equipment" option(at least for now).

The official definition of a talisman is "an object that someone believes holds magical properties that bring good luck to the possessor or protect the possessor from evil or harm." This means that a lot of these will be ones that are luck based and some can even give you a bonus stat or ability.

Here are a few talismans you will end up using in the game...

  • Sonic Talisman:Run automatically

  • Peril Talisman:Increases attack power in a critical situation.

  • Encore Talisman:Has a slight chance of not using the special bar when a special is activated.

As of now, there are a total of 21 you can equip, but as you'd expect there are a limited number you can equip at once. You start out with 2, but you can earn more slots via the skill grid which at the time cost 10 Synth Crystals each. If you notice at the right, you'll see a bar and a number. The number is how many slots you have left and the bar is to show how many you have equipped at the time. Depending on what kinds you equip, it can create some interesting effects that are a must have in certain boss fights.

I'm sure Final Fantasy fans will recognize this...

Other Updates

  • 2 New Bosses

  • New Mission: Special Ban

  • New Mission: Walk don’t run

  • On the status screen, the (MP) tag is now AP(Action Points)

  • Fixed enemy HP bar programming

  • Guest characters now have their dedicated status screens

  • Slightly increased enemy invincibility period

  • New Chapters/Acts finished/in development

  • Altered power scaling

  • Fixed typos/information

  • Updated/Extended pause menu

That is all I have for you all at the moment. When chapter 1 is solid enough and all the games mechanics are explained within it, another demo will be released. Until next time!

Progress Report

Progress Report/Changes

Hello everyone, I'm back with another update! In this one I'll be briefly discussing some of the content that has been added this time around. I am proud to say, that the game is going very smoothly. So much in fact that I'm not worried about the game's length and some other aspects as I was months prior. With that said, let's jump in shall we?

Without going into too much detail, here is a list of things that are in the works as well as things that are complete.

  • Slightly increased boss difficulty

  • Updated Asha Special:Shooting Star

  • Elephant Form Special:Big Charge

  • Area in development: Floatia City/Falls

  • Area in development:Estafan Canyon

  • Area in development:Rapadagna Coast

  • Area in development:Sunken Tower

  • Area Expansion:Moonflower Graveyard

  • Area in development: Thunderspark Marsh

  • Fixed power scaling

  • Complete upgrade list(at least for now)

  • Over 40 complete realms(formerly known as puzzles)

  • Complete fast travel system

  • Some altered/expanded maps

  • Queen Special: Fan Typhoon

  • Heavily updated quest log

  • Heavily updated ability log

  • Tweaked Monster AI and HP

  • New cut scenes in the works

  • New skill: Retribution

  • New skill:Heart Link

  • New skill:Penny Pincher

  • New skill:Pit Riser Plus

  • New skill:Tertiary Vitality

  • New skill:Team Attack

  • New Mission:Instant annihilation

  • New Mission: Survive until the end

  • Complete Quest:Queen’s Request

  • Complete Quest:Wonder Chef

  • Complete Quest:Lost Cattle

  • Complete Quest:Pepelogoo Panic

  • Complete Quest:Gold Gatherer

  • Complete Quest:Skill Master

  • Complete Quest:Popful Mail

  • Complete Quest:Phia’s Blessings

  • Complete Quest:Book Hunt

  • Complete Quest:Lost Father

  • Complete Quest:Strongest Warrior

  • New Easter eggs

  • 3 new guest characters

  • Some skills require you to unlock them via level up or other method

  • New NPC:The Pepelogoo Girl:Pepai

  • You now lose 500 gold and gems instead of 100 at game over. But <Penny Pincher> cuts in half

Game Completion Percentage

In total, I can say that the game is about 70% complete. Most areas are complete, the skill grid is basically finished, and 95% of the game's systems are complete. Quests and scenes are in development and when all that is rounded up, then comes the polish phase as well as implementation of optional Easter eggs, mini games, and things of that nature. I look forward to uploading another playable build as well as the complete version in the very near future.

Tie In

The last thing I want to discuss is this game's connection with another project I'm working on. To make things clear, the game does tie in to Monster World Legends in several ways. How that is so will be revealed later on as things begin to get near the end of the development cycle, but I do want to ask something.

