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This page is for anyone to post any bugs they have found throughout the game's development course and beyond. It doesn't matter if you are a tester or not, if you find anything is wrong or you'd wish for something to be altered or have any suggestions, this is the place to do it. This includes things like glitches, oddities, grammatical errors, or typos.

The game comes with a built-in bug report system in which it will write the error to a text document in the game's directory if anything is found. If you find anything in particular, please place it here as it helps me tremendously and I most likely won't see or remember everything. Please and thank you :)


The fixes in the current exe patch includes the following...

  • A face set for Luna

  • Fixed punctuation and grammar errors

  • Reduced final boss difficulty

  • Removed the dual character error at Moonflower Temple

  • Extended Popful Mail shield hitbox

  • Reduced speed of archers' arrow shots

  • Reduced the magic amount in the "Wind Whirl" spell

  • Removed the floating caterpillar at Terran Pass

  • Changed the effect of the paralysis status effect

  • Reduced flashing in Amy's special attack

  • Updated boss battle challenge: The Gals

  • Fixed some save building defaults

  • Added solids in the corner of a room in Crumble Crypt

  • Added Solo Savior boss challenge

  • Fixed the scrolling background in Fire And Water boss challenge

  • Sheila collection hitbox added while climbing

  • Reduced particle effects to decrease memory usage

  • Asha's Alpha Beam can no longer home enemies

  • Fixed Yae's protect ability creation

  • Nerfed Yae's blocking ability time

  • Fixed platform sensor in some areas

  • Fixed item descriptions

  • Increased bypass action threshold

  • Fixed the reset hourglass "No" option

  • Fixed the Starless Nights Dream Gate

  • Added Scorpgal boss challenge

  • Fixed mapping issues

  • Fixed locked spirit equipping error

  • Fixed boss simulator name lineup

  • Update Luna face set

  • Fixed some mapping issues

  • Expanded Sheila location dialogue

  • Added face sets for certain characters

  • Fixed Central Highway mini game softlock

  • Added two new moves for Popful Mail

  • The ability to turn off the transition sound

  • Balanced some abilities

  • The final boss can now triple cast in Hard mode and above

  • Fixed Dribble Fountain warp error

  • Enemy HP growth dependent on difficulty

  • Conversion rate increase from 1.5 to 2.0

  • Fixed Sasuke climbing on bat form issue

  • Fixed the difficulty damage output on Evil Mode

  • Fixed Tatto and Gaw arms issue

  • Added the option to turn off screen shaking during active combat