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1st demo is ready/Battle System

Hello everyone, today I am here to discuss an upcoming demo for the Shantae and Monster World 4 crossover project. This will include explaining a bit about the battle system and how some of the game's mechanics work. I won't go too much into detail because I'd like for you all to experience the game for yourselves. With that said, here we go.


This is one of the most important aspects of the game as you have complete freedom of how you choose to develop your characters. Similar to games such as Final Fantasy X and Tales of Xillia, this game has a "Skill Grid". However, you are able to activate any node on the map at any time as long as you have the required Synthesis Crystals(Synth Crystals).

Synthesis Crystals are red gems that you can earn in several ways such as clearing puzzles, leveling up, and finding them in various locations across the world map. With these gems, you can upgrade any stat or ability you want. Your success depends on your play style since you are given the freedom of being able to choose which nodes you'd like to activate first or last.If you want to increase a stat rather than increasing maximum HP, that is completely up to you.

An example of decreasing the MP value for Fireball.

Critical and Magical Hits
Monster World IV introduced a new kind of critical hit system known as Magical Hits. Usually, every 5th hit turned into an attack that was five times stronger than normal attacks. This time it is a bit different, the game features both critical hits and magical hits. Critical Hits do twice the damage and show up in yellow numbers, while Magical Hits will do 5 times the damage and show up in blue. Some upgrades will even allow you to gain experience with these hits.


Monster World IV also introduced a different kind of defense system for the franchise. Rather than simply decreasing the damage you take, you have a dice roll stat that you can upgrade that will increase the chance of completely blocking an attack. This time, when you get damaged not only will you block the attack, but gain an invincibility period along with it. this will help get away from the enemy or hazard that was trying to hurt you while also giving you a chance to go wild with attacks.

A new system to the game is a Special Attack system akin to the "Limit Breaks" or "Mystic Artes". When you are playing as Shantae or Asha (for now), if your special meter is full, it will begin to blink. If you press the special button, your character will release an attack much stronger than what they are normally capable of. This really helps if you are surrounded or in a desperate situation. If this mixes with a Magical Hit, you will be dishing out some serious damage.

Experience System:

This game handles experience points a little differently. As of now, every monster you kill no matter what the type or strength(except bosses), will reward you with one point of experience per kill. Every time you gain a level, the experience will reset to zero, you'll get a set amount of Synthesis Crystals and the required experience increases by ten. So if you kill ten monsters, you will level up and the next level will require twenty. Don't worry however, there are multiple ways to gain experience than simply defeating monsters.

With all of that said, if you've made it this far, you are a real trooper!
I hope this clears up a lot that is going on with the game, and we hope you all will enjoy the game when it is released. Also, feel free to discuss things you do or don't like about the game in it's current state, your feedback is incredibly important to us. Thank you and have an awesome day :)

Progress Report


Hello everyone! I'm here today to post a quick update on the game and ask you all something.

To start things off, the game is a lot further in development than you may think. A bunch of things within the game have been finalized and in terms of percentage, I would say the game is about 60-65% percent done already. Here are a list of things that are done in percentage wise.

Game Completion:

Story Writing:20%
Asha and Pepe:90%
Monkey Form:100%
Elephant Form:100%
Bat Form:100%
Level Design:15%
Tresure Chests:50%
NPCs and Secrets:30%

New/Faster Processes

With that said, the project is going incredibly smooth. I'm learning a lot in the process as well. Not only is it good for this project, but it will set the standard for other projects when I return to them. For example, in a certain project, I didn't know about a pack of codes that could have made my job exponentially easier.

There are several scripts in the game in which I would type like this...

While there is nothing wrong with that, there are MUCH better ways to do this. Instead of typing the skill tree variables out 100 times, I could have used the "repeat" function to do this for me, all while adding any number of new variables instantly.


Now, I would like to ask all of you a question. Since the 1st chapter of the story is already in development, would you all like an early release or alpha of the game?

The project itself is stable enough to get an idea of what's going on and get some hands on experience before the official demo is released. Plus, it would give us an idea of what you guys think of the project so far and what could be done to improve for future knowledge. It would help a tremendous deal.

That about wraps this up for this update, and I apologize if I kept you all in the dark for too long. Until next time!


Monster World IV&Shantae Project Reveal

Greetings to all! Today we have a very special treat for both Monster World and Shantae fans. For a long time now, there have been a large variety of media surrounding a desire for a Monster World IV and Shantae crossover. Across the past couple years or so, I've come across lots of artowrk, tweets, forums on the official Wayforward website, mugen battles, an archived Shantae Advance(cancelled GBA game) video, and other content dealing with this concept. Since 2D, fantasy-styled platformers are a guilty pleasure of mine and I've played a bit of both series, the enticing idea of creating the project came closer to being real up until what's being revealed today.


I am happy to announce Shantae and Asha: Arabic Aperture. It is a 2-Dimensional action-adventure that blends in several elements such as puzzle,platform,and RPG. The project is being created using the Monster World IV-2 Engine; an engine designed to play,look,sound,and feel similar to the original, but with lots of new gimmicks, areas, abilities,effects, and much more. The project serves as both a sequel to Monster World 4 and a new adventure in the original Shantae.

The official engine logo

A screenshot of a new,but familiar Monster World IV scene


While the original Monster World 4 was little bit linear, the overall package still maintained its charm, length, and overall sense of adventure. Unlike the original however, this game allows you to backtrack to any area you want once you've discovered them. The game features an open world design reminiscent of Monster World 2 and 3. What lies within these worlds will be revealed over time.

The game consists of 4 types of areas; the overworld, stage challenges, dungeons, and towns. There are two playable characters, Asha and Shantae. Asha is a versatile weapons user that is paired with a Pepelogoo;a magical creature that can utilize its ears to fly. Shantae is more focused on magic and transforming into one of her many forms to discover new areas and progress through the world map. Each character however, plays similar to their respective origins such as Asha double tapping a direction to run, while Shantae can simply hold the running button.

Aegis Island's Garden. Use boosters to push through the wind

Shantae utilizes the Layer Switch mechanic

The battle system is based on the original Monster World IV, but with some tweaks here and there. You run, jump, attack, block, and that's all that is needed. Some monsters have several action states such as being able to block, juggle you around, and even hide their presence. Asha also sports some new moves such as being able to jump on her Pepelogoo for a small boost and use her backside as a deadly weapon.

The soundtrack is going to consist of each series' original tracks as well as several arrangements. Not only that, but soundtracks from other games that fit the theme will also make an appearance such as Shamar Hub:Day and Arabian Night.


While myself and another developer are hard at work on this, there are some areas that if you're interested in, you can jump aboard and join us. Possible positions are...

  • Shantae Tileset Updater: Add more colors to match a 16-bit title

  • Tester: Test out every playable build.There are several out now!

  • Developer: Join us on Google Docs and help flesh out the game

If you have any questions,concerns, ideas, or anything of the sort, please feel free to share them with us as your feedback is very important to the development process. Until next time!
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