For those who have created one of the core characters, do you mind if I use them once again for this project? They won't be playable this time around because the playable cast of characters/forms is already large and they have their own adventure as it is, but they will play a role in the story in some way, shape, or form; whether it be post game or as a side quest.

With that said, that is all for now. Until next time!

Progress Report

Huge Update!

Hello everyone, today, I have something special for you all. A lot has been going on in the shadows, so it's time to shed some light on everything. Without further ado, let's get started!

Today I'll be discussing the following...

  • 2 New Stages

  • 1st Guest Character Reveal

  • Completion Percentages

  • New Items

  • New Challenges

  • New Mini Games

  • New Mechanics

New Stages

Starlight Park
Starlight Park is a neon-lit amusement park and modern city that lies high in the sky. This stage is primarily inspired by park stages from the history of Sonic the Hedgehog like Starlight Carnival, Toy Kingdom, or Night Carnival to name a few.

Stronghold Ruins
Stronghold Ruins is a stage that lies to the north of Mute Tower. Since Asha had stopped the sun from disappearing forever in Monster World 4, the ice in the desert had melted and revealed areas that had been buried in snow and ice. Within lies a certain item needed to create the Ultima Elixir.

Guest Character Reveal

  • What is a guest character?

A guest character is someone who isn't Shantae or Asha, and usually comes from another realm. The very first guest character reveal goes to no other than...

Popful Mail! Yes, that is right, this game won't just feature characters that the title suggests. Will there be more than one guest character? You'll have to wait and see...

Completion Percentages

  • Stages:45%

  • Items:95%

  • Upgrades:80%

  • Storyline:20%

New Items

Hero Fruit: A Hero Fruit is an item that increases your performance in battle for a short time. Perfect for those who need that extra boost in combat against tough bosses or stages.

Iris Leaf: An Iris Leaf is an item that boosts you out of a pitfall if you have one. As this is a platformer, there will be plenty of pitfalls, so carrying these are crucial for curious adventurers and those who need the extra help.

Treasure Crystal: An item that points to treasure chests, life drops, and synth crystals. This item isn't gained initially (of course), but it will be useful for when you want to revisit areas to find out what you missed.

New Challenges

The world of the game is open, but with challenges scattered everywhere. Some challenges will have you simply going to the end of the stage. Others will have unique objectives that act as both a mission mode and an in-game challenge mode.

This one in particular will keep track of every jump you make. You must complete the stage within the set amount of jumps you are given or the stage will reset.

New Mini Games

Throughout the game, you will encounter several mini games meant to either progress or to take a break from the storyline. Themes range from an Endless Runner to a Casino Slot Machine.

Casino mini game primarily inspired by games like Dragon Quest and Lufia 2.

Blessing System

This system is the most powerful form of powering up temporarily in the game. Like a Hero Fruit, you are able to increase your performance in battle in many ways including attack power, defense, critical chance, experience gained and invincibility period. While a hero fruit will only give you about 2 minutes of time. The priestess; Phia will give you 3-5 minutes and increase the amount of each power up. However, they cost money. Phia's blessings can also be powered up via upgrade menu.

Perfect Hit

A Perfect Hit is the most powerful hit in the game which can be unlocked via upgrade menu. While Critical Hits do 2 times the damage and Magical Hits do 5 times the damage, Perfect Hits will do 10 times the damage.

Last Chance

Last Chance is a skill that can be unlocked via upgrade menu. If Shanate or Asha are KO'd, the other will continue fighting. However, whoever is KO'd will revive after one minute with a single heart. This system is inspired by Mega Man X8.

Bonding System

Lately, I've really fallen in love with the Tales of games. One of the things I love most about titles such as Xillia 2 are how you change the character affection based on what happens in the game. With that said, this game now has a bond system in development in which you can earn goods based on what kinds of things you do in the game.

However, not all bonds will be good. If you do a bad action a certain amount of time like jumping in pits or taking enough damage, they will get angry with you. Think of it something like in-game achievements blending with a dating simulator.

Challenge Complete Notification

In the last demo released, the only way to tell if you completed a challenge room was based on your own memory. Now, when a challenge room is completed, a star medal will appear above it letting you know that it is finished and you have collected the synth crystal within it.

There are a wealth of other things that I have in store for the future, but I believe this is enough for now. A new demo is being planned sometime soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for it. See you all next time!